Last time when I went to Niagara Falls, we decided to visit Movieland: Wax Museum of the stars. Little did I know, great lameness awaited me from inside…honestly pretty outdated 😛
Stars include:
– Obama-nation
– Zombie Tom Hanks
– Unthrilled Michael Jackson
– Justin Bieber???
– Harambe?
– Gimp Suit Batman
– The most horrifying Simpsons exhibit ever.

this is like the worst barack obama statue I've ever seen it's truly an abomination all right guys so right now we're heading over to the wax museum anyways he ever go into Movieland Wax Museum of the stars Robert Oh Robert De Niro huh ok Meryl Streep looks decent she's just me or does Robert Downey jr. like real skinny I swear if I was in here by myself in a Saudis I would trip major ballsack news brothers I can't tell if that's like I'm showing paint or if he's doing Coco's coke that's definitely coke it's all over his body so yeah and then there's a Colin Farrell and phone booth I don't know if anyone even remembers that movie anymore Kosta Boda is like so close call but the most realistic figures in here the Ninja Turtles yeah cuz they were all blacks anyway over here is Batman that's always nice this is like the uncanny valley right now oh my god I found Will Arnett as Superman did and here is Marlon Brando with the most realistic kitty cat ever that's that's great you know look at those wide shoulders you know this guy's a lift game on fleek all right mr. president nice to meet you nice to meet you this is not waxed it said this is like the worst barack obama statue I've ever seen it's truly an abomination well that's nice they have a display here of Adam Sandler and Tom Cruise's love child learning to play golf for the first time here we have zombie Tom Hanks no I do not want to shag a wax figure thank you very much for that who's this supposed to be more like Mike Douglas and Glenn Close I swear he looks younger and a man that Nina's here okay pops up is getting bright so they have a predator that's over here and they have them invisible predator honestly I don't know if they're just being lazy or what but there's no predator here so probably put them beside that other thing as well Niagara Falls you're tricky to breath this is like the smallest King Kong ever head parented a dead song that does not look like Elijah Wood like not even close you're a wax figure hairy theta this et looks like he's ready to go home any kind of pregnant so Sam how are you guys enjoying the a place so far I thought was gonna be a wax not plastic but anyway they're both the same nothing close to mine fellas let's go feminine right yeah oh and their pet rabbit Judy Garland usually there's something that shows are there these guys looks like they're about to kill someone for real okay that's definitely let's go to bones do I swear the Simpsons do not translate well in real life all right aliens – aliens okay oh look at Star Wars so that I could sit down Darth Vader Darth Maul and Darth Jar Jar and we have a literal discount Chewbacca there's the wise on there's Marilyn Monroe wait what is George Clooney's care have two shades sure looks like she's about to fall Miley Cyrus know what that is tears Salim and they stripped us Americans reverse the mother and then we got pasty I was pretty adopt the zombie foundation shut up something that came up in my head and this came up do for me go to push their strings and thirdly over here we got whatever – Hank that thing is the Michael Jackson does not look thrilled actually looks kind of constipation why does Dracula look like Professor Snape how was that Ted so Oh smells bad howdy health electric chair who wants to get fried skip the intern let's get the entire thing this guy's about to get okay so what did you think of the a wax museum Ted fun fun that dark part when you got shocked yeah anyways we're right now we're here at a gift shop chocolate yogurt emoji yeah I mean at least we didn't pay full price $10.99 just any night seriously the only good ones are outside bloody hell

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