Hey world,
London switched seasons in a day so it’s been very cold and grey all weekend, which called for amazing things you can do in this city aside from staying home and watching Netflix:)

The comedy club we went to:

*I highly recommend going at least twice – once for standup and once for an improv night – both are AMAZING!

Museum we visited (and my favourite one in London):

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hello world and welcome back to my 30 days of vlogging it's a very rainy weather in London and I think autumn has finally creeped up so I am just on my way to meet with my friends for lunch and then we're gonna go probably check out a museum because that's the best way to spend your weekend in London especially on a rainy weather and also considering that all the museums in London are free well I'd say 99.9% are free so I think that's exactly what we're gonna do but I'm really really hungry right Oh I think this is our next victim we're a Victorian doll we're gonna stay here until closing and then we have big plans for tonight London a super famous for its comedy scene so we have comedy show booked at The Comedy Store which is probably the oldest place they hold comedy shows in London and in this name like just yeah we're done oh my lord from the Comedy Store and I ran over to get some ice cream and we're gonna go for a round of Carcassonne which is our favorite hello a game and then I have to say bye to my friends which is so sad but hopefully you enjoyed this look who I've been running for this ice cream like for life and he on subscribed yet please do thank you so much for watching and sticking with my 30 days of logging I'll see you tomorrow what

2 thoughts on “WHAT TO DO IN RAINY LONDON | Chief Adventurer

  1. ААААА!!!!до чего же позитивный и классный влог! Наилик, твои друзья сууууууууууууупер!!! такие вы прикольные! это конечно очень здорово, когда можно ходить в музеи бесплатно и так круто проводить там время.

    и твой Муж-это космос!!уровень лучший из лучших))) так красиво накрыл стол!!!! Аплодисменты!

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