Hyde Park Is where Londoners go to relax. The Royal Park was once owned by the monks of Westminster Abbey but it was seized by Henry VIII after England’s break with the Roman Catholic Church. The park has been the site of great exhibitions and demonstrations and is famous for the Speaker’s Corner and the Marble Arch. The park is open to the public from 5am to midnight. The park has several restaurants. There is no charge to visit Hyde Park.

when Londoners want to relax and get away to get some fresh air to stroll jog ride a bike or rent a horse row a boat or play with their dogs they often come here this is Hyde Park one of the eight Royal Parks in London the three hundred fifty acre green space has been the site of great exhibitions great demonstrations and great concerts Hyde Park is not named for a person the word Hyde is derived from an anglo-saxon word meaning a unit of land measurement the land the park sits on had been owned by the monks of Westminster Abbey since before the Norman invasion but in 1536 when King Henry the Eighth dissolved the monasteries as part of his break with the Roman Catholic Church he seized the property and turned it into a royal hunting preserve it wasn't until 1637 under the reign of Charles the first that the general public was allowed in in 1728 Queen Caroline took 300 acres on the west side of the park and turned it into Kensington Gardens it was during this time that a large artificial lake called the serpentine was created King William the third had a four mile long illuminated carriageway installed from Kensington Palace to st. James Palace the southeast corner of Hyde Park is actually connected to Green Park on the backside of Buckingham Palace which in turn connects to st. James Park the household cavalry barracks faces Hyde Park and mounted troops use the park on a regular basis Hyde Park has a Metropolitan Police Station a legacy of the days of large scale often violent demonstrations in the park in 1872 the government created the speaker's corner on the northeast corner of the park in an effort to keep peace by giving people a place to speak on the issues of the day the tradition continues every Sunday people are free to come to the corner and speak on any subject nearby is the famous Marble Arch it once stood at the entrance of Buckingham Palace but it was moved to its present location in 1851 when Queen Victoria began major renovations of the palace next to the arch are some monumental sculptures including a giant horse head called Stillwater one of the most visited areas of the park is the memorial to the late Princess Diana the fountain is an oval-shaped stream made from Cornish granite in places the water moves smoothly in other places there's great turbulence symbolic of the life of Diana it was designed by American landscape architect Katherine Gustafson and installed in 2004 the memorial is located on the south side of the lake near the Lido cafe Hyde Park is a great place to relax and unwind it's like taking a quick trip to the country the park has several restaurants as well as bike and boat rentals Hyde Park is open to the public from 5:00 a.m. to midnight

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  1. Compared to other parks (New York Central Park, San Francisco Golden Gate Park) how big is the park? It seems huge. Way bigger than the aforementioned parks. But 334 acres doesn't sound all that big.

  2. Springsteen,(twice) Bon Jovi, The Killers, Rod Stewart, Paul Maccartney and Paul Simpn, Stevie Nicks, Mike and the mechanics, Tom Morrello, John Fogerty, Big Country, ALL @ HYDE PARK, totally love the place.

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