This is a free exhibition that explores the role of technology. It was visually stunning! It was one of my favourite things I have done in London.
Details – teamLab: Transcending Boundaries. Art Pace Burlington Gardens , Mayfair Until March 11th 2017.
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Background music in this video is live.

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these lies gap between the train and platform if you know what this place of course oh it's called Farlington oh but is it okay what did you guys think of the gallery yeah exactly and what was your favorite room guys what was your favorite room so we've just gone to visit the pace gallery in central London and we've really enjoyed as never do we go how did you mind to get tickets for it I think it was like advertise on time I London so I can allow the good stuff yeah if you're ever in London is definitely to go check this out it goes I think it's ending on the 11th much and and this is what i love about line is like there's always like though like secret quietly things that you can do and that's what my channel is all about who especially you next time wait oh wait my mate just let me know I forgot what it was called it's cool transcending boundaries at the pace of London it's all right everyone all right yeah check it out guys visual representation of your life you

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