A museum dedicated to happiness has opened at The Canvas Cafe in Shoreditch. Izzy McRae, founder of the Gratitude Garden App joins Sky News to talk about what the museum will offer.

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now the world's first museum of happiness opens today in London's first happy mmm and we're joined by Eddie McRae who's the founder of the gratitude garden welcome what is this all about appreciating the being of the state of being happy yes well today we have this wonderful Museum of happiness opening at the canvas cafe in Shoreditch it's going to have lots of things that make people happy so a tree but you can add little messages of gratitude on and hanging them from the tree a post box where you can send thank-you letters and then more seriously some information about the science of happiness what makes people happy what does make people happy there well one of the things that makes people happy is remembering what's good about life so quite often we can have a day which has been a great day but we have one argument with somebody and then at the end of the day all that kind of goes around in our heads is the argument even though lots of nice things happened so one exercise you can do is write down at the end of the day three good things about your day and this forces you to kind of recognize that there were good things that happened the gratitude garden app that I've made actually asks you what good things have happened during your day and helps you do this exercise is there a recognition then with all the issues there may be people watching saying well you know I don't see the point of doing any of this but it's human beings and perhaps as you know citizens of the UK we are we more negative it's a sort of natural bias I think we are naturally likely to be negative I mean we've evolved that way the people who worried about running away from Tigers were more likely to survive from the people who enjoyed the beautiful sunsets you know thousands and thousands of years ago so we've evolved to be like that but it's not necessarily a helpful way of being in today's society so there are actual things that you can do to try and change that that bias that negativity bias and make yourself more positive but you can't be in a constant state of happiness can you I mean that's just not realistic you can whether you work with you I try every day doesn't know I mean if the problem in society were people being in a constant state of positivity we'd be having a different discussion I think but there's evidence to show that doing a gratitude journal can make you 25 percent happier it increases self-esteem increases people how nice you are to others it even increases how much exercise you do one study showed people doing an hour and a half more exercise who are doing a gratitude journal so it's a really easy way easy fun not expensive it's a way to motivate of the gratitude you have you look easy thank you I think Italy can't really argue with just being nice and positive okay because we are we are too negative I agree with you wholeheartedly thank you very much I hope you enjoy the day sounds a lot of fun be happy and we're gonna be happy too because we're gonna be having kids stay with us

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