We couldn’t come to London without checking the touristy things off of our lists, so we packed them all into one day. We saw the London Eye, Big Ben/Elizabeth Tower, the Tower of London, and other iconic London attractions. Prefer to read a post about it? Click here:

Music: Summer Vibes by Joakim Karud

Bakery: Konditor and Cook

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that's what we woke up to it's a tad loud just outside do I note this actually happens to us everywhere we go so today I'm gonna try recording with a new camera it's a Canon 60d with 18 to 100 35 millimeter what do you think Sam you think we can start using this more often so what are we doing today just kind of all of the difficult touristy things sitting today okay let's do it if we're gonna do a transportation system get an oyster cart choice we're at eight back st. John's Cathedral right now it is really really beautiful and I see you inside no pictures pictures go to video okay right so they kicked us out we can't record or take photos so off to the next place so where we going now I still don't know what it is is it like a castle it's good news like over the centuries for a whole bunch of things it's been a prison it's been like mint for the big money it's big house royal seat well it's been an armory and now it is primarily a tourist attraction we stopped by Starbucks really quick we're going next by the way this is the London Bridge they've got everything here there has this thing where she doesn't eat cute animals like goats and sheeps and ducks so now we're going to alcoholic architecture oh hey with the humidity at a hundred and forty percent there's so much alcohol in the air you can see less than a meter in front of you inside the super saturated environment alcohol enters the bloodstream through the lungs and eyeballs that is something what I've never heard of that by BuzzFeed okay that looks like unlike any meringue I've ever seen okay let's get one of these to go you want one of these okay Pomodoro cook will put everything in the description below we walked in there for hot chocolate and walked out with moraines and samples we're almost there maybe the fish this is I love this face that's what this face alright so we made it Hamish Dean cost to go up it's just yeah you understand the exchange rate because four dollars or pounds we lose money so it's 50 pounds goodbye $80 ferris wheel ride we're not making away to Big Bend which if I'm not mistaken he's right over there so this big bet so so I have a question sir so buildings are feminine what is Big Ben feminine that's fine we're going to use the go ovals oh so it's the Elizabeth tower I did not know that so see Big Ben check do apologize for the delay the problems that you're experiencing on this train at the moment I said more to issues with the boss there we go we have stuff to like like two or three minutes and we were just standing there waiting for the doors to open is there hi yesterday I left it on time that's but this time I'm using a different camera so it won't be on time lapse alright so that was our day so all the important stuff that you can't miss when you come to London now we're gonna go get some food cuz I'm hungry I'm not Craig just realized there's five floors

2 thoughts on “Top Things to Do in London | DAY 140

  1. Coming from London it's always fun to see someone's travel vlog to London :-). Actually I got a couple of free tickets for the London Eye a while back as I did some filming for them, it is pretty cool.

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