Voice of North West London, Darnell investigating issues relating to gun and knife crimes in inner city areas

there has been a lot of bad press surrounding the gun at knife culture in London this year however I would like to look at more information and see how young people view the staggering numbers of gun and knife crime in London in the last year eleven people have been murdered in Hackney drugs including crack cocaine and heroin a widespread but does that make violence and gangs an inevitable part of young people's lives here if we look back at the four shootings that happened in South London most of them happened in their own house and me personally I would feel safe the school 100% safe in my own house because I know I'm behind my locked doors from time someone comes into your house and invades you then you can't feel safe me really you don't make my life stressful okay this is what happens every day you're not safe in your own home in my house that you never know someone might just decide to mash up my window broke my door that are coming and they want to do me some and I'm like have to make sure I've got something else if they want to bang me or they want to do something to me I'm ready to lick them – not that I like fire and I don't like the fact I don't believe in violence but if it's self-protection then yeah I'm gonna do something about it young people make up over a quarter of the population of Hackney they're over-represented as both perpetrators and victims of crime little wonder that everyone seems to know someone in jail this morning I found out that a friend of mine was coming out of prison well he meant to actually he meant to come out later on next year but thank God he's coming out um in June yeah it was in flats empty murder cause shit happens in it shit happens and people do stuff you know I mean how about the heels well she's in for attempted murder and then what do you think he's done I've got my own personal people I chill with Vinnie I hang around with yeah I got one person I know I can pull right now and he could probably come down and tell you a bit about you get me the bad side or whatever about Hackney you know I mean come to the youth grabbing it we're having a little talk in it leave a 6301 Yemen I do it passionately these boys are 15 and 16 to young for us to show their faces they seem full of contradictions they insist for example they're not part of a gang kicking up minor house boys MHB you rich money hungry most-hated that's what you call it I'm always hated matter house mighty hungry you got like 25 youngers but like Tony older so if we come over together this a 3/5 plus man get me so crack so heroin sell weed so see obviously what what I've been taught is by the older man is if I fail in school that I should do my education first one if I feel then I should come and hit the blocks have you ever had any problem here man a lot my staff man who shoot man yeah punch man we have to run we run or we never run our hoods like they don't like how hood we don't like their hood territory is everything and violence is often the price you pay for simply crossing the line over here um I got my man jr. and basically he has a wide range of opinions to say about post Cold War's and street gangs of today so can you tell us what you know say factual matters obviously um I go to school in Anzhi near would grin and she say I live in acne and all this had net sports code entirely obviously that getting to school every day is a lot for me in the night after watch my back and see what's coming coming at me that's why I go through all the time I see it a lot of people look at me when I just want to see me this t-shirt thinking that cuz cause they see the sign that gets a lot for me you know I mean by record this on I can I get ya ah nice looking lady doc eventually they would if we run it is happening yeah did you know them nothing see that's the kind of questions that get asked yeah sorry don't get stop them because sometimes on a hackneyed people oh is it that's our documentary now yeah see just Nuria cuz this he is sign acne and what questions already and that's really do you know imagine for some bad boys comments in the air oxy me where my from I just want all this to stop I want to feel safe when I go up people getting stabbed up and shemtob let that's not left let young people react area shanks and stuff here for protection most of them has never reused it but they're going on them kids can't overcome into school you and talk about books no more but it's the finger toponym dream get me with these North Side places yeah like Tottenham or green just live around the corner but they can't get along it's all about this hype ting everyone's our yeah is it's what green in my bits see I'm saying like and if you think about your firm would green but then if you bus a corner get in Tottenham my backing day when it used to be secure Bob – eternity what's the poster music was opposed to it was we don't need I blame government straight I bring the government is there on this shit philosophy Blair said it was time to stop pretending black youngsters were not responsible for the stabbing of shooters which has left seven Londoners under the age of 16 dead since the end of January stop pretending so this means that from a long time ago he thinks black people have been doing this that's why he's telling us to stop pretending there's murders in Asian communities they fight eat of wha this happens there there's racism everywhere there's white communities that tend to do stuff as well but I think black people really have a higher spot in the media in the video it's very disturbing I should say especially for 15 year olds in Big Time I'll explain what they do to people and how they go on now the very young black boys er nowadays when they like 15 years old is they've got this friend yeah then we show people how had bad there and the first good thing it's happening in the next sale to love young black people I'm sure you've not only you don't have land in Northwest 17 or West 10 or Northwest 6 you don't have magic in there so it's not to your area and it's person it's a fictitious for what he has to stop finally over 25 young people have died this year what's even more staggering about is that the age again lower and lower and with this year the community we really need to get our act together seriously and it's even to the point where this young man in the video said is not only black you cannot kill black people happens in every community but what we need to realize is that we have got the spotlight on us for whatever reason we have the spotlight on us here and so we as a community need to I don't know you need to sit down and have a good conversation not just let's say let's come for one week and enough to spaghetti because we've had one meeting about this No so we need as a community to get together and do something about this the government the government may say then we try to have Tony Blair Gordon Brown what's happening in England what's happening that is still happening in America I don't know if I followed it to the American trade we're bracele like is something good and we are Co black people are so much stronger than that who educate the young children above the whole point of being black and what it is to us exactly less I think that's the missin think we're not going to educate enough about our history about what we know not about slavery no nobody ever knows about Syria I mean about our history before slavery need to teach our black people I young black people about our culture but why it is to be black about what is to be black and proud after seeing all this enough they evaluating and having my say I have decided and I will continue speaking to young people about what it is to be black boys to be proud was it to be that there is more there's more to this there's more to life in the room like the street like this or to it so anyone who's seen this year has a sister a brother a younger sister brother cousin younger friends anyone in the community that is younger than me say something positive to them because you're saying today may change the course of their life for the next 10 years maybe something because what you said to them and trust me it is possible I mean it's real positive vibes spread it aunt entertainer Gabriel the points of Northwest London in them

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  1. It's even worse now in 2018 over 100 young Black lives gone why became fuckin little Cunts want to play bad man or Gangster. This why am Glad I was born in the 1980's we 80's men are not pussy and chicken shot like the PUNKS running today in 2018 at lest we had the Bulls to fight with a knife or Gun unlike the pussyclaart boiz of today the one who are sellin out and killing of these won race & Community too many house niggaz about these dayz in London these are not Black men they are NIGGAZ Real Black men don't killing these own people like what these bad breed demonic kids that where born in the 1990's

  2. White people that talk like they are from West Indian parents have the IQ of a snail, you don't change your fucking language just because you want to fit in, we all grew up in areas where it was 70% black and 30% mixed, none of us talk like that, you fools do you think you can be employed or get promoted to anything in life if you cant even speak properly, We had a cousin that came around to our house that started speaking like that, he was kicked out, 18 years old and inside 3 months all of a sudden hes talking like he has been living in Kingston Town his whole life the bellend.

  3. My advice:
    Concentrate on getting an education at school. And stop trying to be bloody gangster. Stop listening to violent music which degrades women.

    Stop looking for easy money and shortcuts in life, there aren't many.

    Stop kissing your teeth all the time and giving people attitudes

    Bloody don't have children unless you can afford it

    Stop blaming everything on other people. Stop committing 50% of most crimes.

  4. Find it hilarious at the fact people blame "Black People" for all the crime.. Cause obviously there hasn't been not one white person involved in crime init? Being racist ain't going to get u no where, ignorance is what the problem in crime is everyone's trying to be better then everyone..

  5. a simple case of a race incapable of integrating within an indigenous white european society! blacks have their freedom and should now go back to africa and live within their own primitive tribal society…..white european western civilization just isn't for them!!!

  6. Yeah you need to sort out your poor English .. Good conversation you couldn't talk if your life depended on it dumb ass ….. What it is to be black . Living in a mud hut dancing around a fire back in Africa .

  7. Skin colour makes no difference; it's how the these people are brought up which matters. it isn't really there fault either. Young people are generally naive and once they enter this lifestyle at a young age, they find it hard to get out. I blame it on there parents and the nature of some parts of london

  8. Everyone in this comment section chill. Its not fair how you guys say black black black, like the streets is just full of black people, No its multicultural that means gangs come in different colors, including white and they commit heinous crimes just as black gangs. so what is up with all this oh your ancestors fought and bla bla bla, so if this video was about white gangs would you say the same thing?

  9. these little kids are so caught up, stab man, shoot man… we never run. but you do run and it aint a bad thing but it is when you talk like your a hitman. Stop robbing people and attempt to do good in life for the sake of your future victims.

  10. ok…. when they been set up, set free, sh1t areas, racism, then bringing in drugs and guns, and when your in there situation i guarantee you'd have to steal, and do sh1t, and how they supposed to change when there per pressured, and look at your environments u were more than likely born fed, ur stubborn af, when there ancestors didnt know sh1t because of rich people, and racism, dont teach then monkeys sh1t,what do u expect, and who do they have to show them, u acknowledge but dont do sh1t,

  11. u lot created "monsters" and are now to "scared" to help them, as theyll "stab" you, then call them scum, and look at the living conditions governments put them in, i aint even hood, and i know better than u, they want the same as rich people, but are held back, its discrimination, set ups, then rich people have to much, then wonder why they get robbed, ring the police then by that time the orderd another one, if there wasnt no materials, there wouldnt be no jelousy, and hungry nights

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