As premiered at the BAFTAS, this is our first independent film and now showing at schools, worldwide as an eductional tool. [Teachers Note] The ideal way to show this film is to show up to the point of the gunshot then stop the film and discuss the implications and possible outcomes. Show the rest of the film and discuss with your viewers. [Steve Timewell, film Director/Producer]. Contact us at [email protected] for more information

so you not watch kids last night oh my god yeah freddie is sober I'm totally gonna marry him no no wait are you want more to cook type anyway why she she's right ah that's a lot of them you got cooks you that JJ smile it's mark what do you say my place after school something to show you alright bitch bitch they stole my boyfriend come on Jules let's go she's not going anywhere who do this is an oppa you're gonna pay hi mum yeah i noticing i sit all with Millie right leaving office hey where you going man I didn't say you could leave No did you want to hang out tomorrow no I told you also with no breakfast tomorrow I don't like it mark people in gang will ain't one of them hey check what back in mom what the hell marked from Samoa my mom's downstairs watch you may get banged up quiet man just for intimidation man I'll keep the other firms in line I understand where jr. when you found you ugly and let me a 5 here cute never go piss who's me would you want would you straighten the back of my head please what's he going to do about Julie you don't know anything about it I know she gave you that black eye mum and dad don't buy your stupid store either that was her that was her wasn't Tracey I'm gonna take care of it I'll deal with it thanks sorting my hair grazie I'm sorry hey where's your retard sister Teresa I said where's your retard of a sister I don't know well where do you think she is well well well look what the cat dragged in piss off slag ah sticking up for the little rich girl what you are less my bodyguard or something how could you not all of our lesbos with you I can't keep the shit out of you – you've got me bitch where do you think you're going I'm not scared of you it should be why don't you just leave me alone you've made your point must be nice having everything including my boyfriend he was never your boyfriend it doesn't like you you know only your daddy's money so what I don't care have my have him just leave me alone you skip your debt Annie please this is a new work Finkle scares things you should be aliens maybe we should go Annie please just spit up and out I'm sick of it I'm still have you had weird item to give me good intent kill me I'll kill yourself loser I'm surely making it worse that that should we go Toby this is where you've got to can you go and get your brother for me I am the Alpha I am the Omega set the Lord our God the first and the last behold I make all things new into thy loving embrace o Lord we bring thy daughter Millie and tailor may she rest in peace and rise again in glory amen Alice might forgive you mum no Oh looking back on who she used to be untied a girl with personality slowly with nothing but fear friends

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