What is Westminster Pier and why would it be recommended for those visiting the city of London? At first, travelers to London should understand that choosing the destinations they will go to will depend on the time they will be spending in the city and the priorities.

Westminster Pier is a Pier on the River Thames, on the other side of Coco-Cola London Eye ( which is all found in the city of Westminster, London, UK. Westminster Pier is actually located just next to Westminster Bridge on the north bank of River Thames and it is close to one of the most important attractions of London which is Big Ben (

Westminster Pier is operated by London River Services and served by various river transport and cruise operators. The construction of the Westminster Pier was in 2000 as part of the Thames 2000 Projects. This pier was one of five new piers which were opened back in 2000 and which were funded by the Commission.

There are different city cruises that could be booked at Westminster Pier by the River Thames and this will depend on the map provided, which those who want to book their trip could even check online. This is one of the interesting cruises that one could book in the city of London because it will most probably pass by some locations that carry important and historical places of the city.

We have already mentioned that Big Ben and London Eye are right next to Westminster Pier and could be spotted from there as well, but we should also shed the lights on Westminster Abbey which is also located in the same area, just within a small walking space from there – no transportation mean is needed (

London is all about the walking, the history, the attractions and all the things that one could try and experience in this beautiful old city as well – it is not just about visiting the touristic attractions, but it is also about having some fun in the city while visiting some fun places like M&M’s World Shop for example which the kids as well as the adults enjoy their time in (

Westminster Pier is one of the best situated piers for many of London’s most historic and prestigious landmarks and attractions that include the Houses of Parliament ( Churchill Museum ( Buckingham Palace ( and it is also just a short walk through the many sights of Central London to even more famous locations such as Piccadilly Circus, Leicester Square and Covent Garden, which are also different places which travelers enjoy going to and exploring what these places actually carry for them.

We have been to other beautiful places in London through the tour we are making in this historical city that is calling out for lots of people. These other places have completed the beautiful trip we have been to, such as going to the National Theatre to check the place before even deciding to attend anything at ( we have also been to the Camden Town Market to see what it has to offer and at the same time know more about the history of this market ( we have been to the South Bank in the city and got the chance to know more about arts, culture and entertainment that one could actually see there ( and we have gone to the Hay’s Gallery to have a walk there and see what it offers (

If you are one of those who are into parks and love to visit and check them in the city you are travelling to then London could also offer you lots of parks to go to, have a walk through and at the same time enjoy the water there or just sit away from all the history you have been stuffing your mind with (

Our trip to London was about lots of places that included the aquarium, the historical places and lots of other destinations as well, and we have to say that our first and main aim was to give the travelers and visitors the chance to get an idea about the things they could do in the city of London that might not be always about the touristic attractions that would inform them about the history of the city and the buildings that are located in it.

Have you ever been to London before? Tell us where have you been and what are the places you enjoyed the most. Did you ever go to the Westminster Pier before and had been on any of these river tours? If not then why not try something different on your next trip to this beautiful old city that calls out for all the people around the world to come over for it.

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