We headed out to see the street market scene in London by checking out what good food we can eat in Camden and Borough Markets.

First up we went to Camden Markets to try:
– A Quesadilla from Rico burrito
– A chocopotomas from Serial killer
– A Fettuccine Alfredo cooked inside a giant cheese from the Cheese wheel

The after we headed over to Borough Markets to try some seafood.
– Oysters from the Oyster Bar
– Mussels from Furnness Food Hut

So much delicious street food here in London, any spots we missed? If you are looking for the best food and where to eat – where should we go?

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it's one of those things we like I already have one bite and then you have a second bite and then I'm on my third bite oh my gosh I can't stop the car start and they pour it into a bigger cheese wheel morning everybody welcome back to London today we are actually heading up to some markets and street food markets because we heard the scene here in London is quite unique especially for such a big metropolitan city yesterday we actually had a meet-up with quite a few of you guys just come to the end of our London Meetup everyone came everybody and we said where should we go where would you guys go on the weekend and all of them recommended Camden Market so we're currently walking down to Kendal markets really excited to actually haven't tried any street food here in London before and we're really excited to check it out I got a different kind of feel and I can die never had looks like so calm down we've noticed it seems like there's multiple markets who come to an area called the stables and it is full of so much street food so many shops I think it's actually gonna be hard to choose what we want to get from here but luckily we're really hungry so then we're gonna try a couple of different stalls I think what I like about this market so much the stables market is it looks like that Industrial British ae2 you have a look at the buildings over here you've got like that charcoal burnt brickwork over there and then you walk over here and then it's been modernized with this building just in front of you but wow I'm just not sure where we should go serial killer looks kind of cool but then there's also this retro vintage clothing store there's like so much here this is something we love about London is that when you want to come and have Street food they are so multicultural that you can find food from all over we decided to go for Mexican for our first meal we got a halloumi quesadilla which I'm excited about I haven't had Mexican food in it's so long without this one from Rico burrito they look really cool all right quesadilla we're gonna taste actually good because we're gonna have Mexican and so long look we'll komali cheese and sour cream tomatoes and it needs to grow through be the file this is a really good piece in here it's perfect cuz like they've just given it to us take away we just walk around and I saw some really cool vintage clothes shop so I want to check out yeah we go check it out yeah I think like the street food here in London is good because you'd come out the weekends and it'd be like let's meet here where do we go and eat and just think think once you kind of find a central location disease how cool is assigned a serial killer it is all these different VHS tastes like I can see Pocahontas a goofy movie Muppets Christmas Carol reshape some of these at home I don't even know what we distorted I just had a look at the menu not like what was very serialization VHS it's a classic card oh wow open it up oh wow Santa Claus in Toy Story thank you I don't even know what's that we have ordered but it's called the Chaka Potamus and there is this everything chocolate flavored which I like I'm a chocolate person if you compare vanilla the chocolate but Wow there is chocolate covered Coco Pops there's chocolate-covered corn flakes chocolate flavored Coco pop ice cream and then just to top it all that we have some chocolate milk what even is the healthiest breakfast ever I don't know my childhood beat this unhealthy but hey what do they say breakfast is the most important meal Wow this is gonna make me sound so old but how did we eat this as breakfast with kids is so much truer in this course I don't think I've ever had ice cream with my cereal before but hey I feel like when you're a kid and you like when I'm older and I can do anything I want this is what I'm gonna eat for breakfast and to be honest my past self it's true because I'm eating it for breakfast and I just turned 28 so it's one of those things we like I already have one bite and then you have a second bite and then I'm on my third bite oh my gosh I can't stop but surely keeps opening up every corner we turn this is more and more street food why does can't get over Kanda markets whenever we turn the corner thinking at the end of the markets there is just more food we just walked through an alley where it had Indian food that Asian food we decided to go for Italian food we saw this place called the cheese wheel and looks so unique so they actually make handmade pasta and we order fettuccine alfredo and actually cook the pasta and they pour it into a big cheese wheel and then they melt all the cheese from the cheese wheel like by stirring all the pasture up and then turning it into this so cool and it just looks so fresh massive line by layer to wait a good 10-15 minutes yeah this is a popular spot we're stirring I was like nah I need to try that that looks so cool weird our chocolate overload now it's time to have cheese overload this marker is all about excess all right now it is good pasta I was interested is it a cheese overload because he put to a season it like it's perfect it's perfect that's good it's so fresh it definitely tastes handmade as well oh this is so good team all right guys it's been a couple of hours later and we've come up to the borough markets which is just on the London Bridge line so you could probably just pop into here while you're trying to see all the sights and Jess is poking into a seafood part of the market so maybe try some fresh seafood already so we're just walking around because it's just a secret we've never tried fresh boys and it'll actually like Isis how to pressure they'll see you how you already just have to say that you're fine you're not really fun you just can't get into it because they would never understand I kind of swallow it you don't really chew it it didn't kind of swallow it I just hate the ocean oh that's really fresh guys that is so good if you like oysters they could did she like that very simple thank you [Laughter] the oyster moment I decided to go grab some mussels and oh you like them and that guy wasn't too cool like uses yelling at fresh mussels over every game and I was like you know what I need to go get some of these must be sold us it's big hot pile of mussels covered in garlic sauce and part of me like at least two or three dozen oysters and mussels in there and I love mussels who decided I mentioned of our markets let's stick with sea close to the ocean here in London are you ready our gardenias yeah is it like somewhere there garlic lots of garlic okay I'll give one a sharp and literally I'm cool after today's video if you could probably tell that let's get a little bit lights while we give it I'm probably gonna be able to eat all of these look at that Wow those interesting at the meetup you were asked when you guys film the food videos to film an EP ty day yep it is currently for a buck and we pretty much being eaten it's like 10:00 a.m. that's nobody I'm sorry fooled by this this has to be the pond dish this has to be but it means we don't have to eat for the rest of the week like dude hey oh my god should I see you come to our markets you have to get the muscles they are Wow seriously London is amazing a full Street food what I recommend is choosing one of the places near the Camden or Borough Market and then have a walk around first have a look at what you'd like and then go crazy and eat a lot of food because that's what we did we walked around and chose cuisines we liked there were so many other things that you could try oh my goodness I feel like you do like a month-long street market food tapering just go to different places each day but yeah I really hope you guys enjoy that we've just got to the UK so question I mean doing I love different day trips that you can do from London so we're gonna head up around the UK so let us know what you want to see thanks so much for watching if you are new around here make sure you hit subscribe and we'll see you guys next time really excited today because we're going to go explore the north of England no take it Steve a cool place that he he doesn't know where we are right now cuz it closed his eyes and between the corner in like a bunch of the top ten list was this thing called the super Lam banana super land banana every 30 glands very fine The Beatles

43 thoughts on “We Tried London Street Food | Camden Markets & Borough Markets

  1. Margaret Thatcher got rid of all our Fishing Industry and then they gave all our fishing rights away to Europe, so the Oysters and mussels you were eating most likely came from Vietnam or Thailand. These countries farm them and you will always find them next to sewage outlets, mm yummy. Northern Europe does the same with the salmon.

  2. I have been following your channel religiously and as I am in London I have watched your video and followed your advice been to both Camden town and borough market discovered only thanks to your channel and I can say you were absolutely right tried the mussels absolutely spectacular keep up the good work

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