Waterford adults are a unique bunch. According to a new survey carried about by WLR FM, Dunmore East has been voted the most romantic spot in the entire county! But when it comes to romance, most Waterford adults had to wait until they were the ripe old age of 14 before they had their first kiss! While they were divided on many issues, it seems they have one thing in common – their love of local radio.

The latest IPSOS MRBI JNLR SURVEY shows that 63,000 listeners tune into WLR FM each week. That’s almost 70% of the population of Waterford.


1. Most adults in Waterford had their first kiss at the age of 14.
2. Overall humour and wit is the best trait of Waterford people, according to 50% of those surveyed. In second place 20% voted for their ability to create their own unique phrases, generally not understood outside of Waterford. 19% think being creative is one of Waterford people’s best traits while 11% think they are ‘good losers’ when it comes to sporting events.
3. Shepherds Pie was the most popular childhood dinner in waterford by 47% of those surveyed. Egg and Chips was fondly remembered by 23% while 16% surveyed chose bangers and mash.
4. Top 5 most romantic places in Waterford City & County – 1.Dunmore East – 2 Lismore – 3 Mahon Falls – 4 The People’s Park – 5 Clonea Beach
5. 67% of all adults in Waterford surveyed had a secret crush on a cartoon character as a child. Daphne from Scooby Doo was the top choice, followed by Jessica Rabbit and April O’ Neil from The Turtles.
6. Reginalds Tower was voted Waterford’s Most Iconic Place/ Building (80%).
7. A request on local radio was part of a childhood in Waterford for 77% of those surveyed.
8. 47% of those surveyed predominantly listen to the radio while in the car. 36% listen to the radio through a phone app or online while 15% predominantly listen to the radio through a stereo radio at home.
9. 42,000 adults listen to WLR FM daily.


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