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hi guys brothers train and it's all people on the train because we're going to London because we've got two events today one is a Twitter of N and the other is a we don't really know it's a corded Fashion Week's but it's not fashionable yeah we're indoors yes so my dress running up with all these companies Jackie it's our my box is open on the right guys yeah include these friends going a bit early for the event so we're going to do a little photo shoot but we're like four minutes early and then we sought rehearing good outfits to a photo shoot [Applause] [Applause] Oh we kind of got a goodie bag we've won we want a goodie bag from our gel so we're gonna show my guys so we know but trying to stretch this girl gets a goodie bag yeah they're our favorites we know thank you very much grab another place to get another face-to-face box coming in my raspberries spicy food lady just looking for different lives over her she will surely face them a new job – we talked about no nachos I did use some theorem but here's the difficult I lost the balloon Capri we're leaving I haven't given up get us a goodie bag okay let's just go oh you think we've realized that we think that the reason we didn't get really bad was because the largest company in there and they say yeah we've already got ashes which is really great we just found it quite funny the people before I've got one we were just like I think that is our best event that we've had it's like the old the whole day event yeah with you should the whole German so you got pumpkin and pop out usually aren't that good and that was really really good proper your bed well yeah but probably the best thing we've been to it pop your eyes we've got to lay my skin back because we're only nine brands especially clue yeah it was slow in the item and their watch is a really nice girl and bet you about our names down which I felt group special yeah and I'll tell ya England Network it was just like holy instrument ARIMA like a mummy job oh yeah we go glory for you just walking he ran up to us took a bow through the leg – what the actual hell no but why would you take photo – 15 year-old girl you thought that's critical no no he also did if we see the photos tagged off we probably are before we die yeah I was like it so you see them ya know who dear maybe soon I could documentary Brede we're really getting it today basically oh yes another keyword you know he was ranked are really three stylish oh yeah they both feel quite stylish actually oh good thank you so we're now a Twitter event we're so busy nice Nellis we just saw Christine she's rented tonight free day are you all right we're going to the event now a bit nervous we have no idea who's here thank you he's famous right so we just had a talk and now we've got the game after bible–and makes it I feel healthy it's vegan okay so we're now don't the Twitter of N and we're gonna hit the shot yes so we ended up having doing – watching to speak leeches bonden was what what was the first one we did Oh instruction second one was a panel and we've got a photo with Hyman keV yeah he probably thinks were British tour couple is our mum's got photo with him before he were into the event we got photo in the event and then we went in the same Lee does not follow him at all just coincidence and it was pretty I think he didn't think we were like you know now are we going to yeah because you have to really concentrate because there are some weird thing to job I mean you need to you rate the cotton so we both put quite a lot anyway we are now walking to going from train station because it's sunny just got cold out of nowhere and ass beep both being very inappropriate outfits for this kind of weather we have had remarked shouting at us then like yeah we're not taking London but they think we're here Oh London Fashion Week they do which is pretty Eggman we are better I would say my face was likewise quasi previous I didn't even know what they were saying now we're just walking back to train station my arms and I thought so again but we're now grace is now going home cuz we just got back subscribe to our channel and we will see you Thank You girls notes bye

50 thoughts on “WE GOT CHASED BY THE PAPARAZZI IN LONDON?? | Day in the life part 2! | Grace and Grace

  1. That first event with 21 Buttons was so cool and pretty. I went to their last one and the photobooth and stuff is so cute! You should have just asked for the goodie bags at the end

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