Madame Tussauds London | Sherlock Holmes experience

Another very busy day in London. Today we decided to try our luck at a visit to Madame Tussauds on Easter Sunday. Little did we know that this is one of the busiest times of year and it was jammed. I mean people everywhere.
Madame Tussauds is a wax museum full of lifelike replicas of all your favourite celebrities. We managed to grab a photo with Kylie, Emma Watson, Zoella, King Kong, Eddie Redmain, The queen was very friendly as was Will and Kate.
There is a couple of pay extra activities. One being the Madame Tussauds Sherlock Holmes Experience. Here you get a live action adventure looking for missing Sherlock Holmes. Find clues to his location and travel across the UK from Scotland Yard to the Yorkshire Moors. It is not as good as the Shrek Adventure, but worth the extra £5 each.

Top Tip – There is usually a special offer on via Kellogg’s cereal. This is half price or 2 for one of some variation. Just off Baker Street tube station is a Tesco Express, which sells cereal and…. ta dah discount vouchers.

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hi there hoopsters today we're heading off to Madame Tussauds look at and look for super discount vouchers first you're gonna have to pay the test go Express to buy some cereal which we're not going to need coz were in a hotel but I'm going to see if we get a discount before head on in so come on on hey what's going to happen [Applause] me okay so just found the Tesco ETSU that's just around the corner from Baker Street tube station which is just around the corner from Madame Tussauds we've managed to get some Coco Pops of chewy bars which were only a pound but imagens insisted on a variety pack so I've got about eight boxes of cereal that carry around Madame Tussauds unless ladies and gentlemen it's time to walk on the red carpet for the 83rd a list party to hear at Madame Tussauds [Applause] apparently introduce myself really my name is mrs. Hudson anthem at like India is a pleasure to make it up I suppose in that you're wrong maybe Sherlock right look I'm afraid to tell you Sherlock respond me see mr. Holmes please come immediately body discovered at the docks or water oh goodness Watson right the Jebusite indeed find him lovely right this Pierre's the docks and is a shortcut through here yeah let me don't you speak first yes yo quiero balls of light soyal they may actually do tricep planning dr. John Watson I'm guessing in the back of Scotland Yard but I just get on inside and see what else we can find okay now way too soon I've got a bit of a bad feeling about this I'm afraid if Holmes isn't out there and he's starting here he's probably made it off down that hall message a consultant around yes house report for that attacked the element Thanks bye get down from that I'll be in the end I guess that thanks Oh mr. Foyle figure quickly protect me sir do don't know you are we having a higher hello there you are cooler that was dr. Boyd out there yes my arch-nemesis barely so elaborate ruse to lure me here Maggie you

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