We tried faking a vacation to trick our followers since we’ve seen the trend of “fake holiday” videos faking going on a vacation. We previously did a video where we tricked our followers into thinking our thrift clothes were designer and it was a success, so we thought this was a good idea. Things didn’t go as planned.. Plot twist. watch to see what turn this video takes. What do you think?
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If you see this, comment “that meatball bowl tho” LOL
only those who watch up to that point will know what this means 😉

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We’re Niki and Gabi! We hope you enjoyed our we faked a vacation video, similar to our tricking our Instagram Followers into thinking our thrift clothes were designer challenge! We’re twin sisters who are different with opposite fashion and styles, but we come together to make videos like challenges, shopping challenges 24 hour challenges, diy, style, beauty, lifestyle, swaps, fashion, comedy, types of girls, music, and more!

so today our vacation of choice the most realistic one we can convince you guys of is that we are going to Italy and Gaby and I are both Italian and we've never been to Italy never so today we are going to be going to some Italian restaurants we're going to Olive Garden we rented an Airbnb that looks like a hotel we literally have this down the only thing we might be bad with is the timing that was I'm super stressed we are like sweating it was just meant to be fun and harmless but I couldn't sleep last night because of all the things I was reading they were like stop we already know what you're doing stop you're being canceled this wasn't just online drama people from Starbucks that saw me earlier that day got involved got involved in the comments section of my Instagram Gaby DiMartino youtuber lying she's in Milan which is really an Olive Garden hey guys I'm Nikki and I'm Gabby and today we're going on vacation really we're tricking you guys again so previously we did a video where we tricked you guys into thinking we were wearing designer from our post on Instagram and you guys all fell for it and we did a social experiment to prove that what you see on the internet isn't always true so today we're tricking you that we are going on vacation we're gonna try to fool you guys with our Instagram stories and our Instagram posts so today our vacation of choice the most realistic one we can convince you guys of is that we are going to Italy and Gaby and I are both Italian and we've never been to Italy never and we're trying to go see them so today we are going to be going to some Italian restaurants we rented an Airbnb that looks like a hotel we literally have this down the only thing we might be bad with is the timing Italy is actually at six hours ahead of us Gaby and I aren't really good at like math and like logistics like that so we're gonna post whatever we want to post think about the time difference because we don't post chronologically on our instagrams anyway we like save old photos and post them I always do my photo shoots during the day and I end up posting my pictures late at night anyway so it's like realistic if like the outside lighting doesn't match what time zone it really is in Italy go let's get this started let's start tricking our followers we're going to Olive Garden should I say Italy's we are at Olive Garden but we're in Italy we're gonna check people on our insta stories and snapchat that we're in Italy right now eating pasta or Italian food and it's really hard because all garden is a chain everywhere so everybody pretty much knows all of garden like from their interior to their even their food we saw that they have this new thing called the meatball meatball pizza bowl and it says new and like capital letters in red so because it's new I doubt anyone knows what it is here we also ordered sangria and wine glasses because we want that wine photo that everybody gets in Italy and you're like it's a thing like to have wine we're ready to take some pics what do you think on the background when you move over and have like this flower that slab or paint whatever that was called was so all garden this texture and like booze it's our wheat Gaby this booth looks at all garden the beige and the green are very olive garden branding can we try to cover the booths with like your big furry jacket I'll set up hired so that way you don't have to see the booth so we're gonna use my phone to take an iPhone photo of us drinking this wine with flash to make it look a little more evening ish we're gonna be wearing our sunglasses and looking bougie who should take out the straws I feel like in Italy they don't use these yeah give me more towards this plant this is such a shit show I'm on my knees and all of Garth's we do look like idiots in our hometown all the time now that one's good I'm worried because you do see the booth and you do see the table but for the most part it looks like we're getting like brunch in Milan I feel like my filter is more believable because it depleted the all garden bright colors so I think this is really believable and I'm gonna post it on my story I'm gonna get a boomerang of the cheese ready set go there we go thank you I'm going to get a boomerang of meat swirling my fettuccine ready that was poor it worked there's a fan group chat called are you in Italy with heart eyes and an Italian didn't attack Milan yeah look oh my god oh no I think we're such liars an aesthetic picture of my Italian meal and my designer products that looks like Italy oh my god so my friend goes that's my girl get the travel on I posted a selfie is's in Milan Italy and everyone thinks we're in Italy but she has service and I don't so I can't post any of my stuff to him in the car so Gabi's the first one to like break the silence on the internet saying that we're in Italy all right so I had no service at Olive Garden Gabi was able to start teasing so I wasn't able to so I'm gonna start teasing right now so I chose this wine gift to be like I'm gonna pose alright so we need to catch you guys up to speed we're currently in an air B&B in Pennsylvania but we are trying to convince our followers further that we're in Milan because there's a bigger pool there's a sauna there's a bathtub with a fireplace the rooms look like hotel rooms we swapped out all the food for Italian food and candy and treats and treats do you have a little bit of an issue Gabi and I didn't really get on the same page before filming this so Gabi had been posting Pennsylvania like Starbucks photos all the way up until like four hours before filming this video we're trying to save face and save this video so I said those pictures were taken yesterday and the photos we posted from Olive Garden we posted what would be at night time in Italy but in the photos it was daytime so people think it's not Maddy but you know what I know you gotta be really creative and I think this Airbnb is really gonna save it yeah I think we're gonna salvage it with the CoV B I'm still getting messages of people thinking we're in Milan there's just some discussion that maybe it is a trick YouTube video because of it is a trend I did know our family and front actually think we're in Italy our subscribers are the ones that are like boozes we're gonna keep it up and right now we're scouts mansion Airbnb and find location scout locations that we think could help convince our followers further I noticed when influencers traveled they have more on their stories than just them or what they're eating they show the streets they show the city looks like so right now I'm gonna go on to snapchat and go to the location Milan and look at what people are posting on Milan's story a scream record crop and put on my story I think before we start posting more in here I think we need to convince them a little further that we're literally walking the streets of Milan and then get into the resort we got to do some phone business now so we have some videos that Aaron found us that are from snapchat Milan Milan story I used my Niki filter on this to make it look like something I post on my story this is something I would post its Starbucks in Milan it says it down here and then I'm gonna pose I have a Starbucks drink I'm gonna pose a bit in the sauna so people think like I was not Starbuzz in Milan because I had the Geo tag on hopefully people think I actually took this video ok I think we got our swag back explain what just happened I posted the Starbucks video on Instagram and I posted the fountain in Milan and everyone's like wow we're stupid they're actually in Italy from what people see we're out and about at night right now so we are going to make it look like we went back to our hotel and we're going to go in the spa and the hotel room and enjoy the Italian snacks but we got to give it a good hour so they know you know it has to be natural we can't just be out and about at nighttime then all of a sudden our hotel the wife I don't really but I'm still very stressful no I did dude this is our skeptic yaaaay are hard to lie to the coach trust we are like sweating it I'm posing with my Starbucks because I was at the Milan Starbucks in my snapchat and Instagram story it just makes it look more believable hey Italy you like flash [Laughter] J lay on my stomach so that way it's like an aspic like a typical vacation pic so I'm posting my sauna selfie and I'm not gonna tag an exact spot because anyone could just look at the spot and see if they have a sauna they could see if it's even open at the hour that I'm posting this all right so I just posted the pic on my feet I wrote European spas with a greater sign and then a coffee and Milan Italy let's see what people say okay so I know we're traveling hard with those pool pics but this is the best we got and it looks like I'm in LA so I'm gonna try a different direction and be in the kitchen with all these treats in my robe look like I'm in a hotel ah I'll ask you so I don't know if Nikki was going through any of the things I was going through but like I was getting hate because what we were doing seemed very cruel because apparently it was that obvious that we were faking this and even though it's a trend on YouTube I didn't realize the hate that comes with it and that fans think you're abusing their trust and like it was just meant to be fun and harmless and like I don't know I just felt really bad I couldn't sleep last night because of all the things I was reading on Twitter like we've seen other youtubers do this like going to Japan or like going to another country and like it's in light spirits and everyone thinks it's funny and it makes a great video we thought well we're Italian what's one country that's that suits both of our aesthetics and that's a G we're like Italy I see why they're mad because the from that what I was reading in the comments a lot of people didn't think we were doing this for a video they thought we were just doing it to flex for no reason and just literally like we're in Milan like my floor in Pennsylvania yeah my fans didn't not bought don't they don't think it's for a video they think we were lying that we were in Milan see what I've noticed is that it's something interesting well at least I saw this on my end was everybody knew it was for a video they thought everyone kept saying it was for the faking the trip to Italy video but they kept trying to cancel it they were like stop we already know what you're doing stop stop but then if we don't upload a video y'all aren't happy anyway so it's like we were being cancelled yeah so it's like we didn't know what to do because it was awkward at that point we're like do we keep making do we keep filming and make this a video so you guys get something or do we just stop because they're telling us to stop already caught on and someone said that I blocked a fanpage and like I didn't even do that but when you're going through a lot of comments and trying to delete comments like weird happens and I all I remember was going through comments and like quickly trying to delete comments and then I guess this this fan page I guess had a lot of followers and posted Gabby knew I caught on that they were lying so she blocked me it's not on anyone when you mention the Starbucks story oh yeah so this is some cheese's where it gets bad this wasn't just online drama people from Starbucks that saw me earlier that day got involved got involved in the comments section of my Instagram that's why I turned off commenting basically I went into Starbucks on the way to the Airbnb I was in like my feather coat I had my Chanel sunglasses I was just like I'm gonna get some coffee I'm gonna keep filming this video I was in such a great mood cuz it was fun it was really fun and so I go into Starbucks and everyone I ran into when there it was so sweet to me and they knew who I was I to people were like hey Gaby hey God like they knew who I was and people were like really sweet and like oh my god I love your coat and in my head I'm like bitch it is for a video but like I feel stupid and like this big feathered dinky thing but whatever I was just like people are nice like I was getting such good vibes and I got my cloud macchiato and then I went in the car and when we were posting the sauna stuff and the spa stuff in the pool step all of a sudden I see in my comments a person named Arianna slark Arianna scarf SCH a ARF I don't know it has zero followers and zero posts but already its following 30 people it definitely seemed like a trolling account but it definitely was someone that was at the Starbucks because they commented I saw the Jets Starbucks this morning she's a liar can't believe you support her this person commented like a bunch of times like every time I delete the comment it would show up again and all of my fan page –is were seeing that and basically it was ruining the trust that I have with my fans so it really people were taking it to another level like when we're just trying to make content for you guys and trying to do something in light spirits this person from Starbucks literally was like I can't believe you support this flexing lying yeah I feel like this person from Starbucks clearly didn't know what kind of video we were filming it felt like I was just lying that I'm somewhere bougie just to seem like better than everyone we knew that could have been a possibility but we kept going there were some people in our last video when we tricked you guys that we were wearing designer clothes some of you guys caught on but like it was all in good spirits but this just went to another level because I think it looks people are making collages of my meat bobble and comparing it to all garden the worst part was people were like Gabby team artino youtuber lying she's in Milan when she's really in Olive Garden and like it just looks that was funny our biggest mistake was filming an Olive Garden first man we're going to oh we thought it would be funny if we could get away with lying to you guys in all of garden if we could do that then what can't we do Olive Garden is the most known Italian restaurant so I guess we aim to hi we are at Olive Garden but we're in Italy and it really made this whole video flop because everyone it was Olive Garden last thing we should have done with Olive Garden when people started catching on yeah we started off week and that was our fault oh and people found our stories on the Milan story yeah that I think that was even worse because once they saw that it solidified that oh my god okay this is faith one thing I did notice though and it's really good to know is we didn't fool our subscribers but we did fool our friend rotten family oh my god do you know how many people texting me bitch are you in a lot I'm so proud of you here in Milan but like our subscribers knew we weren't but like all of our friends our family our mom thought we were in Milano my mom text away I have all these screenshots so our friend Ali goes OMG you're in Italy and then our friend Mary texted me lol are you guys trying to prank or not like she didn't know if we were or not our mom texted us both in a group chat saying Milan Italy a question mark question mark Kosovo I think the biggest inside joke was Olive Garden's people are like pals you're Olive Garden pizza who you foolin no one goes to Milan and eats Olive Garden this is a good observation y'all are smooth this person said Nikki got a pic of Italy from snap Maps your Italy Pizza is from Olive Garden it's night time when you posted a pic and Olive Garden and it was clear sunlight nikki has a mic on her hmm people saw I had a microphone on me in that photo so they knew we were filming a video holy I didn't even think of that y'all are smart he fooled our friends but we didn't fool you guys if she was actually in Italy we would have had so many fancy vlogs of her packing and preparing for it and we would have known about the trip for months girl you lie and we see straight through you love you the love you both though that is so true I make trips such a big deal on my blog channel I think what really gave it away with the Olive Garden waiter no it was Olive Garden waiter grading the cheese there we go and you got a room of his Brian in the window a fan screen shot at him reposted your boomerang and they pointed to the window and said it's light outside but 8 p.m. in Italy Gavi that gave it away yeah we just our humor got ruined this video they thought it was so funny I just don't think we can lie to them always know we can lie about wearing designer clothes but I think lying about being in Milan you gotta be like really smart to do it not that we're not smart but I don't think we put the work into it to really get the logistics down yeah it's more than just cute photo it was just like I felt like we were being too funny yeah we weren't like taking it like we wanted to start off with our Olive Garden because we're the most excited yeah that we were the most excited for Olive Garden I feel like this is like gonna go down as like the niki and gabi video fail so next time we even try to pull something like this we're gonna have to wait a long time cuz this video just like I don't want to do it again it was people people were harsh right how come so designer one didn't go this way because they fell for it so many people flex up with fake on Instagram it's nothing new but no one in the right mind has ever liked flex to look like they're somewhere bougie and they're not and that makes us look like cowards yeah when people like no we're clearly not there yeah all right well this video um it was a good concept fail yeah is a fail we have a fail and we'll see you guys in our next video the end bye we're not in Italy you want and then didn't anything you

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  1. Its just a prank!!! They don't need to take it to another level! If I knew it was a prank I would just go like ~ "bro what they got me good" Not "SKSJSJSSHJFKEJVLJVORVJIOVJOIVJO STOP LIEING JGBHJYGUOVNGHOIFHFOIGF"

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