One of the world’s first dedicated Virtual Reality (VR) art spaces has opened in the UK capital, London, showcasing a selection of pioneering works. A new wave of artists has begun experimenting with the technology that is set to revolutionise the way art is produced, viewed and even sold.

Al Jazeera’s Neave Barker reports from London.

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it's a gallery space like no other bare walls no sculptures canvases or photographs just several headsets and a dark sponge lined room for centuries new technologies helped art to evolve this it's the next level I'm floating in a colossal bright space it feels like I'm in miniature and there are giants around me there's a huge garden I've now floated into a huge room and what looks like the artist is sitting on a floor down below me it all sounds very Alice in Wonderland why quite simply because it is the works by American artist Rachel Ross in the first of several immersive displays on show in this dedicated virtual reality art space this isn't just simply about representing the real world in the virtual it's also about experiencing the artists mind frame an emotional state at the time of creation long before the tech was sort of commercially available people were experimenting with a developer using developers kits to make work make games artists are increasingly turning to it as a sort of new medium to explore and as with anything that's kind of early in its stages it's really interesting to see what the scope of it might be several renowned artists are now experimenting with the medium among them celebrated British artist Matt collie saw this work thresholds as a portal to the past viewers are transported back to the 1830s and an exhibition of early photography virtual reality's redefining the traditional art gallery and reshaping the artists studio this is where Collishaw works server computer screen and headset are the tours of the virtual artistic there's a lot of artworks out there that are oil-on-canvas or bronze scopes or marble sculptures over and I think it's quite important that all work should be dealing in those media that are at the cutting edge of stuff that we're basically assimilating images and videos and pictures representations of the world as important to deal with those mediums the technology is developing fast though I can see it was on a mouse that Ram there's a mouse in there that's the 1830s you plenty of those around the art market is now establishing ways to buy and sell work securely in the near future it may even be possible to download virtual art at home there are seemingly infinite worlds yet to explore Nev Barker al Jazeera London

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