Londoners have been leaving flowers at the site where one woman was killed and five people injured during a stabbing attack in central London’s Russell Square, Thursday.

Scotland Yard confirmed that an American woman in her 60s was killed and 5 others injured in the stabbing on Wednesday night. The five injured are believed to be Spanish, Israeli, American and British citizens. A 19 year old Norwegian man of Somali origin was arrested on suspicion of murder.

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6 thoughts on “UK: London stabbing victim identified as American woman in her 60s

  1. well this is what you get when you create a multicultural/ethnically diverse progressive society.
    The people of the UK and Europe were warned this would happen 50 years ago by a wise politician named Enoch Powell. And no one bothered to listen.
    Europeans need to quickly understand that this kind of mass 3rd world immigration was never going to work.

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