Join us in this short walkthrough of The Natural History Museum in London.

The museum is home to life and earth science specimens comprising some 80 million items within five main collections: botany, entomology, mineralogy, paleontology and zoology.

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three to ten back bubbles killers good morning welcome back to the hiatus Channel the data is the first of June 2019 as you can see behind me this is the Natural History Museum it was formerly actually known as the British Museum of English part of the British Museum before 1991 it actually opened in 1881 and there's not many things which are free in London London is very expensive Russians are expensive most of their trash and places are expensive how much but luckily these are some of the things you can do absolutely for free f r e e it's a Saturday and usually I'm expecting it's gonna be busy the weather is beautiful which is kind of weird excuse me beautiful weather in the UK we don't get much sunshine it's about 26 degrees and I normally were used to recording theme parks and things like that when it comes to museum I always found challenging how do I go about vlogging this and there's literally so many things and I'm no expert I don't even know half of the things myself so without keeping it you know making the vlog look very boring and tedious to watch I might just show you just glimpse of it more like a walk through kind of thing who knows let's see so this museum itself from side and the inside is actually beautiful the architecture itself it just looks very gorgeous and marvelous the queue is going to be really long obviously just to mention this is the number one of the number one tourist attractions here in London the opening time is ten o'clock not two hundred percent sure what is the closing time over there Haytham souvenir guide flight ends got kids only four five baths here we are inside the Natural History Museum they don't do backstitch like British Museum they don't such a mystical person I think they conduct a random research security checks we said we didn't get searched we got our back once you get in admission is for free like I said however if you kind enough to donate you can give minimum they suggest you to give like minimum five pounds how much amount to pay the queue wasn't that bad actually I think it will pick up later on though so once you come from the outside and inside every single thing every view of it is magnificent again if the recording doesn't come out really good I do apologize I'm just gonna be using GoPro today there might be areas of low low light situation yeah let's begin our journey and see what we can find yeah [Applause] [Applause] [Applause] this is what the ONS is literally doing back the movement of your arm is called by a cause by muscles pulling the bones muscles can only prove we cannot push the dénouement control your actions messenger memory modem ETI otherwise very interesting affection we were distracted and took a lot of time in that it's very educational and it's fun so we can record it in case you get bored is way too much let's give come in the mammal section of the British History Museum Natural History Museum I'm getting very confused elephant model Greiner is a big blue whale allowed two skeletons [Applause] Oh carry on into them don't my time this is like a kitchen area or something they sell stuff shop got toasted sandwiches drinks wonderful 595 for 95 every direction assumed to die so just after 12 o'clock and we just find ourselves in a beautiful lovely garden it's just kind of amazing and astonishing to believe that all of this is for free and thanks to all the people who actually donated so people like ordinary people like us can go in there for free and I'm sorry if I didn't are actually very hard to record and even if I did report I'd have to split this video into many different parts it's just way too long so I'm just gonna record my highlights what I think looks impressive because it's just – there's too many information out there just for example go inside here when biology there's information on that it's very hard to walk no eventually yeah [Applause] [Applause] [Applause] okay I've just done this like a people we just spend more than three hours inside this wonderful marvelous Museum literally if you want to really see things properly you might have to come more than one day we're really tired and we thought we'll just call it a day the science museum which is I believe is also for free it literally located just over there and we got another Museum Victoria Albert Hall I'm not sure if he's free or not I've heard do you have to pay for it so all of these three museums major museums are easy to get there and they're located right next to each other who knows maybe next time we might visit that Science Museum or we might go to some other place the closest tube station is there's probably many ways to get there but this one station for me the highlights were the big animatronics humongous monstrous dinosaurs the earthquake place Japanese supermarket and yeah by the way there's a lot of food places that some are really expensive some affordable like the one you probably would see it on the camera


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