London News reporter Wendy Hurrell takes a look at activities happening across London and then participates in one herself.

I've been around London today finding out the fun things to do in Easter break next week now it's Friday the weather is warming up for the weekend and the school Easter holidays are underway if you need a few ideas of what's on in the capital this week wendy has been out and about sampling what's on offer we can join her now so Wendy just explain where you are well rizz I am in the treetops of Battersea Park this evening at Go Ape now I've been editing my little piece here today my soundtrack has been the delighted squeals of the lucky children who have already broken up for their Easter holidays and if you're about to join them next week but I've been around London today sampling some of the fun things you can do with your time and Buckbeak hiding in the trees are here permanently at Warner Brothers in Leavesden over in Lambeth the London Fire Brigade has their pop-up museum and on Wednesday there will be a workshop here with lots of creative fire brigade activities for the kiddies we're all looking for Easter eggs in South West London at Battersea Park Zoo its hunt the eggs that are hidden in with the animals they won't be much help though they prefer potatoes or you can be a bunny and meet a real one feed one even only Dexter didn't like his carrot I think she's had enough nor does this chap catch up and left so they're finally to the other end of the park at Go Ape come the end of the week you might gladly launch a little monkeys from the nearest tree well let's face it our fair capital offers up fun and culture and arts at the best of times especially when the weather is like this but just a few more events especially on for the Easter holidays for to mention down in the southeast in Forest Hill the Horniman Easter Fair their craft stalls there the traditional Easter egg hunt of course and some storytelling as well up incent all burns a place called willows activity fun there are up there the Peter Rabbit characters of course you can't do Easter without bunnies can we and an adventure playground there that's themed by Peter Rabbit I'm told in the east sure ditch gallery has an immersive exhibition where you can get face to face with endangered animals probably not too many bunnies there and in Greenwich this one sounds intriguing to me old royal naval college has been restoring their painted ceiling London's largest painted ceiling in fact and it's the first time in 50 years you can get up close and have a good look at it now you might have noticed I am on a zip line you might actually remember that I have a pontoon for ziplining so you know exactly how I'm going to finish this report date me I just want to wish you a very good that looks great she managed a little wave didn't she on that note let's see how the weekend weather

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