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Wendy Hurrell is looking tantalisingly wonderful hosting the weather on BBC London news with good legs.
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well let's find out what the weather's going to be like with Wendy is warming up isn't it Wendy it is going to be warming up it certainly is yeah and I'm optimistically got a bit of blue sky on the globe this afternoon it has been a bit of a gray start but we're expecting to get some sunny spells breaking through as we go through the day but also that will trigger off some sharp showers so this is how the day is looking really some sunshine yes but also one or two perhaps quite heavy showers but a fairly heavy rain mixed in with that as well and the breeze picking up as it goes through but in the sunshine most places I think today will get to 17 or 18 degrees perhaps will squeeze in 19 degrees out in a few places and if you do catch a shower they'll be easing off as we go through the evening leaving us with another dry night fairly clear skies too and perhaps a bit of mist developing particularly south of London I think and it will be another mild night temperatures somewhere around 9 or 10 degrees for most of us falling as low as 6 degrees right out in the countryside so tomorrow we start perhaps with a bit of mist around in a few places just shallow mists but then it's a lovely sunny day light winds just some Fairweather clouds for the afternoon and temperatures even higher 20 21 degrees that puts us up to around 70 degrees in Fahrenheit midweek looking absolutely glorious it has to be said these are summer temperatures 20 to 23 degrees it's going to be the warmest day of the week a little more cloud around on Thursday perhaps and it might just be enough to bring us one or two showers here and there generally not a lot of rain on the horizon for the gardens at the moment it is staying largely dry largely sunny and still with these winds from the southerly quarter taking temperatures beyond where they should be at this time of year 23 degrees not half bad for April not bad at all Wendy thanks very much

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