Kissing is great, but how many people will we kiss until we find ‘the one’? New research says for women, it’s 15 men. But for men? Join Anthony as he walks you through new data on the average romantic life for men and women – from kissing to sexual partners to dates and break ups – the figures may surprise you.

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Average woman will kiss 15 men and be heartbroken twice before meeting ‘The One’, study reveals

“Researchers found she will also suffer four disaster dates and be stood up once before she finally settles down with the man of her dreams”

Two heartbreaks, 15 kisses: The road to true love

“It will be of little comfort to the woman who has just had her heart broken for the second time. But the next man she falls for could well be ‘the one’.”

It’s all design, from IT projects to The Rosie Project: Graeme Simsion at TEDxUniMelb

Lovers and liars: How many sex partners have you really had?

“Lovers and public health officials want an answer to the following question: How many opposite-sex partners have you had in your lifetime?”

Estimating Number of Lifetime Sexual Partners: Men and Women Do It Differently

“It is common for surveys of seual behavior to ask respondents to indicate how many sexual partners (SPs) they have had over the course of their lives.”

Why Men Report More Sex Partners than Women

“Most surveys about sex find impossibly that men have had far more partners than women, typically two to four times as many. Either there are a bunch of phantom females out there, or somebody is lying. Or perhaps people just have lousy memories about these things.”

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New research thinks it
knows how many people you are going to kiss
before you settle down. Challenge accepted. Anthony here for D
News and you know, with it being the new
year, Valentine's Day looming in the distance, we
tend to think a lot about love, comparing our lives to others,
figuring out how we're doing. Where do we stack up to
the rest of the world in the hunt for true love? Well, author Graeme
Simsion released a novel last year called
The Rosie Project. It's all about a guy who
uses surveys and big data to try and find
the optimal wife. Cute idea and a really
appropriate one because Simsion worked in data
modeling and research before becoming a writer. Dude even had a
Ted Talk about it. So it's no surprise that
as part of his research, he did some, well, research. He surveyed 2,000
people in the UK to see just what the average
romantic life for men and women is before they find the one. And according to his data,
women will kiss 15 people before they settle down. Men will kiss 15. On average, women will be
stood up for a date once. It'll happen to men twice. That's cold, ladies. Women will have seven sexual
partners and four one night stands while men have
10 partners and six one night stands. Both will live with someone
once before finding the person that they will
live with forever. And in both cases,
someone's probably going to lose a nice couch. Before you start tallying
your scores compared to other people, you
should know people lie like crazy on these surveys. Seriously, Norman
Brown, a psychologist from the University of Michigan,
noticed that in most surveys, men were reporting two to
four times as many lifetime sexual partners as women. In a particular study that
he ran of 2,000 people, women reported eight average
partners and men claimed 32. Those numbers do not add up,
you guys, so he got sneaky. A question at the end of
the survey asked, hey, did you lie back there, like at
the sexual partners question? And 5% of the respondents
immediately said yes. 10% said they
didn't lie, but they knew that their answer
probably wasn't accurate. Called out, y'all. But it's not just lying. There is an interesting
thing about how men and women calculate their
answers to these questions. Women use a raw count. They actually go through a list
in their heads in the moment. That's a method that actually
leads to under-reporting because you might forget
someone or, you know, want to forget someone. Men are more likely to
use rough approximation, just straight up guess
based on what feels right, and that's a method that tends
to lead to over-reporting because instead of leaving
out people you forget, you add in how many people
you think you're forgetting. You know, like I
slept with probably like a bunch of models. You don't know them. They live in Niagara Falls
or whatever, I guess. I mean, not that
I've ever done that. You can't entirely
trust data like this, and even if you could, why
compare yourself to others? Natural curiosity is
fine, but it's important not to actually use
this stuff as some sort of a yardstick
for your own life. Average does not mean normal. It doesn't matter if your
numbers skew higher or lower on this stuff because
everyone's life is different. Average just crushes
all of human experience into one number,
although if your goal is to smooch more people in the
new year, I say have at it because smooching is great. You know, I honestly compare
my life to other people's way more than I should, but I'm
getting better about it. How about you? Tell me the comments and
subscribe for more D News.

20 thoughts on “Women Kiss 15 Men in Their Lives

  1. Seeker I knew a girl in college okay um it I slept with her after I slept with her she had admitted to me that her and her friends sat down and wrote out who they had slept with this girl and she showed me the pages had slept with enough guys to fill 5 Pages front and back with two columns I just thank God I wore condom after I found that out. and I have had three sexual partners that includes my wife of 19 years

  2. By these numbers, we have sex with almost everybody we kiss. I can tell you, as former high school student, that you certainly do NOT have sex with nearly everyone you kiss by any stretch when you're a teenager. I'm calling bullshit.

  3. The girls in my grade back at school has kissed 15 guys…. times 15…… which equals 225 guys…. at least…. that I know of…

    if that's what teenage romance is I've been looking for something completely different all along

  4. I find this hard to believe people are reporting such low numbers, kissing is an affectionate way of showing your attraction for someone. It doesn't have to lead to anything more and in my own experience it more than often hasn't. I kissed over 300 girls from the time I was 12years old until I was 25years old.[that's about 1new person every 2weeks] I think it's important to only have sexual relationship with someone who care's about you and wants a future with you. It doesn't always work out, I'm happy to say I found my soul mate and have only kissed one person in the last 20years. My spouse. I had 9 sexual partners from the age of 12years-25year. So I only ever had sex with less than 3% of all the people I ever kissed. []Most people are not good at kissing at all[] Out of 300 attractive females. Only 9 were good kisser's, you figure it out. [lol] Only one was a great kisser's the last one, my spouse.

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