Aerial view of Regent Street. Point of view shot side projection of Regent Street, past Lawleys glass shop (not a very clear view). Point of view front projection shot of Oxford Street going towards Tottenham Court Road. Good shots of shoppers walking along the street carrying bags. An AA (Automobile Association) sign for Christmas car parks by either Green Park or Hyde Park. A car parking in the park.
The Albert Memorial with a solitary car parked by it. Close up of one of the figures on the Memorial.
Congestion on Aldwych, shot from top of building looking down. Traffic jam with old style black cab taxis. People crossing a zebra crossing. Buses, lorries, cars. Taxis in a traffic jam with windscreen wipers on in the rain. Cars queuing to drive into Earls Court Exhibition Centre for the Motor Show in October (year unknown). Lots of street scenes and traffic in Earls Court, Kensington, west London area. A policeman directs traffic and directs women across a zebra crossing in the rain, some are carrying umbrellas. Point of view front projection shot of traffic, a van bears the sign Windshields of Worcester Ltd. Queues of cars in congested traffic. A car transporter. A van marked John Barker & Company Ltd Furniture of Distinction Kensington.

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