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every time Donald Trump slags off London the media acts like he's saying the moon is made out of cheese is Trump right is London turning into a shithole just like San Francisco London has a massive problem with actual ships due to overpopulation London's sewer system has reached breaking point you see it was only built to serve 2.5 million people but London's population is now almost 9 million that means that whenever it rains the system is over capacity and wastewater untreated sewage and runoff has to be flushed into the Thames 39 million tons of sewage flows into the Thames every year killing off huge numbers of fish and water dwelling plants that's a lot of shit the UK is the world's 10th most congested country and London is completely overpopulated is the second most gridlocked city in Europe London's population is higher than at any other point in history but crowded now like London dry spell Shi th Charlie shithole during rush hour it's totally normal for queues at every door of every underground tube to be 8 people deep there's a net inflow of 60,000 people to London every single year that's the equivalent of adding the population of what otherwise would be a medium to large town in any other area of the UK to London every year two-thirds of that growth is due to immigration what's the solution to that more emigration the pressure of mass emigration combined with wealthy foreigners buying up property has made housing completely unaffordable for most Londoners the qatari zone more of London than the Queen herself super-rich Russians and Chinese also launder their dirty money via the purchase of property in London further inflating prices in London we build affordable homes which are completely unaffordable for normal working people for them to become affordable the average wage would have to rise 266 percent homelessness is becoming so prevalent that metal spikes are being installed to stop vagrant sleeping in office block doorways and some residential tower blocks even have poor doors where lower income tenants are forced to enter through the back so that higher paying residents don't have to see the property in London is so expensive that someone asked for five hundred pounds a month to rent a literal cupboard under the stairs that's about 750 dollars a month to reside in Clapham one of the worst-hit areas during the London riots living the dream London has such a rootless population it's a rarity to meet someone there who actually grew up in London the city's vast transient inhabitants all squabble cheek-by-jowl for limited space earning London as the reputation of being some of the rudest people on earth journalist Shappi Khorsandi wrote of how she saw a heavily pregnant woman ask another woman to give up her seat on the tube it's not my fault you're pregnant responded the woman you chose to get pregnant why should I give you my seat it's creating a breed of dog eat dog traveller with a ruthless survival of the fittest mentality normal behavior is suspended it's each for himself trying to grab a seat even at the expense of pregnant women and those with babies Londoners are also notoriously time poor because of their god-awful work-life balance and they spend so much time on grindingly packed slow and unreliable public transport that one company even suggested turning bosses into mobile gyms is that really any black mirror style hellscape that can compare with they're seeing shuttled through a dangerous urban sprawl while laboring on a human hamster wheel before being dispatched at your designated slave pod to do the bidding of your corporate foreign slave master living the dream Londoners abject terror focusing on anything but their soulless careers for more than five seconds even led one architect to propose something called the endless workplace yeah we're not obsessed with working off so let's turn every single major rooftop in the city into another office that'll make us happy alone widening gulf between rich and poor combined with london's increasing unaffordability irreparably damaged social cohesion this led to soaring depression suicide rates teenage pregnancies and hospital admissions in poorer areas it also led to an explosion in violent crime amongst London's vast population of drugs a wave of stabbings have given London a higher murder rate than New York City children and teenagers are responsible for half of London's knife crime according to Metropolitan Police figures 73% of knife offenders and 53% of victims were from a black or ethnic minority background while leftist in the UK continually assert that black lives matter virtually none of them actually give a damn about young black lives being snuffed out on a routine basis oh that protest against Heathrow Airport because they claim air pollution is racist but then go completely silent on the fact that black kids are slaughtering each other on the streets on a daily basis these are the same people who wind about stop and search being racist which after it was drastically scaled back by more than 50% thanks to the idiocy of tourism a led to an explosion in knife crime they campaigned to end a policy that actually saved black lives wells vehemently opposed and vowed to reduce stop and search and and Maire Sadiq Khan he said he'd do quote everything in his power to cut it london's turning into a shithole under city car according to the Met statistics in scan took power robberies are up 65 percent knife crime is up 55 percent rape is up forty five percent what was Khan's response when confronted with these statistics to claim that London was safe 15 16 there were 1804 gun crimes according to Metro on police last year there were two thousand three hundred and forty two which is an increase of thirty percent so again do you think it's saying that London is not less safe now than when you took over was an honest thing to say I do you do so gun crime is up robbery is up knife crime is up rape is up taking motor vehicle offences is up residential burglary is a knife problem with injuries aren't a knife crime with injury and robbery is up and you think honestly London is more safe now than when you took over as mayor of London that's absolutely extraordinary let's be honest Trump was right Sadiq Khan is a national disgrace and a disaster for London well try to distract people by droning on about diversity he's presided in an almost complete breakdown of law and order I'd have a word without Mayer he seems to not be doing a good job you know I mean all them kids getting knifed and all that cycle yeah I know all the thing that ever comes out of his mouth he's London he's open what open for knife crime and dying and stuff diversity is a strength according to the national police chiefs Council London now has one of the highest rates of recorded acid and corrosive substance attacks per capita in the entire world there are 15 acid attacks in the UK every week with 3/4 of those taking place in London this compares with just two a month from 2007 to 2011 the borough with the most acid attacks is new worm in East London the most ethnically diverse district in England and Wales and home to the second highest percentage of Muslims in the UK new home also has a higher rate of tuberculosis than Rwanda and Iraq diversity is a strength in some areas of London peace the delivery man can't even operate without a real fear of being attacked by feral mobs now some immigrant parents are sending their kids back to Somalia because they claim it's safer than London your child is involved in a gang and there's nowhere for him to hide you take him back to Africa you know it's safer there than in London when you're a parent sending your child back it's a risk you're taking but unfortunately some parents feel like it's also a risk meaning their kids in the streets of London and as British born gang members admit they had to drastically increase their level of violence simply to keep up with Congolese and Somalian immigrants and the soundtrack to the bloodshed is drill rap the lyrics of which often brag about murderers moving up the league table the more people they kill John Cleese got hounded by the media for saying that London is no longer in English city but if being English denotes basic civility and respect who could argue with his conclusion an Asian journalist visits a diverse area of London within minutes we walked by three of the mosques which were vibrant and filled with young men coming and going we passed it which was closed and decrepid with a window that had been vandalized with eggs we squeezed by hundreds of residents busy preparing for the Eid al Honda holiday girls in his apps gathered around tables to paint henna designs on their hands all the businesses had a religious flair the eateries were halau the fitness center was sex segregated and the boutiques displayed modest outfits on mannequins Pakistani flags flew high and proud I never saw a Union Jack yes and really English to me London is also full of upper-middle class people who dutifully support mass emigration simply to avoid the tedium of having to raise their own children when it's so much easier to get wage slave from Eastern Europe to do it and if they have to live 26 to a house because they're paid so pathetically then so be it a team of enforcement officers have arrived at dawn to look inside what they find is shocking there are 26 feds living the dream I mean their demand for cheap nannies and builders will force immigrants to live like rats in squalid conditions but then they'll be sure to point their finger at brexit supporters and call them racists until their prep coffee is spewing out of their nostrils she would be serving our coffee and prat and then when given a choice we'll pay top whack to send their kids to the whitest schools possible publicly preaching multicultural platitudes while privately upholding actual segregation but let's not be too negative the economy's still pretty good and there are plenty of job opportunities in London there was even an opportunity for quorum but before he went on to become a mass murdering terrorist but who had fake explosives strapped to his chest before going on to knife numerous people to death during the London Bridge attack was hired by Transport for London as a security guard diversity is a strength one of his roles investigating suspicious packages Transport for London really knows how to put its money to good use they also shelled out on a poster campaign lecturing men how to sit properly commercials showing traditional gender roles junk food or physically fit women are all banned but an ad promoting tourism to Brunei a country that recently tried to push through a law that would legalize stoning gay people to death completely fine in the dystopian movie high-rise the residents of attemps estuary tower block are socially ranked by elevation debauchery reigned supreme whether that be amongst the drone-like masses at the bottom the chattering classes in the middle or the elitists in the penthouse that's a metaphor for London most people in London can only tolerate living here by becoming coke addled drunken DeGeneres living the dream the terms contain so much cocaine eels are becoming hyperactive and the middle classes fiendish demand for coke in turn fuels violent gang crime and murder Michael Gove was crucified by the London media for admitting to taking coke 20 years ago because no one who works in the media in London ever takes coke what a ludicrous suggestion but Paul if London is such a shithole why do you live there good question basically every political event interview gathering or protest takes place in London I kind of have to be here because of what I do and don't get me wrong there are some nice places in London London is full of great history and it's full of great people but people who've lived in London since birth all tell me the same story it's lost its identity its hurtling full force into a crime ridden dystopia and the quality of life is on life-support Samuel Johnson once said when a man is tired of London he is tired of life that was two hundred and four years ago and things have changed London is a globalist model for all future mega cities superficially tolerable for a minority of wealthy people so long as they're sufficiently drugged while segregating themselves from the full horror of the reality that surrounds them and for everyone else the best they can hope for is to become indentured wage slaves for that very same wealthy elite London is a citadel of sin for bohemian upper classes but for most other people it's turning into a complete shithole it's absolutely crucial for you to help me fight the war on free speech by supporting me via SUBSCRIBE star link in description and also signing up for my free newsletter at summit news forward slash newsletter

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