A group of protesters have been arrested after causing severe flight delays in London when they blocked a runway at one of the city’s airports.

Demonstrators from the group Black Lives Matter entered the grounds of the City Airport in the early hours of the morning before making their way onto the tarmac.

Al Jazeera’s Jonah Hull explains.

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mid-morning on tuesday at London City Airport protesters with the campaign group black lives matter UK had attached themselves to each other and a structure they'd brought with them they'd reportedly crossed the water by dinghy at dawn but unlike their US counterparts black lives matter UK weren't protesting about police violence if we look at the countries that are most likely to be suffering from the effects of the climate crisis we're facing they are 7 out of 10 of them are going to be in sub-saharan Africa now the people that fly out of here they fly up here frequently because they can it's frivolous to them but they are creating the climate crisis that we have we need to address these inequalities the protest ended several hours after it began with police arrests flight canceled don't know when he's going to go in sir yeah bit of disruption to the to the Equality the suited wealth generators of the nearby city of London with all its tall buildings occupied by the big banks apparently the focus of this protest were finally able to go on their way as were the airport's many other non-executive passengers black lives matter UK so they chose London City Airport which they say serves mainly the rich in order to highlight the issue of environmental inequality well the other issue that they've starkly succeeded in highlighting here is a rather large lapse in airport security in a statement the airport said our operations team are mobilized at all times while the airport is open patrolling the airfield to ensure it is safe and secure the protesters accessed the runway while the airport was closed and therefore did not pose a threat to passengers it is a statement that seems to understate the concerning fact that nine people were able to access the runway unhindered shutting down a major international airport at the heart of Britain's capital city Jonah hull al Jazeera London

20 thoughts on “UK: Black Lives Matter protest disrupts London airport

  1. Send these guys to Africa and see what life is like there. Then they will realize how lucky they are living in the U.K. and western civilized countries. There are loads of African people trying to get to Europe…Hmmm…I wonder why?
    BTW…How long has mugabi been in power? Zimbabwe used to be the bread basket of Africa before the White farmers were driven out. In America, the Chinese, Indians and lots of other people have achieved a lot for America and themselves but the black people have not. Truth hurts. These black people just like to complain, they have a chip on their shoulder.
    The black people in the USA are much better off than black people in African countries…Nigeria, Uganda (Idi Amin), and so forth.

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