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good morning guys how are you doing so it is definitely not the morning it is very very very not the morning and the time is like that watch is wrong as usual my watches are almost the time half past five half past five I'm using my old vlogging camera or like my normal one for those of you that didn't watch yesterday like the small camera again just because today we've got a super exciting day as I told you we are here where is Sean is he gone to the toilet we're here we're in Madame Tussauds in London because today is the official launch like party evening of Zoe and I which is super exciting so of course I wanted to save the majority of the dog to just be this so I didn't really build much earlier I was trying to get videos done so I could come here and be on time and everything and yeah it's cold today is the day that they they are fully in nobody has seen them yet but super exciting Zoe is still on the way in a car now she's gonna be here any minute we haven't I haven't had lunch and it's half five so these this might have to be my dinner he excited yeah and Sean's having away we'd had a long hard journey to get here and then tonight we've got people like who's coming tonight I don't even know Joe Ciccone Jolie's maybe Casper in the fro maybe Marcus and no me and Tanya and Jamie I don't know I don't know who's coming who's not chase coming Cameron to come in those people it's gonna be good would you we get it is time guys we're off to go and see the figures like super super excited probably excited Zoe's here now so I don't if I'm allowed to film back here are you mad yeah you've never been here there's Emma Watson s'okay look he looks so realistic look who it is that's so crazy look look our bum yeah she's really short isn't shy to say no Zoey hasn't actually seen me at all look at the boys having their hair brushed your go sit on the bike sit on the back of that sure and slow scared of et look at it hello you know like Maddie loves this kind of stuff she's so excited hello mate Oh a little YouTube set no way I wanna film your guy's reaction so weird let the lights as well though his hands are the things that I'm like so weird my hello let's pair them real life let my ring my other ring isn't it so cool yeah I love the set the whole thing yes it really still so now sadly Zoe has just had to leave because she's just had a massive panic attack we've been outside she was super super upset and feels like she's like failed and stuff which isn't true at all she she find it really really hard to come to London and often doesn't speak about stuff like this some super rad that she did manage to come to London and still managed to see us in wax and everything like that and have the pictures taken and show her mom and show her dad was here as well and stuff but unfortunately everybody's downstairs and nobody has seen them yet nobody's been allowed in like over friends and family and as oh he's just left in the car and is driving back to Brighton now with her mum because she just doesn't she just yeah you guys know anxiety is like some of the and if you don't know it's a freaking horrible thing but she yeah she's had to go home because she's just really not feeling it I was super upset and you know she not happy of herself but it's one of those things you know anxiety sucks it takes over people's lives and it's what it is I suppose so we're still gonna make it good still gonna be all positive gonna have a good time tonight I need a wee then I'm gonna go downstairs and show everyone what there is okay how you doing look at Louise's hair for a start I can see you having a good time excited yes she thinks I've got a big job to play with are you gonna play with Zoe yeah she's gonna show you stuff you get I was on the champagne this place is like a maze I'm the big bitch Oh Maddie's getting a picture oh and Dom look at this look at this this is my teeth here this is how my teeth are gonna look after my braces finished Joe's getting his picture and it's even bought his own rug people look how genious Hill him with Obama you know guys I didn't really Rob much in there guys at all because I kind of just spent my evening chatting to everybody and being in everyone else's videos so I didn't really end up filming much but it's over now went super well how did he go Mads yeah got mozzie Z's we're about to head home yeah I didn't really film very much and that's because it just got super super busy just talking to everybody and being in everyone's vlogs and taking pictures with people when the wax figures and my hiccups are really annoying me so I'm back home now we're trying to put Nala to bed she's running away because she wants look at her she's standing in a protest she's through there look at her waiting come on coming in come here come to bed get mom come to bed yeah I'm so excited that you guys kind of officially literally as of this day you're watching this we are there in Madame Tussauds in London see if you go we will be there that is crazy crazy how exciting is that Zoe it's so exciting isn't it he's looking at other stuff online you can't handle easy cuts pickups and braces are that at the same time yeah ah you guys have been so crazy supportive and they're like going crazy aren't stuff like Instagram and things it is amazing and so many of our friends are putting up the coolest pictures and selfies with them you see look at Darcy touching Kim's bum that's so funny but yeah I think the cool thing was there it wasn't just having pictures with Zoe and I but also everybody there and I did as well because I I haven't probably been to Madame Tussauds and before got to see everybody everybody so we're having pictures of like Emma Watson Kim Kardashian Miley Cyrus Barack Obama like so many people so that was really really really cool as well and then also I don't if you saw on the man shred good old Shrek II boy and I don't know if you guys saw in the Madame Tussauds YouTube channel but I'll if you wish I could click my fingers and his hiccups would go but and Zoey and I had a sculpting competition I think it was like two minutes or one minute or five minutes or some short period of time with a competition who could scope nala the best and then the people at Madame Tussaud has changed or like clay machine all's that we attempted to make in into like what is this like bran is not bronze no this is like metal it's really heavy so anyway so I thought for this vlog I would show you those as well so this is my attempt of making ala we've got a little head wrinkles her eyes her ears and nose and that is there that was my attempt in five minutes or a couple of minutes of making our out of clay and then this here is Zoey's attempt dude that it is her nose let the nose look so human a little mouth and her eyes but they got to go and then they changed them into like stone or metal or whatever is and then gave them to us to keep so we've got my luan Allah knows it or not let me know in the comments who you think this is better who's most looks like Nala but yeah that is about it so again I'm super sorry that this vlog was really really short I just spent the entire evening just celebrating this amazing opportunity that Zoe and I have had with my friends and family and just spending most the time with them and and their videos so I didn't end up filming myself so I'm sure you can go and check out like maybe Joe sugg did a vlog I know only white only white definitely did Ciccone Jolie's did Caroline hyerin's did go check out all of their videos because they're going to be probably much better than this one and have a lot better footage of modern Tussauds itself so go check out their videos give this video if you got thumbs up if your I don't know if you just if you should feel it nice and you're you're happy that we're madame tussauds and it's cold and you're excited and cuz we certainly aren't way it's so cool and it's so exciting and we're reading all of your feedback online and seeing other pictures and hope somebody Caspar Lee just liked my photo there we go that is the photo of the cast bleachers night me and and Zoe I hope these hiccups are gonna again SEC I'm gonna end the vlog now thank you again so much for Chen I'm not even in focus this camera is rubbish there we go I love you guys so much she loves them sorry how much you love them a lot of haha I uh I don't even know I'm dead I need to go to sleep I'll catch you tomorrow with a proper or this verse with weird moving form a long block okay I promise you tomorrow's vlog will be good and not a short one on this I will catch you tomorrow good I didn't even come out a hiccup as I wait to say it night


  1. I know what you are talking about Alfie. I suffer from anxiety and just went into a new school. Last year I could do so much and now I am nervous to go to friends house. I am even nervous in school and I handle it by crying so it is hard. And when you suffer from anxiety like me I feel like I am not normal or brave or the old me but ,y mom tells me that it will get better and I will get through it. Also when I feel that I am not brave enough my mom says I am even braver than my friends because even that I am nervous to do things I do it and it makes me stronger. She also says that I am normal but I just have to ty a little harder than everyone else. So zoey you can do it and your so brave.

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