hello guys so by now you probably think I'm a negative person and I'm always looking at the bad side of the facts but today I have a good news and I'll tell you what's wrong with this news because I'm always doing that I'm always pointing out what's wrong with with mini capping industry in London so basically from Monday the night the 8th of April 2019 mini cab drivers will have to pay the congestion charge in London but uber today email all of the uber drivers or partner whatever they column and uber said that if you are a passenger crossing central London being dropped or picked up in Canada in the congestion charge zone then you will be charged one extra pound and then the and then uber is gonna pass that extra pound to the driver so in this way the driver will have to do 10 jobs in the congestion charge zone so he could afford to pay the congestion charge II for that day for the particular day so what the congestion charge goes from I think it's from 7 a.m. to 6 p.m. so I think drivers will try to will have to do 10 jobs between 7 a.m. to 6 p.m. in order to have the congestion charged congestion charge paid so this is a great news for uber drivers because you know what other companies they already start to implement the plan additionally I think right now they are charging the drivers 25 pounds extra per per week which is also can a complete scam because probably they're charging the customers even more than that so who additionally found a way to make money off of that anyway so yeah so this is the good news that uber is going to help drivers to pay the congestion charge but and this is a big but because I can see that this is not gonna last for a long time I remember when when uber drivers will were able to have six to set up six destination to go to their home well uber revert that back because people abuse the system and I don't see a problem here with uber I see a problem here with the drivers I'm pretty sure the drivers will abuse the system in order to get to gain that extra pound so I'm pretty sure and I and I can see this I can see this very clearly someone for example ordering a cap ordering an uber to go from Sloane Square – let's just say Kennington oval you can easily get to Killington oval from Sloane Square and you can easily avoid the congestion charge zone because a Vauxhall Bridge is not in the congestion chairs own but I can see drivers taking Lambeth bridge and abusing this and got going a little bit of a detour just to gain that extra pound I know I know you know like in in the past it was a big problem with the drivers with at Heathrow Airport abusing abusing the system abusing the airport queuing system so so the way they did it in the past so you it was that you would have a controller with multiple phones at Heathrow Airport and driver will will go to alva for example would wait there and then will get the job from from Heathrow Airport he will drop the passenger from Heathrow to someone in central London for example and then he will call the controller controller from Heathrow and then the controller will would would turn on another phone will login with the drivers detail and then he will put him automatically on the queue so by the time the driver came back into Heathrow Airport he will be on one of the first and one of the first cars on the queue so so this was a system that was abused for basically years because he Burt has been in London for years and and that they recently changed it and they were start to crack down on that system but the drivers abuse the system quite a lot even though when uber dropped the prices for for Heath for the airport runs uber drivers stood still abuse that system and I can see I can see the one extra pound the one extra pound per per person he's gonna is going to get abused by by some of the drivers I'm not saying that all the drivers are bad I'm just saying there is a small portion of idiots and morons who are making the life harder for for everyone else and then they will abuse the system and then they will take for example they will go they will deliberately drive into Center into congestion charge zone so the passenger would be charged more and what uber is going to do uber is going going to drop that price down and and uber drivers are going to have to pay more for congestion charge them so so this is what I said I'm being a bit negative because I don't think Oberer is going to be the problem here I think uber drivers are going to abuse the system and they are going to be the problem here and they're going to ruin things for everyone else so um you know what I think if you're a hero uber driver and do stupid things in the past maybe you should be considered for other people and stop doing the stupid things and try to cheat the system again anyway guys this is the video for today I'm done with the rant for today I have to go to work and I'll talk to you later

0 thoughts on “Uber pays the congestion charge for drivers in London

  1. Controllers at Heathrow 😂😂, what a load of bollocks, you talk the biggest load of shit I’ve ever heard, you can’t have multiple phones on the Uber system for the same driver details, if that were the case then Gatwick would be over run with Uber’s as it pays much more than Heathrow,

  2. Just to correct you sir the daily Congestion Charges is £11.50 and not £10 you mentioned that the driver can do 10 jobs and then can pay the Congestion Charges.

  3. Also if you need to do 10 jobs in central London, what are the chances that you’re either going to get stuck in the yellow junction box, or jump red lights, or sit in the traffic for 45 mins for a 2 mile job?? How much is the trip? £5 very nice 👍

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