🌸 More delicious home cooking, also visiting some family in the next village. 🌸

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Hi! I’m Magali, a 26 year old blogger + vlogger based in Mumbai, India.
I create beauty, fashion & lifestyle videos as well as travel vlogs from around India & the world. New videos go live every Monday (& sometimes Thursday too) at 7PM IST.
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A couple of years ago, I went back to my maternal ancestral home in a village in South Goa. I already shared two vlogs from that trip. Though I’ve probably made 70+ travel vlogs, those are two of my absolute favorites. This Jan, I went back there for just under a week, & I’ll be sharing the trip in a series of vlogs.
In the fourth vlog from the series, we started our day late, cooked & ate some great meat, veggies & seafood & then walked to the next village to visit some family members.
Last week’s vlog BLEW UP! And we got a lot of new viewers because of that. If you’ve just joined us, thank you for subscribing & I hope you enjoy it here. I have one final video from this series remaining (it’s coming up next week) but I do hope you enjoy the other content as well.

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these are actually tender cashew nuts company these are called b-bear this top path and you guys can see here this whole part this would develop into cashew fruit here is where the nut would develop but these are tender and small but you can eat these apparently you just need to retract them open if this root was left to grow like a mature cashew fruit is actually red yellow or orange they mostly used to make this local liquor called cashew feni which is quite cheap and quite potent and it has a characteristic smell play this so far in this rice of course here is some prawn or shrimp chili fry your is some French bean which is just sort of cooked with a lot of coconut love this simple but so delicious here are some shellfish or this Ryo also with a lot of coconut can never have enough coconut and for curry and having the sole until a curry which is like a pop career with kokum fruit for flavoring but I'm not having any poke because like my plate is so full so I just need to work at eating all of this it was a really nice day super quiet actually slept in today how many Nesbitt cooked up so many amazing things that I am beyond stuffed right now so full but so so so so satisfied now we will visit some family in another neighboring village if you guys watched um the go of vlogs ride it like a year and a half ago I actually started the vlogs in their house that is my mum's dad's side of the family it's another really beautiful house really all surrounded by a lot of greenery and I'm looking forward to meeting our family member system as well so we took a little break though we've just started walking mama is there mama is a little pissy because we are already running late it's not my fault that we're running late but we are and I keep stopping but we're at the village spring now again if you guys watch the vlogs from a year and a half ago we've come here and we even took the drone up so you guys can get an aerial view of this beautiful Coconut Grove behind us this spring is a part of my childhood it's a part of your childhood also and it's just a part of the village last time when we chilled air for a little while towards the end all these shady people started gathering and were behaving really rowdy so now we notice they we've been taken off the bench and they put up all these warning signs that people shouldn't pollute the water shouldn't play loud music as always because of some people's shitty behavior everyone's gotta suffer let's take a peak in the spring there are fishes on there and clear water I've seen a water snake in here are we happy we've finished the most brutal part but if this walk has a very steep incline it really knocks the wind out of you that coupled with the weather it makes it a little difficult so now we're properly taking a break the house is right ahead there are feeders here and if you guys can see that little road far away there where traffic's passing that is actually a National Highway it looks like a small road but it's a major road in a way I remember when we were young like me and my cousin we like walked all the way to there which it doesn't seem like much now but walking through the field is no joke I was loving she's probably a bit older this is such a beautiful home I've spent some time like staying here also during vacations when I was young this is the house my grandfather grew up and it's crazy to think that like you know there have been some modernization to the house but it's basically the same house where he and all of his siblings grew up and I also stayed here and it makes me a little bit emotional I got to meet popsie again as well as he's the dog he's been here a long time like this family rescued him from a sort of a cruel situation that he was in and he's really getting on in life now he's really old he's a senior dog he's a terrific and so they take such good care of him my cousin and my uncle and Auntie and he's old and grizzled but he's still happy and that's so nice

24 thoughts on “Visiting Family πŸ“ | Rural Goa Travel Vlog // Magali Vaz

  1. I usually don't comment, but since you are in my hometown I had to. If you are still in Loutolim go to this chapel it's on a height l.
    The Chapel of St Sebastian, Loutolim.
    A small chapel over a mountain top. The view from here is just Amazing!!! You can see the Borim Bridge at a far distance

  2. okay this is the first video of yours i've seen, and i LOVE seeing other indian people, it is so easy to connect with you and your personality is so bright and beautiful, you deserve A LOT more subscribers than you have, all the love from california !!

  3. You deserve much more subscribers. You're one of my favorite Indian youtubers. In fact inspired by your Bangkok vlogs, I'm planning my first solo visit there this May😘

  4. Wow! I just love ur vlogs….. so true, modest, and decent. I've been to loutolim a million times but never saw it like that. Next time while passing from there it'll definitely remind me of u.πŸ˜…

  5. Nice…. Magali your Goan vlogs are very different from others and very cultural especially made in village down to earth…. Really I missed this kind of beauty, culture and peace because I live in Mumbai it's very crowded area I love village life…

  6. Loving the video clip and you have done a mind-blowing job on the edit! If you have time let me know what you think of my latest video just need some feedback! πŸ˜ƒ

  7. Your Goa vlogs are definitely the best. This is a side of Goa that I feel more people should know and be aware of. Thank you for capturing it so beautifully. It is so calm and relaxing.

  8. I miss goa 😞😞 wish to go back πŸ™ˆπŸ™ˆ thanx for uploading goa vlogs magali 😘😘 i feel so happy just by watching ur goa vlogs its like going back there virtually 😍😍

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