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This spectacular live concert sees Toto celebrating their 35th Anniversary at the Atlas Arena in Lodz, Poland during their 2013 World Tour. DVD: BluRay: Deluxe: 2CD: and Digital formats Video: Audio: The show epitomises the combination of craft, heart and drive that has been Toto’s trademark throughout their career in a set packed with hits and classic album tracks. The individual band members have played on many of the best known and most successful records in history but when they come together as Toto they create music that is uniquely special. This is Toto at their very best.

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35 thoughts on “Toto – Hold the Line (35th Anniversary Tour – Live In Poland)

  1. I love and worship Joe Williams but I don't think his phrasing works well for Hold the line, at least here live, he would need to attack more and keep up the beat, he is a smooth, rocking singer but his delivery doesn't suit/serve the song, it needs to be tight with the beat to make it work IMO. That said I adore him and am so happy to see him and his vocal chops doing much better this time around and his version is his so there's that. He always had a special place in my heart!

  2. Man, I remember the first time I heard this song. I was 12 years old, visiting my grandparents in Arizona for spring break, smoking a joint in their travel trailer, and this brand new song came over the radio. I loved it. I bought the album and took it home and none of my friends had heard it.

  3. E pensare che qualcuno ha paragonato toto agli europe non commento ma ascoltare ascoltare la musica qui siamo di fronte come disse il grande eddy van halen toto i più grandi musicisti del pianeta

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