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good morning today were a very very eventful day who is bright and early it is currently at 6 o'clock in the morning and we asked that meeting milords I've got a train to catch because we've got mummy son trip to London for a couple days and we're very very excited just thought would take me along two days yep take me all up with ours to show you what we're up to I said we're currently going to McDonald's got some hashbrowns and pancakes and bagel all that we're gonna share between as well well twins both and then yeah we're gonna get off to London we're gonna drive kind of London's about a four-hour drive from where we are so I'm gonna be driving about two hours to where it's almost of the outskirts of London up to three hours and then get a train from there I think it's from Watford in two lived in itself yeah we've got those pine that where the things that I've been booked and we've got schedule times and stuff like that for what moment you thought today and then tomorrow we've got London Eye NC live Center and then obviously we're just gonna wander around and do loads of things aren't we like Eminem world and all that stuff and see if book and palace is open in the Queen's away so we could go look around this is like this a bucket where you get chips oh yeah you know the food is the same let's go Scottish buying and the back is the same are you excited to take you and then yeah I want to explain it yeah so yeah we better get eaten and drive it so we can get to the train station on time London Northwestern where my service dr. Houston you know Aaron nine minute warning to a second nine seconds a minute we're lucky little toomai fortune don't know whining I'm sayin I know yeah what we're going to do when we get off the train we're going have a plunger we're having a party what we're doing to give you all over my own the Christopher Wren is given the task of rebuilding some homes from the ruins of a fine new cathedral arose to fill the sky with floor [Applause] so yes we know especially you know we got here we officially got off the train at half-past nine and we couldn't check in until 2:00 so we're we spent all morning at Madame Tussauds and you probably could tell and then just a lovely walk around London and we walked we got off at from Baker Street to the London Bridge and then we had a nice walk a bit long there Capilla up the river but yet we thought you would do a room tour so andr gonna be my gorgeous assistan and show everybody all of the camera and you can show everybody around this side is true you just need to push it harder so show anybody around so this is my first walk in we have some pegs don'twe yep and we have a hairdryer and a nice mirror then here a bit of a wardrobe and under here energy says that's the shoes drop this is good nice big mirror Neil very surprised because we thought it was a twin room didn't wear so we thought we're gonna have two single beds but then we walked in and find this mommy has a double bed all to herself and andrew has a nice thing go over there so this is a double bed just don't eat my mom even if you looked in front of it we've just dumped everything there at the minute I said yes on top of the desk it is TV we've got a little like tea station we've been to the shop and got some snacks and stuff and she likes my bed because he can play hide and seek because it's yeah see even playing over there are you gonna sleep there tonight what you sleep in there tonight yeah oh we haven't got the best of views no car park oh you can see the shot though I might say wow he's a shark from here Android right everybody how hot it is today can you remember the number 38 I thought of you a lot warmer a lot cooler here than it would be back where we live but it's not it is very hot here compared to there I think at home it's in the low 30s here it's actually kind of cool and it's not cold it's still warm but here it's like almost 40,000 38 so it is absolutely roasting and what we're going to do later you remember London I know London I were going to do tomorrow which will be doing a separate blog for we're doing day 1 and day 2 won't we today because we've had a long day truffle in it can chill out for a little bit and we've just all we've just had some food haven't where where do we go you sure Pizza Express up a dish or two keys yeah one below me I'm fine drew okay so the lights don't ever say oh yeah I drew out a three-course meal with a dough balls with tomatoes and cucumber stick and you look two meals money at TLC you've got three course I got two cause I know what did you get for you made peace pepperoni pizza I'll only pee I know why did you get me put in what what did you put in I can send a they came in a little hot chocolate listen hey which rules for clothes right yeah relax Kiev rental bed and then get going out we are gonna get going out sue and I need to figure out where about stairs but we wanted to watch Lion King since it premiered and we thought tonight because we don't really want to be wandering off at night because we're gonna be absolutely knackered we just want to sit and chill for the rest of the day because we're basically walking a lot I mean what it's two o'clock when we've already done how are you steps if you don I know I've done take a I've been 14 these are 14k so it walks a lot but then what one child oh no it isn't you can go up and down you're just not figured out yet so what we thought we would do is I looked I thought we might either be too tired to do it or wanting just to sit relaxed so I thought why don't we go walk to the Lion King or Andrew go up to the Lion King at the cinema and grab food at the cinema and just chill out for a little bit which should be like I'll have to bring you guys with us but laughter my phone or camera cuz I'm not they want to take my back we've had our bags on pretty much all day haven't where there's only a couple of hours and we're Madame Tussauds that would check them in so we didn't have to carry them whoa yes I'd back the hurting aren't they a shoulder would even act drag can involve it well though show me to half a fridge he's got a bit warm my drinks um but yeah my guy racks for a bit and then we go to cinema later we are back to the hotel now they really feel much of the cinema Andrew while we're getting ready for bed pretty much at 7 o'clock it's pretty early but almost eight now Andrews in the bath item 8a yeah yeah he's in the bath right now because he's filthy he got everything all Donnie when we had pizza you got pizza rolled on him and then we went we went to the cinema or ice cream all down him and because he was wearing sandals he's just feet are covered in dirt Wow and he's like the add the Lion King was really really good did you enjoy Andrew yes yeah um not releasable cinema it's a tiny and our premiere seats because I prefer sit in the premiere seats because of her shoulders it hurts me to sit down for a long time and they seem to make me sit properly I like with my back straight and stuff in those chairs down it is weird this marks the premier seats that we go to or always at the front like well not the flat bit but the spirit start to go up the front two rows of that and this time it was a completely opposite they didn't have any seats at the front like on the ground and I've pushed up I said there in about 50 50 70 seats in there and then it went up and then the premier system ass – do you blame the world yep good job please you have to wash and then when you get out which Howell is yeah yeah okay I'll put it on the floor for you to make sure you turn on that tower sitting at the floor wet and it was really really good and the quality of it I mean I turned around under nurses that's not real animals this is it's like CGI yes it's like the computers made the mosses like a cartoon but a better quality is like no they don't realize right now but I am and it was surprising it's really good quality I do have one negative to say about it the power room obviously they show him that Mufasa is in Simba and it usually there's a song but he lives in you he lives in me that song they didn't do it and I absolutely love that song as I want to my favorite songs and they didn't do it they did he said for things like Thomas he lives in you that part way looks into the river or lake whatever it but that's about it and then he heard like some bits of singing but nothing like the song but it was really good I was very looking forward to Timon and Pumbaa which so amazing as usual but it's really got a single really really good wishes that one song I was a bit disappointed where that they didn't include yet what was your favorite bit or do you think the things did you enjoy most about what can you remember most you could list load you have to be one thing I and joy rock my roots what about my don't you thought I didn't realize there were loads of like actual attractions in it like we did the London yeah where it all Gardens on everything was moving them in that movie but I out doing solos weren't as there was to share look one which we didn't Dukes who weren't bothered about there was a London one where it goes through obviously like the London stuff how it was Bill and all like that didn't it and like the London Bridge and sleeping yeah okay it's in your backpack and I didn't realize who did that and that was really fun wasn't it me and then yeah they do like to share a lot Quan which like said we weren't bothered about and it was a bit scary we didn't go through the alien thing as followed it away because and he was like yeah aliens and then literally walked in when I on the corner saw a man like on a band with the blood splatter and everywhere we in the air and I'm mommy I don't do this so we turn around and went back and we went into the 4d experience did we marvel experience which was rarely girls talk but every time because obviously 4d is everything's 3d after we need glasses but then obviously you feel things and move and I look got any eyes this you've got your jollies you just rocks on the floor and they like this they're looking out for too much okay every time something was coming to us on the four-day and it come to us and undo or take his glasses off because you got scared and you get me a joke as fast as I say I know it wouldn't look like that but then they made you jump because every time I expired a man shot his web and every time I in mind like shot his laser need to get like a puff of air next year I went to do something like that and everyone may jump and then when it was Wolverines calls and they came there yeah you'd get like this thing sticking you back and then everyone would wash and Geney know everyone would scream it was quite good well quite funny I find things like that funny a lot of people find and scary but every time that I hear people's reactions to scary things I find it put in just like when I watch a scary film at the cinema and you're like oh no joke are we now just laugh at them because I just think it's fun it is scary firm I find it whatever but we hope you enjoyed this video you could add people it a big thumbs up and subscribe if you're new a day to vlog in London will be uploaded tomorrow for you guys just thought amis easier just doing it in a in a row basically oh yeah if you enjoyed this video like I said please give a big thumbs up and subscribe if you're new and I hope you have an amazing rest today and I will see you soon

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