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Hope you guys have had a great start to 2018! I’ve been super busy traveling so I thought I’d take you all along with me to work in Tulum, Mexico. I shot four editorials and my first cover of 2018, so I can’t wait to share those with you when they come out! I promise my Q&A video will be up on Sunday, I’ve just had so much going on with Fashion Week in NYC that I haven’t had as much time as I hoped. I’ve been filming everything so I’ll share a fashion week vlog with you guys too! Let me know what you guys think and what you’d like to see more of!



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good morning guys it's Sunday 28th of January and today I'm gonna back on myself and fly out to Mexico I have a work trip there I'm gonna shoot an editorial for two days maybe another one so I will stay for days in Mexico I'm walking into this bar right now I just need to do it with manicure/pedicure in my shoes and then ready to go the last time I did it I put like a crew on it with like the powder and completely destroyed my nails so I have to give them some fresh air and this is my favorite thing little head massage that's amazing my favorite one this is the Opie bubble baths and it's very natural but it doesn't cover everything so it barely looks like you wearing something but it's really kind of a new pinkish color really good I'm kind of stressing out right now I still need to go home grab my bags pack everything and to venniese go to the airport every time I get my flight so I'm gonna do my best got this one is I'm in Italy in search of her right now I even have my shoes have on Neil's are still wet so we went around right now and pack everything ready so it's to a prop right now and I was like running jumped into the car went home had ten minutes to pack everything and throw everything in my back and I jumped in the car on the way to the airport and it said it was an hour drive so there's quite some traffic also of my way I received another Nino that I have to stay one day longer so I'm going to be Mexico for like four days or five days pretty excited it's nice warm weather some exciting stuff coming up so yeah I'm pretty stoked for it is new travel I really hope I'm gonna get my flag right now because I have like one hour on JFK but normally I'm fine but you never know I like I'm always stressing before traveling maybe because I don't plan one and I run late everywhere so we're ahead airport and I just got cheese dirty wind really fast our variable my games or training in your pants right now it's just a gene which is very stretchy so I can send a little bit company a woman codes will have the bag this is my favorite to travel with because it's small but a lot of things fit in here and I have some new glasses let me know what you guys think I really need them here because otherwise I can't see all the signs I made it I'm in the plane right now everyone is boarding we have about four nine hours to go so it's up to Baddeck I always forgot that Mexico so close by and New York City I could go there are like 10 people in this life no more it's very empty well Ernie nobody wants to go to right now but it's our pleasure one communication or the local time it is 8:28 p.m. hey guys in 8:30 p.m. and I'm surviving fortunately like right my name on it it's gonna call someone try to figure out where to drive to another yeah I found it so I just arrived at the airport it's 9 p.m. and I'm found a driver I'm in the car to Tulum it's about 1 hour 40 minute drive so it's still still quite far thank you I just got out of the shower and we're all here you see nobody because no educated city living anymore gonna cook some dinner with iPhone life so I'm in bed right now and we had a really nice dinner we cooked in the dark with my little iPhone lights was quite a challenge but at the end the lights turned on and we had a really nice dinner with the team and we saw a little bit of the pictures we scroll through them I'm super happy the team super nice the village where we shot today was super pretty like all colors everywhere and yeah it was a it was a good good day so I'm gonna sleep right now my alarm goes away tomorrow and we will have another shoot day apparently we were going to beats or something so that must be M it must be fun good night guys good morning guys it's super early 7 a.m. we are gonna take a car for about an hour and they said it's gonna be a really bumpy ride because the location is quite private it's on the beach so I'm pretty really excited it's a bit rainy winter is right it's bright up there really nice and we're gonna grab some breakfast right now with it begin mask immortality little Mexican breakfast black bean abakada and emmalin look at this giant mango smoothie yeah this is huge yummy so last night I was wearing a headband during dinner and the team actually really liked it so we decided we gotta use it for the shoot today but I had back to or house now grab at cookie and then we're ready to go I'm a coffee so I'm good this morning so we arrived at the nature it's gonna be a bumpy ride works another hour that's gotta be some guys do you have it in control we're already like but they say the most prettiest places in are the hardest to reach yeah cross fingers we would end up in a really nice spot breakfast is coming up looks amazing FIF that watermelon umbrella we shall always know their size we're here I'm going to change right now in the little Hut hair makeup is we just finished our last shot before lunch how it looks now here so in the house and we're gonna have some dinner like Mexican is mexicana yeah Bon Appetit well-deserved lunch don't we have the best pop video stand it's very thinly I'm very sadly have a free scrub s13 exfoliate when we have to put the glow back on you did have a pretty well we still do she disclosed all the time to fine take care you know that's the tip of Agra Hey [Applause] going on I feel like that's a wrap guys [Applause] hey guys so we just finished or shooting what's super nice we're gonna try it back on the bumpy roads to Tulum and I'm gonna stop by someone and have a really nice dinner here we are back to our bumpy road the neverending road it's time to have some dinner we're gonna go for some very local Mexican food tonight found this cute little place on the roads Melania this looks very cute we just finished dinner and we're gonna go back to the house I'm gonna tomorrow it will be easy day to all right cards sorry for my bed and I guess

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  1. I am with you on the nail thing… I did the powder nail and gels… nails got so thin! Stopped completely. My nails are better now. I love that nail color: Bubble Bath! I love your travel look! You rock those glasses! Thank you for taking us on your travels! Sounds amazing! I hope you are treated well. Great beach!!! I love how you make the best of all situations…

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  3. Hello ๐Ÿ‘‹ I watched your makeup ๐Ÿ’„ routine. It would be nice to see more skincare and makeup videos. Love โค๏ธ traveling with you. You are wonderful!!

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