Spent the next 24 hours in London while I waited for my flight to go back home to the US. Decided to leave Heathrow Airport and explore London by foot. This was my second time in London and it was definitely better this time around. Leaving Russia was sad and I miss it still. Especially the entire FIFA World Cup atmosphere. However, London is definitely a beautiful city that I must return to again.






what's going on guys finally landed in London guys it's been a minute since I first came here three years ago but I'm glad to be back as you see it's beautiful story not a single cloud out as you can see you got the big fan right behind me right there we've been it's on a construction I think they're renovating it or updating it it's going to be a busy day for me there's a Chelsea stadium maybe Arsenal Stadium again and yeah I'm just going to explore and have some fun now you know take some photos and show you guys some beer all right check this out guys get another angle view of the city the big man show you something disgusting right here man look at this man let's go check out this giant wheel guys that's pretty cool the cities that you people it's kind of dirty to say it's cool it's chill reminds me a little bit of New York you know European New York let's keep walking see what else we got so right now we are on our way over this bridge you can see and try to get to someone place and is supposed to resemble of x squared we decided to see it because last time I was here I didn't have a chance so they have time to check it out these views are check that check out the studio absolutely sick man that's check out these news [Applause] [Applause] [Applause] school moving in the city turn apart we get there in like five minutes in so far though we understand impressive London my hard-soled Moscow because I'm more more familiar with the culture food everything but one is definitely number two a of New York City guys sup bro still walking around London I don't know where the hell I'm going it's pretty cool bass got nice weather hey looks like she right now okay dirty sweaty I went back lambda blast spoiling London all myself chillin is he holding the camera I say to that Yolo hurry Avenue I think it's called pretty sure we'll get there in no time I know I said five minutes definitely gonna be like five minutes this time alright guys I'll see you in a bit [Applause] these guys so right now I'm heading towards you doing they pretty much pretty sure it's actually that Street right there now she got these ears back bad right [Applause] my next train arrives wouldn't get too Westminster as you guys can see it definitely doesn't look as cool Scott Metro that's full experience yeah I'm just waiting for my next tree now I don't think when I get on this one we get on the next one nothing you need a drink or something it's really hot so how many voted Westminster take a couple of photos moving my way to Heathrow Airport just I gotta get out of here guys but I want to thank you guys for watching my videos for the past couple of days covering you know Moscow st. Petersburg the World Cup now London you have to subscribe yet hit the subscribe button thank you guys for watching i'll talk to guys on twitch on Twitter or or just saw you two [Applause] [Applause] you

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