Banksy recently shred a piece of his art at an auction at Sotheby’s in London. The painting may now be worth double what it was originally sold for. We talked to an accredited art appraiser about what makes Banksy’s work of art so special.

Read Sotheby’s full statement about the auction here:


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Why Banksy’s ‘Shredded Girl With Balloon’ Painting May Now Be Worth £2 Million

48 thoughts on “Why Banksy’s 'Shredded Girl With Balloon' Painting May Now Be Worth £2 Million

  1. They need to remove the frame that is covering the little girls head. Maybe replace it with a clear Plexi glass so people can see the whole picture and the shredder too. Leaving the picture right where it is hanging half way out of coarse!

  2. this is bull shit HE shredded it to take full credit for his work instead of you one-percenter fucks taking all the money he earns and deserves although his mistake miss testing the shredder to make sure it fully works I don't think you guys are getting the point that most artist ( the anonymous ones) want their credit in the matter along with life with respect and aspect to it
    you just found someone's work and stole it without their consent , an that isn't art it is Theft then when attempting to dismantle the work so you fucks don't sell it YOu then make it more then what it is

  3. The only captivating thing is that the art community is pompus and revolting infested with rich people … proves the art world is more marketing than art.

  4. I wonder if they would keep on recording if there was a "i changed my mind, give me my money back, the rest of the auctioners may have this thing" kind of situation from the client 😂 i mean, tbh, it's kind of a shame, because (even if ridiculously expensive) that Girl and balloon piece seemed fairly decent before shredding, so I'm kinda puzzled about the fact that the client actually still was willing to buy it🤔🤔

  5. Right, that the painting was INTENDED to be shredded as a stunt- in my opinion a loose example of guerilla theatre- would increase the value, and increase it again because of the media hype. Art does not always sell because of what it looks like, but because of who made it and the inspiration behind it.

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