Trent Park Golf Course is a great quality public golf course. It’s where I learned to play golf and am still returning 30 years later.
If you are looking for a golf course where you don’t have to be a member but you can still enjoy a decent round of golf in London on a well maintained course, Trent Park Golf Course is perfect.
You can hire a golf cart or a set of clubs and they even hold regular competitions. There’s even a trent park Golf Course app which gets you a discount if you book on your phone!
Joolz Guides, the London guide for Londoners, recommends Trent Park Golf Course!



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now if you happen to fancy a game of golf why not visit one of my favorite golf courses Trent park right up at the end of the Piccadilly line at Oakwood station there's a driving range if you just want to hit some balls they've got superfast buggies in breeding range the set of golf clubs for just 15 pounds hello sir your face so dirty I've been selling drinks today how much is it costs around between midweek it's between 17 pounds and six quid I can play it yep speed after six we on Jules Eaters support peaceful resolutions or political conflicts all around the world now watch this Drive whoa look II will go flouncing around the golf course like I'm in the office Trent pong dates back to the 14th century when it's a part of Henry the fourth hunting grounds called Enfield chase there he is in 1777 King Georgia fur that's the mad one he leased this site was a Richard Jeb because it's a Richard saved King George the Third's brother in a place called print in Italy and that's why it's called print Park you place nice Interpol don't you you must have played the wrong ball somewhere in the last fairway but we are playing strict rules so I'm afraid you lose the whole and match I think Cheers

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