Emily in Brooklyn is home to the famed Emmy burger. It was nominated the best burger in the country and the best burger in New York City by many publications. INSIDER’s Herrine Ro and Emily Christian visit the restaurant to see how the burger is made, and they try it out on camera.

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Why Emily Has The Best Burger In NYC | Legendary Eats

this is the best burger in New York City I want to stop eating bye the restaurant has an extensive pizza menu but the burger is Emily's claim to fame we specialize in pizza but we're well-known for the burger their top-selling pizza the colony made of pepperoni pickled chilies and honey yeah our pizzas are not traditional in any way we was a trishul wood-fired oven but like that's about it so we try to be nonconformist and try to be different the same way we do with our burger the Emmy burger is arguably at the best in New York City with accolades to support it in a previous video the Emmy burger was voted the best burger in New York City here's why is amazing the first time I had it here when I tasted how amazing the burger was it's like a pizza place shouldn't be able to make a burger this so what makes the Emmy burger so special as much as I love a classic burger I want to have something a little more what I wanted in a flavor profile it starts with a dry aged beef patty grafton cheddar dressed with caramelized onions and perhaps the best component of the burger the Emmy sauce can tell ya I pushed a little and Chef Highland graciously let me in on a few key ingredients this sauce is kochujang fish sauce QP especially mix them together of course flavor explosion there we go [Laughter] finally the burger is topped with the pretzel bun word to the wise maybe this is a fork and knife situation I was look at this issue for three years now and this is unlike any burger I've ever had here or anywhere else in the world for that matter we eat a lot of food for this job unlike anything we've tried before I like the Emmy burger because it puts the classic burger on its head all of the ingredients are basically everything that you would not find on a classic lettuce onion tomato ground beef patty burger and it's like the perfect combination of like fat sweet heat and like savory all in one bite it's messy but it's worth it

27 thoughts on “Why Emily Has The Best Burger In NYC | Legendary Eats

  1. This honestly just look like an over expensive fat, hard to eat, burger. It's actually quite simple and ingredient looks good, but nothing special. Actually I really a burger that is wet and can't hold itself and if the sauce is the star of the burger, it's not the best burger. Pretzel bread are not so good also, tried a few of them and nothing beats a really good burger bun. My favorite burger are simple, good meat, a bit of good cheese on top, some good ingredients (onions, pickles, etc.). Lettuce under the meat, no sauce or just a little bit on the other bun with some of your ingredients of choice.

    This here is a burger for people that think it's cool to eat it (perfect instagram food), the only thing I'm curious to try is the meat, the rest is pretty normal (don't be fool by the look, it's how they are selling it).

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