This Is What Humanity Will Look Like by 2050
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If you’ve ever thought about how humankind will change in the future, then you’ll love watching our video about how humans will look by 2050 and beyond. The National Geographic’s 125th-anniversary issue looked at the “changing face of America” and explained why, in a few decades time, the population would be multiracial.

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have you ever wondered what people will look like in the future these stunning pictures and fascinating series about the year 2050 and Beyond will blow your mind just wait till you see the predictions for 100,000 years from now it looks like they're straight out of a sci-fi movie if this is your first time visiting our channel don't forget to subscribe and please give this video a big thumbs up today we're sharing what humans will look like by 2050 and beyond multi racial diversity in 2013 National Geographic celebrated its one hundred and twenty-fifth anniversary with an issue about the changing face of America please Funderburk wrote the article in the october magazine and photographer Martin Schoeller took portraits of multiracial families the feature celebrated the beauty of multiracial diversity and the images challenged traditional notions of identity the pictures were deemed to be intriguing because they disrupted our expectations of what kinds of features typically go together we don't normally see that skintone with that eye color or that hairstyle with those kinds of lips and it got the nation talking about identity expectation and raised the article also discussed limitations of historic categories relating to raise with such a change in the u.s. population predictions were made about how Americans will look in the year 2050 fast forward a few decades that moment in time and humankind in the States will show even greater racial diversity the average American will be mixed race this is due to the rise in interracial marriages and the rise in biracial birth and it was the change to the census form that made all the difference to the way people defined race in an official form at the change in census forms for the first time in the year 2000 the US Census Bureau released a census form that allowed people to choose more than one category in the race section at that time 6.8 million people did so move forward to 2010 and that number increased by 32% to 9 million this made it one of the fastest growing categories and enabled the US Census Bureau to start collecting detailed data on multiracial people compare that to the 1960 census which showed that the u.s. was 99% black or white the increase suggests that by the time we reach 2050 the beautiful diversity of multiracial people will be the norm this change in the census form was a welcome step in the right direction for men itself limited by the previous racial categories that date all the way back to the late 18th century German scientist Joanne Friedrich blumenbach established five natural varieties which were black brown red white and yellow of course any categorization is still problematic but the modern multiple race options allows individuals more choice in describing their racial identity all kinds of influences are at play when we decide which boxes to check out on such a form including loyalty to heritage and situational advantages interracial marriages incredibly as recently as nineteen sixty-six seventeen states still had laws against interracial marriages but that kind of position has long been abolished and interracial marriages have been increasing over the last few decades a report released by the Pew Research Center showed that 15% of new marriages were between people of different races or ethnicities in 2010 that figure is more than twice the share in 1980 it's interesting to compare the percentage of mixed-race marriages between the state for example the highest rate of interracial marriage is in Hawaii and stands at just over 42 percent regarding the whole nation mixed-race couples account for 8.4 percent of total marriages this can further be broken down into the percentage of inter marriages by race the largest proportion of people marrying outside their ethnic or racial group were Asians at 28% than Hispanics at 26% Black's 17% and whites at 9% studies showed that young people under 30 are more amendable to interracial relationships than the older generations this suggests that the millennial generation will play a significant part in the predicted mixed-race future of the u.s. biracial babies a natural result of the increase in interracial marriages is of course an increase in the birth of biracial or multiracial babies figures are now recorded on the census and are also becoming much greater because of the way parents choose to identify their children in the 2000 census barely five percent of children born were listed on the form as being two or more races by the 2010 census more than 7% of the 3.5 million children born in 2009 were of two or more races the number of children born to Asian and white couples and two black and white couples nearly doubled this increase was also due to the cultural shift that had taken place a Brookings Institution demographer William H Frey beliefs that people are more comfortable in identifying themselves and their children as mixed-race because it's more socially acceptable more mainstream for example in the National Geographic feature five year-old Peyton brl from Florida considers himself black and white biracial and checked the census box white black seven-year-old you'll check Bautista from California has the self-identity of black Mexican and check the census box black his mother Tracy Williams beau teesta says her son identifies as black when he's with her and Mexican when he's with his father she added jokingly we called him a black second complex heritage the changing face of America detected in the National Geographic provides evidence of the fluidity of ethnic and racial identity and the difficulty in categorizing this on a form we have seen the old check for keys to how individuals might identify as a mix of races but chose to check only one race box on the census form this could be because the census form simply does not have the capability to represent all of the many varied mixes of race that are possible this is also the case for women like eighteen year old Jordan Spencer from Texas who self-identifies as black eye racial but check the black box in the census form 26 year-old Celeste Sita from Brooklyn New York identifies herself as Dominican and Korean and checked the Asian slashed some other race boxes on the census form she revealed to the National Geographic that when people ask her what she is she gets them to guess first but simply mentioning her Korean and dominican heritage is only part of her story as she also has Puerto Rican adopted family a Long Island childhood and an african-american sister Celeste use the attention she gets for her unusual looks as a gift and occurs the change in majority with such increases in America's multiracial population it is predicted that the US will soon be a pluralist nation in 2012 the Census Bureau projected that by 2043 non-hispanic whites would no longer be the majority get ready for a whole load of fascinating State in 1960 wifes accounted for 85 percent of the American population but from 1965 onwards that shared increased following changes to the u.s. immigration laws by 2000 that percentage had dropped to 69 percent by 2060 the number of multiracial people is projected to be more than triple from 7.5 million to twenty six point seven million let's see how that breaks down into percentages in 2060 the percentage of whites is predicted to stand at 43 percent with blacks slightly over now at fourteen point seven percent and Asians increasing from five to eight percent it is the Hispanic population that is predicted to grow the most with its current share of seventeen percent going up to 31 percent acting Census Bureau director Thomas Mesenbourg explained that also Hispanics will be the largest single group no group would be in the majority this change happened faster in the younger generation in 2011 racial and ethnic minorities became a majority among babies under 1 for the first time in the US minorities are predicted to become the majority among children in 2019 the race card project these fascinating insights into race and modern and future America are further explored by michelle norris the curator of the race card project this project invited candid submissions from people who had been invited to think about the word raised and then distill their experiences observations or thoughts into a six word sentence Michelle who is a special correspondent for National Public Radio invited everyone to share their six words along with a photo on Twitter or Instagram using the hashtag Nat Geo race card project she wrote about the diversity of America and the increase in interracial marriages with 4.8 million new marriages in 2010 seeing among people of different racial backgrounds per article for National Geographic also discussed the phenomenon of the edge walker which provides greater insight into the changing face of America the moniker comes from dr. Nina Boyd Krebs book which describes edge walkers as ambassadors who move between cultural traditions and cultural communities with some level of ease comfort and enjoyment since identity is not necessarily a concrete concept but rather situational some people proudly code switch between cultures and perceive boundaries they respond to questions about their heritage with calmness and patience in 20,000 years we've explored projections for what Americans will look like by 2050 so now let's look much further into the future artist and researcher Nikolay lamb wanted to imagine what humankind would look like thousands of years from now he had conversations with computing shanell geneticist dr. alan kwan to speculate about the possible impact of genetic engineering and technological advances and then Lam created illustrations of the changing human face on this one possible timeline it's worth bearing in mind that these ideas are described as slot experiments and not scientific predictions but they're really fun to consider think of it as speculation about how the climate will change how wearable tech will progress and how all of that could change the way we use our bodies in lems illustration of humans 20,000 years from now they have a yellow ring around their eyes called the communications lens which is a Google glass of the future they also have a larger head with a forehead that is a bit too large so our foreheads have been expanding since the 14th century according to scientists who presented their research into the evolution of higher foreheads in the British dental journal dr. Kwan expects our heads will grow in size to accommodate a larger brain in 60,000 years let's fast forward to 60,000 years from now and take a look at what Kwan and Lam have presented the humans in these illustrations have even larger foreheads they have noticeably larger eyes – this is because people will no longer only be living on earth thanks to humankind's colonization of the solar system and beyond people will be living in dimmer environments and colonies further away from the Sun they need to have bigger eyes as there isn't as much light their skin is also more pigmented and this is to reduce damage from UV radiation outside of the Earth's protective ozone lemon Quan aren't saying these changes have come about because of a natural evolutionary alteration over time but rather because of genetic engineering humankind will be able to control the human jeanna me to suit taste and necessity as for the thicker eyelids and pronounced skull bone under the brow they've come about to help protect against the disruption of cosmic rays outside the Earth's atmosphere this is something that astronauts in our present day already experience apparently as for those communication lenses in the eyes they'll be augmented with many bone conduction devices implanted above the ears for communication so hearing and sight will both be supplemented in 100,000 years take a look at the human face in 100,000 years and you can't help but be shocked those huge eyes the people who dream them up describe them as serving large the eyes also have strange-looking features which are there to enhance low-light vision there's even a sideways link to help further protect the eyes from the disruptive effect of the cosmic rays there are subtle differences – like larger nostrils these help humans to breathe in environments that are off planet because of the larger head people will have denser hair to help restrict heat loss dr. Kwan explains that by this point in the future the human face will have been totally mastered and will be biased towards appealing features like symmetry straight noses and intense eyes parents will be able to choose which features their children inherit from them like teeth and eye colour wearable tech will be implanted and even more sophisticated it's not surprising that certain journalists reacted strongly against their presentation of the human face in the future but dr. Quan responded by explaining that it was all just a simple speculation for a harmless thought experiment in being passed around the internet it got reinterpreted as scientific prediction what she never purported to be what do you make of all of this how would you like to see humans change in the future and what are your experiences of race and identity let us know in the comments and give our video a big thumbs up you

48 thoughts on “This Is What People Will Look Like In The Future

  1. Same thing will happen in Europe, but guess what?, by 2050 africans will still look african and asian will still look asian. It's only the white people the ones that are going to dissapear…

  2. So this video is around 95% about identity politics, along with a future demographic for how ugly people will start to look in 2050?
    Damn, no thanks. I don't wanna be involved in a mad scientist bi-racial eugenics experiment to make SJW's and overly-liberal kids happy.

  3. This is absolutely not true people heads getting smaller and that's the study. And you can see that as well, it is not hard to detect that people heads have a smaller brains. Sometimes even if someone have a bigger head you can tell that there is a small brain inside of that head. You can tell that by the way how the head is build. I do the observation for very very long time. There is one person here and there with bigger brain it will be in bigger head to. But in this case the head will be built different.

  4. No country on earth benefits from becoming multiracial, except the corporatist global elites who get to treat their employees like chattel. If this is the prediction, then we've got to doing everything possible to reverse these trends yesterday.

  5. So we need diversity so that in 50 years everyone can look the same. Its foolish to think life will just carry on here as normal once the European American/whites become minority power status. Look at the areas in todays U.S. that experienced "white flight" i cant name a one that isn't a mirror of the 3rd world.

  6. Without the intelligent white race there would not be anymore technological global civilization – only ruins of the cities. This "report" is just fucked up NWO-propaganda against whites. This is just the wet dream of some jewish zionists who control the media.

  7. Marty!!! Something disgusting happened in the past that fuc.ed up up the future.

    What’s the matter doc?

    Some SJW’s voted trump out of the presidential chair, which created a alternative future where there is no races.
    Here’s a picture of the future human.

    Wtf doc, what do you call that?

    I call it the NPC, Marty!!!

  8. Uh no, this is how white people will look like in the future. All other races will still have their own identity. Africa will always belong to the Africans, Asia will always belong to the Asians. Only America and Europe will belong to the entire world.

  9. Im a Mexican/US citizen.
    As of race Im multiracial with my ancestors being Native Mexican and my Spanish ancestors who crossed the ocean to New Spain (Mexico)

    My dad's Ancestors are from West Ilberia and Southern Ilberia/ Northern Mexico and my Mom's ancestors are from Northern Spain/Catalunya and Northern Mexico native tribes

    I figuered out I also have some North African in me since Spain used to be under Muslim control.

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