Estates Gazette has been given an exclusive tour inside CBRE’s new offices in London’s West End. The company moved into Henrietta House in the summer.

it's taken three years of planning searching and renovations and CBRE is now beginning to feel at home in its new offices in the West End the global agent moved into Henrietta house north of Oxford Street in the summer after the lease expired at its old premises just around the corner at Kingsley house CBRE has taken us on an exclusive tour of its impressive new home owned by Lazzari Investments the company has taken the whole building of 90,000 square feet and occupies all but the first floor which it has the option to expand into in future across the seven floors features include a cafe and entertaining area auditorium and seminar space and breakout space on each floor for teams to meet and relax UK managing director Martin Sam Werth explains how the new location better suits the evolving nature of the business well there's a number of things I think the the first thing was how we planned the move to make sure that we avoided any double overhead which is what we managed to do so the planning was really important it took us considerable an time to find the right building a building that we felt would have the right image for us a building that we thought thought would would suit the layout and configuration of floors that we wanted something also that gave us the ability to have the right level of hospitality space and make sure that we could use the building to the level of intensity that we wanted to and something that we felt was reflective of how we wanted the brand to continue to develop one of the things we were able to do as well as a consequence of the move and the deal that we were able to negotiate was also despite having a larger building here with new and better facilities than we're heading and perking kingsley house was to make sure that our occupational cost didn't materially change from the building that we were in previously this is nathan cross first dates gazette

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