Visiting London soon & want some quick travel tips to make sure you have the best visit possible? Well here are our five quick London travel tips for tourists to help them have a better visit to the capital of the British Empire, London.
Filmed in London, England
1. Balance Free Sights with Pay Sights to Mitigate the cost of Visiting London.
2. Be Ready for Expensive Accommodation.
3. Bring a Rain Jacket, even though it doesn’t actually rain everyday in London.
4. Get an Oyster Card to Save Money on Public Transportation
5. Experience the International Side of London
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10 SHOCKS of Visiting London

The Don’ts of Visiting England

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25 thoughts on “Visit London – 5 Jolly Tips for Visiting London

  1. PLEASe RESPOND: I"m going to London in 2 wks. – for a week. Is there a specific address I check-in to do the city delux tours? Or do I just walk around these tours are at individual places.

  2. Watching our 30 minute natural sound walk through's might be helpful? There's no ad's or presenters (they're just offered freely, as we found these kind of video's very helpful ourselves, especially alongside the informative video's Mark offers).
    Thank you again Mark for sharing your ever helpful advice. We always look forward to seeing more from you and have subscribed.

  3. Stay just outside London like Sutton or morden or don't use uber the drivers are not checked and not insured use black taxis only or private hire use weatherspoons pubs cheap.. ask English like me we are a minority

  4. btw, London has an almost identical annual rainfall to that of San Francisco…although it is true the distribution of that rainfall is different in both places. London has a much more even spread of rainfall throughout the year, San Francisco has most of its rain November through April…

  5. If you have a contactless card (credit card or debit card) you don’t need a an Oyster Card. You just use it when you get there, tapping in and tapping out. Really a brilliant system. I used it the last time I was there.

    With Oyster card you must often pay a deposit and that can be a bit stressful to get back when leaving, by experience.
    Check your credit card for contactless symbol.

  6. With regards to expenses, London is only ever as expensive as you make it….if you opt to stay, eat or shop in the tourist hot spot of Zone 1, it will cost you vastly more than in the outer regions of Zones 2, 3, 4, 5 & 6, but even then you can find a bargain! Try eating or drinking at a branch of Wetherspoons or The Slug & Lettuce for that authentic pub feel without the price hike or dip in quality, take advantage of daily caps and hopper fares on public transport, use discount stores and supermarkets for groceries such as Lidl, Aldi and The Poundshop and finally, consider commutable hotels in other London Zones to massively reduce accomodation costs (Heathrow Airport, Feltham, Twickenham, Kingston, Wembely, Watford & Croydon are all just a short commute away from Zone 1)

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