Madame Tussauds in London was so much fun, it’s the first time I’ve been and I found myself so many potential husbands! From Brad Pitt, David Beckham, Russell Brand and George Clooney they look so real and the atmosphere is buzzing. There are sporting legends, actors, popstars, Royals and world leaders to excite and entertain all ages. The chamber of horrors, behind the scenes making of the waxworks, Spirit Of London taxi ride and Marvel 4D Movie tied the day off perfectly and I can’t wait to return!

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Here I am at Madame Tussauds in London and I had the most amazing time there's basically an apron plan rule where you walk around and you meet all of your favorite celebrities singers musicians and film stars actors sporting legends the royal family cultural icons and world leaders there's basically areas assigned to each personally you can go up you can take a selfie you can have em professional portrait the amount of detail of work that goes into each waxa is absolutely incredible each figurine costs 150,000 pounds to make and takes around four months they basically cast them out of wax and you can see this one of the hind scenes and look where it shows you how each one is made they have hair that is hand implanted into the head taking six weeks and every mole dimple freckle wrinkle everything is perfectly recreated there's an world leaders music legends cultural icons little family sporting legend celebrities and active everybody just creates the most amazing atmosphere you have all different age ranges everybody from different cultures and backgrounds and you wander around and you go up to your heroes you have pictures there's no queuing it's just kind of like socializing at the party it's just the people stood next to you a epic epic people and it's really interesting to see exactly how tall they are or how how wide they are how slim may off you actually think that a lot of them are not to live in they are but to actually say you know this is the exact likeness of this person you know how often would you get to stand with the royal family and I have a family portrait taken or come across such amazing people it really is such a great atmosphere and there is so much that you can learn I think it's something that's really great for all members of the family it kind of brings back memories from memory lane you know you hear music there's light there's people just getting really excited and it's just so infectious you just want to look around and cheer and and see everything that's going on it's so happy in such a positive and exciting experience so art you've seen all of the people you then lend it down to the torture chamber and which is deep under the ground in a maximum-security prison it's called the chamber of horrors you have to be able to fail to enter and there's no photography because it's all in the dark and but there's torture tables there's prisoners jumping out that you there's flashing lights and screaming and it adds that kind of fear factor it kind of brings the reality to it here we are kind of going under the ground as much as I can show you and and it is really exciting is kind of like fright night here's all the behind-the-scenes footage of how the wax wipes are made and it's great to see it step by step it's a really nice insight into it and you then get to go into the back of a black cab and experience this various of London which is a ride that takes you around the history of London you start in the Elizabethan times with the Queen and have gods and jesters you move on to Shakespeare is he writes his place and you go on to see the Great Plague that fills the streets with rats there's the fire of london that comes up and it shows you the history of everything that you've kind of been through in this country all in a great snapshot there's an odd Nelson the Battle of Trafalgar Queen Victorian her Industrial Revolution and there's Winston Churchill and the world wars and then finally you going to Carnaby Street swinging sixties and the punk-rock 70s there's the 80s and 90s and there's people celebrating a music and lights don't think in carousels and it's a lovely lovely experience it really does capture the spirits of London we then finished with the Marvel area and where you have your superheroes such as the Hulk spider-man Wolverine Captain America and you get to see the 4d movie and where dr. doom is this massive robot invading the streets of London and and when you're sad that you have your 3d glasses on the chairs are shaking that's wind blowing in your face blushing like fragments shoot at you heroes fly past and it's so exciting it's a great family day out there's gift shops nibbles souvenirs and just everybody will walk around with a smaller interface you can't help but love it and so definitely give it a go it would be a day that you'll never forget

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