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this is really darn are you saying okay so got the parcel from how do you say again desn't I don't des I know there's an old there's a new journey tomorrow no yeah yeah my house is quite like dull so that's that's why I can't film in it wait see don't rip the box like that somebody might need to put them back in the box oh is that the biggest one yeah obviously big that's good that's so good so this is how it's gonna look on the wall yeah I think are sick from us ta filled with love share you all art so we can ok script it you be open that yes that's perfect oh you broke it broke it hey nice valet okay I'm ready for the price stuff it's nice big all the pictures are there yeah could you put it way that way it's so pretty I thought would attach everything down below the ones we all did it again I love it so this one is feathers and it says dream because I love to dream your dream kids as you can see we've done like a gray kind of white and black thing Bevis it so this is our coil about being a gia by working together it's a success Toleration is on really I love them L me yeah in art form or but it's literally like I'm wearing a little we have money left to spend cuz we had a set price that we want to spend on everything but let me show you these will to give up so I think we've smashed there the clouds is the most gray the dream is medium what L and this one is so cute it's like a little wold full your dreams oh can you tell that we have like a certain taste guys we have something really exciting to tell you if you like which obviously I'm gonna get more from my room I don't know about you then it's something abuse how long if you guys like what you say and you went to some yourself don't just head over there without wait until we tell you this we are so happy that they've let us have it just can't code if you guys we're gonna use our own discount code you can use literally just Sid and L us but I know that everyone's gonna love them like honestly even if you don't buy anything go and look on their website inspire your house moving by walls which is on I was enough Alice hours mmm you guys are gonna see these in our videos as well yeah it's gonna be our backdrop yeah it's running like I'm ray somebody but what is this called but I always going to call it like a little rolling it's got a name it's a stand collar fashion student over here and yeah red black and white I literally like I'm about to be in the Grand Prix as John would say Grand Prix so this shows this I don't really miss on the bagged why it's a great jumper Frank oh it's a great prop jumper oh yes trousers I really wanted and they set out stop and then I found them again and then there was in snow that white legs let the pajama a silky they're high-waisted I'm gonna attach a pick up to the girl wearing a pair they're so cute that's silky okay I got some jeans I've never had you in some free another thing photo guys you gotta take a seat so their mum jeans and then they've got some rip edge I hope they fair fingers crossed guys fingers crossed and there was at one more item okay so there are side struck jogger or you don't happen to like them fear so there's me did you wrap it go corners is key so guys and by the time missus up obviously I would have made my decision but it's in talks at the moment where I should go white blonde like not white belong in pink bottom people will be that you call begin yeah maybe don't guys pink us out but to me cuz she's gonna baby and I'm really love it yeah I want to go that pea blonde it's happening here Mia comment me fifty shades through the innocent of all tree that she knows how is she want to insult my intelligence and tell me that these are suggestive that is a digestif it is a problem that don't insult me it's a Kris have a but wait wait wait hold on hold on oh I'm a bot Oh too bad like an egg suits having a bleach bath look at this Barbie doll this is a little bit weird and also it's not the type of event you can turn up late because it's a party if we're late where they choose I did go to the lobby on time because it will leave we'll get there in the white will be gone in the middle of mistakes we'll keep you informed on how it goes but how cute have the over it it's like I see blood it's like not Kim Chi as Kim cakes like you know Kim K Kim cats she's been she's been known young but we are on our way and we have an email me today with someone on the train that we knew who is mr. stark yeah honestly it would be a joke we've got that a million cases by that I mean one each it's carrying a suit and you will see that we're running light they were making use of what you've got we stopped for a quick prayer focus no ma'am what did you get them a bit spicy and it means to like cheese and onions and stuff in it I mean I decided mmm and the mango but I got spotty but later Oh Ronnie we're all sharing an apartment pull the doors open basically we're sharing a like apartment oh my god thank you they'll get you in party car yeah it's cute yeah it's um no it's cute Lu we've all moved in together this is a Caesar of course it's a tip already there's a nice little poster on the door and then it's enough room and this is our dining room a lounge and then mrs. Mannon sits room how do you think it's really cute what would have you got why you laughing button I don't even know it Department that you've any gear so we're not so glad you such a flirt it's actually such not my room so what we're gonna do we're Buster's famouse we're about to set up and film I get rid of me so that will either be up or coming on we explained where we're going cuz we keep getting on trains I like the illusion that we just moved into an apartment yeah we're so we're in London grouchy acting nickering Kings Grover in Kings Cross yeah I mean it was quite a pretty let me show you tonight is the MOX fuel event and if some of you guys don't know Lucy is on the packaging for the our gal what's it called news the picker mix not sweets they're pairing a launch party for her and glory know we're going to support her and have a good time all right get ready and we will link I'll get rid of me down here we show you at the end what we know like this is before we don't brush up to bad doing guys I think that thing you look hot yeah something going on a bite that doesn't make yeah we like it you know how we do yeah can you take your lead cuz it works really nicely she's just putting my phone on it's nothing cool yeah take might take a little piece I'll take my pool which I just like a really big mug shot come on great go and Posey do what you gotta do right and look who is on the poster yeah yeah [Applause] it's been [Applause] [Applause] [Applause] not even funny I'm getting mad I'm okay the amount of folks every pictures I have it's not okay I have 25 million rows of eight pictures ha Lucy is the piña colada if you're gonna colada or whatever you'd rather why not fine just give me a lager she's working we really want methanol and we just thought I know we were at me at 1 / 10 minutes there was a few good songs right now yeah there was weird songs being with it we're like what to be honest Fetty WAPs nice and we left for week I bet you that's not very op is nice I'm just about the snapchat when should I do it anyway yeah gone we're just like coughing I feel like we're in like do but honestly it's don't you that job is not OK I woke up at 7:00 yeah I walk around and I was like my throat was dehydrated yeah I'm not to get up in the middle of night I don't regret it yeah that's it when I was like waiting there in and she was like oh the phone is out like I can't go back to sleep is a bit milky why are you gonna go get up and get my dress we need to be an on-set strap often for me in fun and games your hair is a hot mess my way I'm Nikki so blonde on it do you love it mmm what's that no way we have an unknown and I'm gonna need us to react we were saying just now we just done that a little Instagram I'm not done yet still doing it well you look fit I take like home insane and one of the questions it sate your countryside and we kind of live like we don't live that funny right in a remote countryside with all like shapes and then no one around us but it's not safe when you go from London to where we live which is only half hour on a train I'm in it should I thank you Lord bringing me up in a countryside London so busy I can take it it's stress and like loud yeah yeah it's gonna be hours but I like you you know yeah yeah and all about like one minute I was so cold in the night Anson had to find elves Jokers I actually loved them let's go oh my god the mess oh my goodness good morning I know you and it oh I wish opened the other way this is like not okay what see I need to be this I might fine they see us and I need to put it on my phone I'm gonna do that know where we okay fine basically me and micro Maria I mean with models today I'm very much doing castings we'd let you don't overdo it but we're meeting with what I was say like how does this work there yeah oh well hi like so what are we ask you.guess we meet models core to do it for our final collection photo shoot that you need so there's plenty of question to me you know the drill and I'm tired and L is here just for backup in case it's more good service which that which there has been fearless revenge up in good old with an Italian lunch can you girls I mean Maria's Italian a la Sicilian I apologize what you're gonna get girls turn this down I think the last clip was so we were just looking at my scrapbook I think you guys have seen my sorry this before after I seen this before you know I got Sid one for her last birthday but um basically we were just reminiscing because I've filled it up to the brim and yeah I'm really happy with it it's like five years of my laughs and honestly guys I actually recommend having a scrapbook because I know people like my sister doesn't really like pictures and stuff but she looks amiss and she's actually jail so yeah but we are now back it said I mean black lip was in London I think we plan to have like a quick stop in London but like we sat in zzs for three hours literally just chatting we didn't get home till at half and we've just been emails and stuff days done really so it's been like a two-day Lock Affairs gotta be quite a long block yeah bye will be brilliant and we've managed to remember to finish it and by the time this is up hopefully we'll have 7ej that's a whole lot of you that's what we're on now that's ten thousand away from I feeling up Wembley Stadium we always compare it to stadiums don't wear yeah cause that's the only stadium that's the only time you see the amount of people at one time that I looked up gross yeah actually I feel gross thank you so much for watching this video we hope you like our vlogs where do you really like vlogging I say this all the time and everybody actually love again I think I prefer more than filming really I just love it I said focus the way you get really get to know people and also like not that we were really like out first but now we literally just pick up the camera anywhere wait your slap I want you the bag it's too complicated that's okay you spend a bottom of the words maybe Apple showed you these trucks too by the way so Q is promising iron it's just adorbs Naomi thank you for watching we'll see you in our next video I don't know why but oh but my head I'm just now to die


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