Available for the first time at The British Library, in partnership with JISC (Joint Information Systems Committee) and Gale, part of Cengage Learning, has today launched the public version of its 19th century British Library Newspaper website.

now this is a dream ticket for researchers already researchers have uses think they've arrived in will called utopia this is an incredible resource that enables people from all walks of life from genealogist through to researchers through to businesses through to journalists to go back into a period of history that had renamed largely anonymous well newspapers now and then are a fantastic resource for all kinds of information newspapers include everything then and now and so it opens up a whole new window for users everywhere to all of this content and the content is any subject you care to think about it's absolutely everything newspapers are the first draft of history they will contain a huge amount of information each issue Billy the nineteenth century where nothing was things more to be included in newspaper from the 18th centuries the growth of leisure time for for masses of working-class people meant that there were holidays and excursions to seaside resorts all the pictures and all the texts of these of these events are in the newspapers of the day newspapers cover political events there were there were events about taxation there was politics there was bank defaults then and now they were bank defaults where where the this attracted huge publicity and trials for fraud for example this new website will revolutionize family history because for the first time it's making a major new series of Records readily available to people at home for minimal cost

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