S5EP18 North London is ours, fuck off back to Woolwich

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Guest: Zoe Pearson
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[Applause] [Applause] my it's episode 18 season 5 of the song lots were family Cod cast my name's Jeff jolly we this week john stockwell from rochester hello and sorry person from Watford hi guys right now what I recorded the last pot on Sunday I wish to all our listeners a happy Christmas and all that and I said the next part wouldn't be until we Sunday because what I found recording one mr. this weekend what with I'm going up to Everson on Sunday and and I just thought it's near Christmas etc we won't do it but in light of what's happened yesterday evening if it not says record a podcast how fucking kid was that it was fucking magnificent outstanding it was beautiful it really was I think there was a lot of their fans and a lot of the media thought we'd be the same as the last game and we just roll over and our bellies tickled and Arsenal would walk away with the with her progress for the next round it was it was lovely and it was I think it was a performance as well that we looked like we played within ourselves he looked like we had more gears to go it looked it's different plane and when we got at least a little bit more rest and were able to to set ourselves up properly and play it was fucking outstanding is what it was it was brilliant do you know what was very pleasing and before I bring you into it sorry and you know but and before I myself talk about the obvious things like performance and this certain the other was really pleasing was the fat and obviously the obvious being asked or what was plate the pleasing a spurt for me was two things one the fact that we learnt the lessons from whatever it was 17 18 date days ago when we last played them and second the fact that if you'd look at this if you look at the team that we played it was it was a fairly strong team no one can question that having said that we had to play Ben Davis Jane at the back because we had we had injuries to most of our centre backs or for us back on the bench but I think Sanchez was in consumption but you didn't make the bed Jeeva Clary bit hampered their central midfield you'll see its weeks and so coach we've got lots of injuries it's well-documented but that item you know it was it was a strong team other than the fact that Kane was on the bench because he had a cold I'm guessing ego I know it's widely documented he would start started a header for the race now can you cast your mind to other carrion probably play big Cup games I think a semi finals for example and last season against United just as one example where we don't play the race he pushes the ice loyal to form on that occasion out of heritage and play and it just so happens we don't get the result and suddenly all the fans are critical and yesterday we just proved that we're good enough we've got that we've got that quality we're also not a one-man team we can we can do it without Kane as good as player yes and and gas leak is a a top player so for me personally satisfied because we hear it so many times from our own fans from pundits that you know with what if what if first get a few injuries here what I think a few injuries there but we wish we coped admirably we've got that strength from depth Zoe you you're in a household full of what one two yeah so my sisters are the both of them are Arsenal fans and I sort of bucked the trend and went for the other team in North London or the only team in North London I should say well the thing is the funny thing of my family is it we sort of split in half it so my dad's side of the family is stopped predominantly Spurs fans and my mum's side our Arsenal and one of my mom's sisters married a Chelsea man so you know bit of a difficult situation with that one but I think I chose the right side in the end but yeah so it always makes Derby Day a bit more of a cagey affair of my house and a bit more painful if it doesn't go our way but yesterday was just the most brilliant result and it was quite expected I think after the the result of a couple of weeks ago I think nobody went into the game with any real expectations to sort of you know set the world alight but what I like what I would agree with you Javon in in the fact that the the actual game craft and the way that we handle ourselves throughout that game yeah it was bitten it was cagey at times and but what we did that we didn't do a few weeks ago was keep them at arm's length and sank and you know avoid them having any real sort of purple packages within the game and that was really really pleasant to see I mean you know it's a North London derby you can never ever predict the result of it but you know fantastic that it went our way absolutely fantastic I think it was mentioned on another podcast I listened to that recorded right after the match that with the diamond when we played them last time we played the same formation and dick Emery had them over lapping on the wings and it causes problems because we were overloaded but tonight they tried that yesterday and it didn't seem to work as well and also pots reacted quicker and put cane on after an hour rather than wait and later and later to try and do anything I mean we took our chances when they came to us and didn't make the mistakes as we did in the league game it it I think it was great that the players they all they all looked up for it and they all wanted revenge and I think it's ideal that it was such a quick turnaround from the last Derby to get that out and get it done and get in there and play it the other thing I absolutely adored about it is I was loving how wound up their players were getting they you know they must be gutted they couldn't do their round of selfies this time now you know there was moments with Delhi Ericsson and Kane winding them up totally loads of shit house are we going on and we've been on the receiving end of that in years gone by and it's lovely to give it back to them Delhi would you know did I love the bit where Delhi took the piss where he was when he scored when he was offside just rolling the ball in today and then wasting time came diving on the ball just to waste time and he'd see if the ref went up to him and said to him don't take the piss you know I mean I loo I fucking loved all of that it was eautiful and if there's a more punchable facing football than granite jacker i don't know who he is that a water fucking mug among that player Manny's fucking hell I hate him I think Jack Jack Jack him close jack ooh he's injured again his knee ankle injury against rice surprise one thing that's probably forgotten about just just me who picked up on this at the time but I say forgotten about why would you talk about it now it's the first 20 minutes of that game I felt 30 first 15 20 minutes it felt a little bit like not as bad but it felt a little bit like the the the league game insofar as I thought they were quick out the blocks they were pressing us high up the pitch and they were giving us little little time to get me some composure and get any rhythm going it was like I was slightly so slightly concerned I thought its history could repeat itself but I felt you know after that I think there was only ever one team that was going to win it and and that was in control and that watershed moment really was yeah that second half when they made a change when Toofer at the back and I was looking at I was wait waiting when his punches you know gonna make a change how quickly is he gonna respond to that if at all I thought they had a little gift spell at that point but I still felt that we were fined not to make a change I thought we were just soaking up the pressure and riding the storm and and and good enough to hear them on the break but yeah soon as soon as Bloodshy Nepal K'naan bought an impact I mean was that 60 old second 56 seconds acceptance time yeah and that pass to Delhi firstly take they were on the turn and just the way was just so majestic in his party was just perfect to Delhi the ball from Gaza to find him the chest down if you watch it he tests it and he's looking around where's Delhi the swivels and he plays it now on the I listen to Radio 5 so today in DeLand of Lima say how it was the way he held off the player and the way he shifted his boy it did hold off any players there's nobody around him he had all the time in the world to do that ball now and that was a thing they were just weren't closed down and if you give out players that time and give Kane a time and space to do that he will pull that out the bag because he is that good but yeah if I'm really critical I think that Delhi's first touch took him a little bit away from goal and he had to do that flick I don't think his first touch was perfect but my god that little flip as soon as he as soon as he hit that I was like you cheeky little cunt that and that that epitomizes Delhi's attitude and enemy game he's got that just that little streak of arrogance and it's the epitome of how he plays he's got swagger he's got class yes and and and now I think he's got talked about it a couple of weeks ago monopods he's got maturity which wish he didn't really have before and everything he does you know yeah he's still cheeky enough to wind up the opposition to wind up their fans to wind up the players but he does it in a subtle way a bit lamella a bit like that but maybe less subtle yet still gets away with it and the key thing is it doesn't cost us anymore he doesn't get those suspensions all those red cards or and he is he's one of many many leaders but we've got in that in that team I mean John you and I saw it earlier this season in the League Cup game against Watford over at Oulton teams yeah and he was captain on that occasion I know that some of that was down to the injuries we had a certain personnel and also the fact that it was his being a big return to game tonight it was good it was good game management by purchasing they said to make him skipper on that day but I'm sure what she's you know wouldn't have done it just for sentimental reasons you know if he's gonna make somebody skipper who do so because they've caught the quality from her and and he certainly has he's he's fast becoming he said a young man but he's there is maturity about him wellyes said he's matured I was talking to the same Milton Keynes Dons family it's Wayne who works in the stores and basically he's Delhi's his favorite plane I've touched him in the past and said look you know Ali's got the potential to progress to bigger things than us which he has and I said today that if he keeps progressing in the Ray he has he can win the Ballon d'Or he can because he's becoming one of the best players in the world and if you think Messi and Ronaldo and other players are getting to an age where they're gonna fall off the cliff and the people coming up behind them I'm struggling to think of people you've probably got Jaden's champ Sancho if he carries on as good as he can but again he's just starting his career the fact that Ali is coming up and doing what he's doing he's got the potential to win that he really has he could be I would just hope he does it with us and I hope he stays or because another club will come and pay Oh IRA vast amount of money for him soon I think he's not just the fact that he signed a new contract recently but the what he said at the time when he signed that contract that he said a lot of that was ruling to the to the manager for Chitina who we will talk about no doubt in a bit he prays for sheets you know but when he finally pressed on fact that Spurs was a place very learning stuff so I can see him being with us for three years on on Delhi comment from David for now who says Delhi world-class does it in the big games manner match for sure and a constant thorn in the bullish more ball game from that from the first staff when he was playing up top because we didn't have a an an out-and-out striker I think Sky had it the Sun was playing up top but I think some sort of Christie's into the left and any food were prophetic play with a fast time so quite often it was Delhi occupying those positions he's work off the ball and then second half obviously finish it he was without doubt our best player on the pitch and yeah he does it in these big games he does it games Chelsea how many times he's done it he's done it going to meet really he's done Hostel United in the Cup semi-final last season albeit we lost the game but he really is a big main player he really is he really is you know Delhi's one of these place that he in your team you will love the fact he plays for you but if he was in the opposition side he would absolutely rile you up no end but I think there was that little moment in the second half especially after he got hit in the head by the crowd the the bottle from the crowd and there was that little flash of you could see him thinking about reacting because this e still has that side to him but he banished to just take it in his stride and just gave the little toenail flash to the crowd and that was enough to you know walk away and in fact it was C it was the other Arsenal players that were getting more irate about it then Delhi was and he think of to Delhi of two years ago he might not necessarily take that any stride he might see red and you know lose his head but he's earned the right to be man of the match in that last in that last game and you know it's like you say he does it in so many big occasions and the future's so bright for him and the fact that he's committed himself to that to that long-term contract a few few months back that's that's only good and positive sign to me to where his head is that currently and to me his head is definitely with us at Spurs without shadow of a doubt two years ago he might done a cancer now and jumped into the crowd and cried I kicked somebody that's the Dutchman to us that we've been a judgment to us you know he would have either probably seen red in that game not necessarily it's his fault but in his response you know Delhi of two or three years ago doesn't necessarily deal with that in the way that Delhi did last night and I think once once that isn't happened and I saw the bottle coming from the crowd I did sort of take it a little bit of a deep breath because I thought oh no of all players for it to for it to hit you know it's Delhi and you sort of waiting for that a little eruption and and to be fair to him he did and did the mature thing if you can call flashing a tune of siter to obeying crowd mature but don't forget the brilliant unless did it when he was injured and stretch it off there is president there but even more maturity showed in the post match interview when they were asking him you know are you gonna take any selfies after the match and they said now we're just gonna concentrate and go on with Everton you know got a big match coming up and it was just like didn't miss a beat that was you know you didn't even rise to it it's like now next match let's get on with this this get on with this and win another game oh yeah I fucking love that that was superb absolutely there was the way yeah the way he just handled that question yeah amazing and that that that moment where he gave the the to nil yeah if you're gonna be really critical if you're gonna be you could say well it's not maybe the most mature thing to do and and certainly if if another player did it to our see but it would run wild us up by the way Walcott did eight years back but it's part and parcel the game for me it's a North London derby that that's a trial rivalry and I and I and I loved it and I don't we all did some it was it's an iconic moment straight away he knew once you show that you knew that was just gonna be on social media straight away after the game people changing their Facebook Twitter profile pics to that so that that moment I'm glad he's born in peace I really am Irie can I just say one more thing about the goal that I've seen from the angle where the Spurs fans were behind it none of them could see that bull was going into the net until it hit the side netting they have no idea where it was going from the arsal end you could see from the angle bahut you could see it was going in the net but none of the Spurs fans could see that was a goal till it hit the net so it's that massive delayed reaction because Delhi knows Delhi's weaning away arms July he knows he scored but the Spurs fans do not go mental until that that next bolt is and that is just a fantastic it's just such a delay thing because he knows as soon as he hits that it's in and he's gone but the fans don't they could be going wide it could be it 14:10 so posted I know which angle it's going out at all I'll retweet it because it's a brilliant angle to see it from because they're just sitting there they don't know at all it's absolutely beautiful so it's also past that part and parcel of being a Spurs fan of not getting yourself too excited it's definitely definitely cross the line everybody cross the line and then you can erupt oh yeah yeah 89 minutes I'm still thinking we'll need another you know he does that's that fuck it we be fucking love it Jeff I think I think the the joy that we get out of victories over Arsenal it's far more sweet I want to see I think it's far more sweeter for us than ever was or is for them because of the shit we've had to go through for the last 10 15 20 years or more living in the shadow of which even at times where they've you know they've been some fantastic Arsenal team serve them very well and contrast that some really really poor first teams and even when it looked like we might start to take them over or start to challenge them they always seem to still have the upper hand there we seem to finish Pippa's to 4th place or whatever it might be we've come through that and for us to get those victories I think it's just so much more sweeter I really do I mean for years they were they were dismissing us and they were there they considered their their main rival Matt Manchester United because they were contesting Lee titles and whatnot and and yeah there was certainly an element of tension rivalry between that between those teams I'm sort of thinking in the 90s early early north/northeast when Ferguson and Van Gogh were at the helm but so I think in those years when for example they would they would beat SII I'm sure that there was a joyful occasion for their fans but I don't believe one second that it's it would mean as much to them than it does to us I think that we get so much more joy because of the shit that we've had to put up with it in the past though there was a decade where all they they just had to turn up to be us and if we played really really well we might have got a draw they've had you know don't deny it and it's it's not shameful but they were a better team than us for many many years and they don't like the boot being on the other foot they really don't it's fucking beautiful fucking absolutely love it it really is it's a mentality change you know ultimately their heads a lot of a lot of their their fans though obviously had they still have their heads it's sort of back ten years and thinking they're still in this place of challenging Philly titles and yeah maybe once upon a time they were doing that and you know nobody could take the history away from from what they did in those years and it was painful as hell being a Spurs fan while they were doing so well but at the end of the day football changed changed in the last 20 years but what's changed in the last 10 years football changed in the next five years to come look at the look at man City now I mean 10 years ago could anybody really see in the Man City would be the juggernaut that they are today I don't think so and I think that's part of part part of why there's so much animosity with within fan bases that are that I find anyway and particularly with with a fan base like like Arsenal's because they have this grand sense of grandeur delusions of grandeur now because of how football has changed and the fact that their club has changed they no longer are the same outfit that one you know we're unbeatable in 2005 that that's just not gonna happen anymore unless you man sitting you're spending thousands hundreds of thousands of pounds you know in wages and millions of pounds in terms of players you aren't gonna you aren't gonna replicate things like that anymore so you know you almost you almost have to alter your your expectations as fans and we're as we're in a situation whereby we've had the dog days for the last 20 years and now these the times that you know under poached he knows tenure it's been the best some of the best football I've seen this and and it's really United us as the fan base and we're experiencing sort of the similar feeling that okay – any sort of silverware to underline that but from where we were ten years ago to where we are now and where after were ten years ago to where they are now you almost have to you know counterbalance your own expectation as fans and some fans that are quite public figures in in that fan base do you like so if you are so fan TVs and they they can't seem to get their head around the fact that you know they're not quite the force that they once were but hey you know I'll take any sort of result over rivals and on the day we beat we beat them and I'll take that all day long and now it you know the home fictional hopes mean in the new ground fingers crossed and you know it's time to just reinforce it and and then take it I'll take another win over them all day long isn't that just the reality of what we are though I mean – Luke well we've won in 2018 we won at the bridge one old trafford and we've won thus come last night that's the reality of who dispersed side are now we don't fold easily I mean look at these backed up by look at the results we've got Madrid or Barcelona – okay that we do and it's it's our own little mistakes that are costing us and if we can iron out those we can be an even stronger side it you know very very little do we see teams cutting us apart or creating goals or you know or a wonderful wonderful football so the goals against this it's normally from a mistake and they capitalize on it we nobody's proclaiming that we had the bigger site in LA in North London because this because of the history no one no one in their right mind even a Spurs fan the most ardent Spurs fan wouldn't say that but we are certainly the better side at the moment I think that a victory yesterday coming at the Emirates of the espheni milestone victory it could be those victories that you mentioned John Stamford Bridge Old Trafford although we did we did win at Old Trafford a few years ago under a BB and then share wood but still is seldom win there and now the Emirates first time since 2010 only the second time overall since they moved into that wretched place it's certainly a monkey off the back going forward and I think that's good having said that I don't think this team I don't mean porteños teams are molded in that way I don't think they carry huge weights of expectation on their shoulders or feel like they're playing against history I think may they mature and over time they they develop the not just the footballing qualities on the in terms of ability and what and what not and and the nouse to win but also the mental strength to so yeah to go to places like the burner bow and to go to to the Emirates and Stamford Bridge and get the results will it will they be will having now got those under the belt will they be better place well it's a monkey removed off the back maybe this for the fans maybe it so the media will talk about less but I but I think for the players a I think they'll be on face and I think they'll if they have to do it again next season they'll do it and the season after that I don't think it's gonna I think they'll do it regardless that I think it's more what's being built it Spurs Stanny us that the best air to get results without the places like this and had a question from a comment from mark Stowell he says is I can't pronounce it why they're so many players that have got strange sounding names and difficult for me it's gun it's Gwen DS even if he will chair Nasri am I the only person am I the only one that wants to see him get a slap was he the one with the hair that ran about a lot Louise's twin brother yeah um to be fair he put he had the energy levels of SoCo but not but not the end product there's very little slap all of them but yeah they've got a lot of average players and they have put yay then they've got a lot of players whose names we can't pronounce we talked about Delhi obviously man-of-the-match been had a another solid game to players of light submission one of them Danny Rose he was skipper on the night and I thought he was he was solid and we were talking about this affair sorry about some of us that vacations where Danny's opened his mouth to the press and and and said things but the perhaps well whether he regrets it or not I don't know but Sony we fans rather wish he hadn't said some of those things but he he he said a few things post match for it which were quite positive and I think fans because identify with absolutely I think you know the other Saints you are fair Jeff you know there's almost a headed has mote when you read that Danny Danny Rose has made a comment to the press you sort of thing here we go he said now and you read it and we almost with the level of trepidation and you know it's all well a good the reason why I think it strange is because professional footballers are never usually that open with the press you know a lot of it is very scripted a lot of the pre-match interviews a lot of it is you know pretty much the same thing reflecting on the match but I think with Danny you get you know you see what you what you see is what you get with him and I had I actually have the quote I've got the quote here in front of me about what he said he said I motivation was remembering the nonsense that after the posting after the game a few weeks ago players that have only played 10 games for Arsenal I'm gonna assume that's Quinn doozy we're getting ahead of themselves we used that in a positive way they fully deserved what they got and I've read that quote back and I thought it was the first time I read a Danny Rose quote in about two or three years and I thought you know what Dan you've hit the nail on the head there son and I was so pleased that it was an unfiltered quote you could see that it was something that really must have bugged the players and that's what all I all I care about as a Spurs fan is that the team give a damn about the club like I do like you do Jeff like you do John like all of us fans do and that's the first sort of quote that I've read of any of us birthdays actually that shows that after a result that really really must have hurt them and like hurt us and so you know it led the team to be in good stead to want to put things right after the last North London derby defeat and there's the fan that's all I want is for them to go out on the pitch give everything out on that pitch no matter whether they're playing MK Dons or whether they're playing Barcelona and you know Danny he he seemed to get it and I think a lot of the place like you say Jeff you know it's it's a whole different it's a whole different ballgame now and the lot of them do seem to understand it and do seem to get and I think a lot of it helps from the fact that a lot of mass Spurs fans him in that dressing room you know the likes of Kane and winks and even Oliver skipper's coming through now these are all guys that have come through our Academy that that love Spurs like we love Spurs and and you know I'll take guys like that all day long pilling on the shirt and representing the club that I love all you know over signing you know 15 million pounds you know someone from the French league or you know unknown quantities you know I want this club to have an identity and I think this is where Potch is finding his strength that he's building on identity at this club and we all buy into it and the players will buy into it and his coaching staff will buy into it and the only person we really need to see buy into it really now is is is Daniel Levy and hopefully that in the end it's going to be a case of you know everyone's on board and and we're gonna be able to do great things in in the future but and and Danny's quote no doubt or feeling like that they're all proud of that shirt poche has got them playing for that shirt regardless of what happens that you know that they're playing for the team and I think there's been you know important Kaman he got rid of all the mercenaries that just wanted the money and I think whatever happens going forward I think that um ethos will stay was a club you know Trump talks about draining the swamp I think coach did it first talk about playing for the shirt I mean that that was a good illustration of that was the celebrations from Sean and deli where they're holding the badge now yeah that was beautiful to see as a fan although anyone can do that any player can do that and then they can fuck off and play for another team anyone can do that if it's the fact that they do that but moreover coupled with the way they play not not just not you know not not it's not just about gestures it's not just about symbols it's it's more that the fact that they do play for the show and I think when when they do and they put the effort in and they play for the club and they're loyal that when they then touch the badge who I'll hold the badge when they're celebrating fans are okay with that I think it's well it can be a bit annoying is when a player does that and then two minutes later signs for another club I don't see that with reverb with those two players I think they're very much part of the fabric of the club um when you consider also the likes of rose out of arrows by rights they should have been here at the beginning of the season they were gone everybody both of our fans dismissed Rose over 12 months ago 18 months ago when he came out to the press everybody was saying well it'll he'll be off here we offered last January in the middle s season or if he's not always definitely off in the summer out of Harold was gone it's gone these are players are still at Spurs and I know out of heard of contractors running down and I know that he hasn't signed a new one I know that if we do trigger that if we do given me extension like we have with Fatah and if we do the same without of old man extend his contract to 2020 that'll trigger that course but I don't know I I I'm still hopeful that he will sign and I think that I think both of those players I think that they are they committed to the club I really do and I think that if we hopefully that's continue what if we continue the way we have been this season no we haven't played well necessary our performances haven't always been it's good to compare to some of the other seasons but we're still grinding out results and restore record points tally etc etc competing on four fronts so here would have fought it we go into 2019 in contempt for for trophies league champions league FA Cup and and an elite couple a cup semi-final don't leave one other team in that position as well sissie yep Matsui okay if we if if we work if we continue to be on and we win a trophy I think those players will end up staying I don't think they're necessary swayed by money I think I think out of our old wanted a once he's coming towards the end of his career he's got one big big transfer ahead of him I don't necessarily think it's necessary this case of a big payday I think he just wants to do get that big contract whether it's at Spurs or somewhere else but before his careers over and one way he can be in a place where you can win trophies I can't see that being United now and them you know unless he went to somewhere like man City or Brailled material where they've got endless riches and and they win trophies regularly and I couldn't really begrudge if he did it would hurt if he went to City but I think he's in the right place and I think yeah but you're actually right pause you know he thought those players playing for the shirt the other player wanted to mention other than ten heroes David for now could eat place I think no you know David David's we could have done were done with another Center back and yet David did play Center back many many handy-dandy by all accounts yep David right firm and he said Oh Gavin Egon never let us down again how long has Lori Scott I think I've said in on past and Louis's got rickets in him and he you know maybe we need a replacement but I would not have a problem with Gavin eager playing apart from the bit of a gold my off scramble that he caused by not clearing the ball quick enough but he made a couple of fine saves last night and he's only ever been on a winning side so maybe we keep him playing in the cup but yeah he Gavin e he's a fine player that fingertips one would hit the back of his head and came out at that point I fought Lux with us tonight though the one that he made from Mickey terian where he would threw on gold I know it was straight at him but he still had to you know deal with it and make sure it wasn't going to go back in off a rebound because it feed upon that the other way I think it was he was the other one with the teeth and the hair Tommy yang yeah yeah the one with the teeth and hey he was coming in that side it out that way he would have got it so he I think he played really well last night and the only the if I criticized any of the players I'd criticized more oh okay I don't think his first touch was on last night but that tackle that he made again from Mick Tyrion Rea when he was in the box was superb they were all up for it they worked together last night superb Lee I don't you know I don't think I could give any of them any aspersions really they were they were all good yeah I think gasps Nico is very much still you know he still only our our deputy keeper I don't think there's any real opportunities amassing hugh galleries for a long time yet i think you have to remember as well you know kaznyk is learning from the likes of hugo in training that you know they train together and he's picking up good habits from the lights a few galleries and you know i think it's unfair to compare Gaz nigga and hugo together because you know Gaz nigga by all accounts he wasn't even South Hamptons first-choice goalkeeper when we signed him it was Southampton third-choice goalkeeper brought him into the club so you know he's played seven senior games for us all in the cup so not all in the cup but you know Majoris games have been in the cup and he's played seven and and and managed to win seven and that's fabulous that's great that's great for him and that's a great record to have but you know in terms of throwing him in as as first-choice goalkeeper I personally can't see it happening any anytime soon I really can't I think it's testament Tony Himalayas as a goalkeeping coach he's you know he's are you seeing the videos and stuff he's such a character but he's obviously getting the best out of him and I've just read something I didn't know Tony Jimenez has an Olympic gold medal he won it for playing for Spain in the in the Olympics where you go 90 – yeah like – barceló you know that okay I think I think probably too early to say whether well I don't think Gastonia is ready to replace Luis just yeah by that I mean I think Arisa still a top top goalkeeper yes he is probably prone to making a few more mistakes now then maybe he did in the past and sometimes when those mistakes cost us it's magnified also but he said the top keeper he's too early to talk about what I would say is we've got a very good goalkeeper in gasps amigo if so now that have played a number of games and proved himself not just one game not not on the back of one game against Palace last season where everybody was calling or some number fans were calling him calling for him to start earlier this season ahead of had a form head of the race on the basis of one game he's now played several games and played really well so for me if hugo picked up an injury for example let's say he wasn't available what game to Everton and Gavin II who came in and I'd be fine with that I'll be you know the real question is for both of you and I know John you mentioned playing with the next round but semi-finals who start we were in the business sent got Chelsea next which which we'll discuss briefly do you start yet Gavin II hear in both legs yes right and if we get to the I would start them in the final as well over the last couple of weeks including the Barcelona game and other games people have in the teams have been put out and everybody's done a bit of head scratching and thought what is porch up to and the less the match as well I think there's a bit of that these you know what's what's he up to but look at the performances that put in and look at the results we've been getting I'll trust punch to put whatever team out there he thinks will get a result to get result and I think that includes Titan Gaza sorry I think you all start against Chelsea on both legs I think you know I think if we do manage to finally I was to think that punch will start I'm in the final that's not to say that I don't think we shouldn't play our best team in any sort of final but I just think by Pacis track track record them and teams that musin in the past he usually goes for the second choice goalkeeper in any Cup game whether it be a you know how big how big that game is he very rarely wanes from the fact that I mean look prime example was when Michele form started last year over Lori's you know there's all those questions of you know okay it's time last spring in our you know the race for this final game any any never did you never didn't like and I can't see him see him doing it again I can't see him changing his you know mindset about who he brings in for cup games and who he brings in for leagues and champions leaks otherwise you know how else to these young players get their opportunities if they if they don't get given shots in these in these cup games but I personally can't see Lori's coming in against Chelsea I think it will be getting eager to start both those semi-finals and you know good luck to him hopi IPOs great a great game and you know and hope he staked claim to warrant a place for the final not just because he's the cup goalkeeper I don't I think for me the crucial thing is if he did start gettin eager we we wouldn't be weaker for it even if somebody even if you make the case for the reefs being the better goalkeeper or the more experience goalkeeper all the number one Gavan egos proved himself to be a top top goalkeeper it's not like you're playing not with all due respect somebody like alfie white white men you're throwing him in straight away or yeah gasometer is its quality and we've got that that depth now in the squads I keep saying it over and over again we've got so much more quality and in the squad than people even our own fans think we have what give us credit for you said they you've got to give these young players a chance any of this season four it's got a few chances and and yeah he's not the finished article but but he's played a few games now he's got though he saw that experience under his belt he's he's improving game by game he will he will continue to make mistakes no doubt but he will also learn from them and become better and and I think that to have that option those options in the squad it's it's good because you know we can't players gonna get injured and and we always the manager and us as fans we want to be in a position where when that happens we've got players that can come in that we know but can do a good job on Chelsea first leg is at Wembley we start in seven for Jan and then the away leg at Stamford Bridge two weeks later week starting 21st of Jan can we do it sorry if I come to you first oh we certainly can do it when we've proven this year that Chelsea are beatable but it's it's like you're saying on any given day and especially in the London derby form goes out the window and it's just whoever performs better on the day on the two days you know the two legs you know if we if we do beat Chelsea is because we've deservedly being Chelsea over the over the two legs and I believe we can do it I mean you'd like you were saying Jeff you know we want the Senate back partnership last last night of Davison Toby alderweireld and and Ben Davis if that's not straight straight for depth that I don't know what is because you know it shows that your play you're almost playing square pegs in round holes but we were doing it and we're coming through the end of it and coming through it with with results and and iPads confidence that if the team show up on the day and they showed the intensity that they did against arson last night then we can for sure beat Chelsea and then the final is different story get through the semi-final first and then think about that later on but definitely beat Chelsea a bit but 100% the finals are one-off get for the semi-final the finals are one-off game if he turn up in that you could you know potentially will be playing bird so I I before the before last night's game when we drew Arsenal and this feeling weak we guessed we get Chelsea in the semi and I quite fancied us against them much rather played Burson over two legs but there are get to you I think when you get to that stage of competition and when you're playing even in the league when you're playing a game against one of the top four five six teams remain united top six now if in a struggling but you know when you're playing those sides on the day anyone can be anybody yeah there are some teams a little bit having Michelle refresh like that city for example that on the day anyone is capable of being anyone that it can be a little error here although that can be the difference or it could just be that that manager got it tactically right on the on the day like we did against Chelsea I dare I say it like hostile did against us a few weeks ago but I think with Chelsea I think a with a better team and B the fact this over two legs I fancy us we might not win both matches but I fancy us over the two legs to game the Agra without to get free to the final thought I think we're gonna fuck them up basically and then should we do that I think if we do get if we get to the final and if we played man city I think that would be very very difficult and I am a little bit nervous about that but I would rather play do you know what I'd rather play Man City in a final than over two legs because it's a one-off and and anything can happen over two legs I think they could they would have got the bet the measure of us in the same way that I think we will my name is Chelsea it's very briefly we've got one question I want to finish off with but before we come to that there's been events going on elsewhere in the world of football a certain Club in the northwest of England who've lost their manager should we say what racino has been linked rightly or wrongly with the post you could say that's a backhanded compliment there because he's he's a top quality manager and he sort of doing something must be doing something right Spurs if if allegedly United a goddamn it's a target the number one target some people in the media reporting and there's also been a lot of unsavory comments I've got to say by its professionals and people in them in the media I think not unsavory but disrespectful just housing him and and and I'm saying that a almost inevitability that he would join United because United are the biggest club in the world and he can't turn them down and what should see no I'm sure had the opportunity to join Madrid last season last summer he signed a brand new contract he's still with us he strikes me as being somebody very loyal are either if you worry your feelings are you concerned about the speculation pissed off what's how do you feel about it all right so from my my thoughts on it is is that Pacis obviously gonna be Manny's first choice he's an exceptional young manager who has got Tottenham playing in a brilliant fashion they'd be stupid not to want him to go there the big question is can they get him I think the Daniel Levy sitting there go and coming in come and have a go see if you can get him porch doesn't have any representatives he doesn't have an agent he doesn't have a team around him who who makes quotes to press so if anything said it's either going to be direct from porch which will be in a press conference or it's going to be a made-up spurious load of crap okay they you know there's a lovely thing in the press conference today where the journals trying to get pot stirred to answer the question and the press press offices know that we're not gonna asking about anything like this I tweeted let me know when it's safe to go back on Twitter because it's just gonna get worse and worse and worse I don't know if there's any way that they can you know be categorically put out of the question apart from signing another massive contract they're always going to ask them about this till the end of the season until new managers announced like I said they'll be crazy not to consider him it's a fantastic manager I want him to stay I hope he stays you know people already asked me a question who do we want to replace him nobody Podge is not going anywhere I won't I wanted to say no I food everything you said there John you know I think obviously as a as a fan there's always that nervousness that comes with your manager being mixed with another post that's not to say that I think he would up six and leave but you know obviously you don't want anything at the moment you don't want anything disrupting our club and what we are trying to do as a club and media speculation you know causes rightly or wrongly it can cause unrest within the club so the fact that the the questions were completely shot down in the in the press conference today you know you can't you can't read too much instead if you don't give anybody a quotation then then your words cannot be missed rude or mistaken to fit any narrative that they might have so be saying I think you know nothing could be reported that it's coming directly from Pacis mouth and that's as far as I can say that's hats how I I like it again you know they've got Soulja coming in it United you know for this interim period I mean who's to say that in the end he's not going to be the guy that ends it with the post permanently they've got a I read today that they've got a 7.3 million compensation clause with his old club mold to to potentially bring you in in the summer you know peep the papers are gonna write what they want to write at the end of the day you know we are all consumers we consume those however we want to do it and however we want to see it and it's down to the gern that journalists to spin whatever line they've got in order to create and sell newspapers or to get clicks to do their job that that's what they are paid to do they're paid to make stories and to and to create narratives and and the easier option for them is to go you know for Pacino but there's nothing that I can see in turn in black and white that's come from poach the club in any anywhere that linked him to that United job as strongly as as they are painting it and if they want to do that fine let them do that but you know all we can do is support poach while he's at our Football Club and unless Daniel Levy decides one day that he's not the right man for the job then I'm sure we'll know about it but at the moment he's toppings manager and he's doing a great job for us and that's why I like him to stay thank you very much I think the quote that they said although the involve compensation they said I need to pay 30 whatever it is million pounds conversation is based on buying out the rest of his contract that he's got a Spurs if he's on eight and a half million pounds over a year or something there's one journalist film Nolte tweeted on the 18th so two days ago is it against the rules to suggest poached you know might look at the control he has it Spurs to stake the squads and the faster the last few years at Manchester United and to think better off where he is he has no be has no personal relationship would like he does with Daniel Levy he's going there and starting from scratch all over he's go you know he's built something here he's inches away from getting us into that Stadium no no no why would he chuck it all down the drain to start all over again I understand that management want new challenges but that's only if they can't see that you know the end game at their at the cut Club that they're already at you can't get a more exciting Cup than us at the moment in terms of what the future looks like in and how and how good things are looking for us at the moment I don't see why he would choose to Jack it all in after working so hard for all those years to build us up to where we are to then go do you know what it's been great enjoy your stadium I'm gonna go to make it out and start all over again it just doesn't make sense really doesn't I mean money talks at the end of the day money talks in football and and ultimately you know if the money's on the table it gives ponch a question to ask but only only pot is integrity which would would determine whether he would then choose to say yeah I'm gonna go for the money but he doesn't strike me as that sort of person he's very loyal I think agree with everything that both you've said I just add to what you said that there's no doubt that there is more there'll be more money available United for pochet II know to spend on signings Veni words habits verse but I think he would have he has more autonomy Spurs I can remember as well possibly both you mention the fact that he's got the relationship expert with levy thought doesn't have that not just a really a good really good working ratio between those two but there is no way in the world that levy would would want Bochy know to go there no way in the world that levy would want us to slightly different situation but remember what will sit god for 2012 how many years ago was that seven almost years ago beginning of 2012 when when I read that was linked with the England job that was destabilizing for for the club and a different situation different manager I think certainly Harry dear old Harry did have it sized awning England job I don't think that levy what a wants to repeat of that scenario for the remainder of the season we're and I think the property no is thought guy that's gonna be focused on the job in hand but also I think levy complete contrast a backbend when come the end of the season levy sex Harry I don't mean he's gonna do that support II know that's always good working relationship there he's got he's built up the club in his image that's what pushes a nice Dennis first and I mean any Scot out on me which he wouldn't have an Old Trafford and also why would he go why would he swap the likes of out of our land baton burn and young emergent talent like forts and Sanchez for the likes of Linda Linda fucking whatever it is by is it a chocolate is that what that Lind mouthful in chocolate anyway but by he's more worse than that Smalling Jones etc Valencia whose a right winger playing it right back and Ashley Young whose left winger who's the wrong side of 30 and it's playing a left back but doesn't have a left foot and should be she loves in the frame really sold why would he swap any of that force purse it to me makes no sense whatsoever and I think also he's not won any if I'm gonna be really critical of what should see no and I he's a fantastic manager fantastic coach he hasn't won any trophies isn't won any trophies in his career so why would forget about United whether they want but whether they want him or not they've already been there with Morris I'm not suggesting that bullshit II know it's moist but boys did a really good job at Everton with limited resources a different sort of job support you know you haven't won any trophies and he went to united and he failed I don't think that bachi Tino would fail in the way that boys did but the fact remains he's not won any trophies I honestly think the pasta you know will be its worst for a good few more years yet he'll win some trophies and then maybe at some point maybe if he's not content if he's not content anymore and he's bored of winning trophies and he wants a new challenge then at that point he might say right I'll I will take over another club I can't really see it being another English club I think it's more likely to be someone like Madrid or PSG a new challenge somewhere else in a different country I just don't foresee that he would why would he lose first simple I just don't everything's there he could one and I don't think we as a club I think we would resist any moves by by United or anyone else we whether that's Madrid's I think we've I'm sure will come knocking again I think we'll leave a strong-minded chairman the only spot the salami I could see its approach to Tino himself just to turn to leave he instead I want to join United but I just can't say that I really calm and I'm not I know people might think well first family's his first pot Hasan I'm not gonna say anything otherwise but I really don't think that's likely to happen if you've anyone knows what should see know and if you've read his book and have some understanding of the man he's not somebody who's I think he's he's not disloyal I mean loyalty for him is an important thing I don't think he's he's a mercenary or somebody's gonna jump ship he was really pissed off the car walker wasn't he when he announced that he wanted to leave in the middle of the season yeah he was really pissed off okay so why on earth would he go and do exactly the same thing yeah I mean wait the way he managed of Letty and you know you said he couldn't join you know manage Barcelona and was whichever club it is that he wouldn't go back to you he said he's got I got blood on his chest and he won't manage think the only club that would tempt him would be PSG because he played for them they would be the club that would tempt him a later time I don't think he would go to another English club free because of his love for Spurs I don't think he's that kind of guy I don't even know if it'd go if you take the midget job simply because why would anybody want that headache why would you want that level of stress you take the Madrid job and a mess you sit down and you can win free Champions League trampled League trophies up on the spin and even him I think in his last season because I didn't do well domestically he was under a bit of pressure unless unless you do that it's a revolving door at me Trish he's putting himself in the firing line and he and you know he's putting him it would be putting himself in a position where he would get shot down simple as that you know the thing they're there they're baying for blood instantly unless you are you know 100 percent on it straightaway in every single competition to that to that that at that standard you have to be winning everything and you know poach like you say Jeff and I and I hate to be critical of Pacis records but you know it does spirit stuff that he hasn't won trophies only clipper then you know he managed to espagnole Southampton and the biggest Club is managing his career so far at us really in terms of being able to win trophies and in terms of the 1 to 11 or even the the the full squad that we have it's certainly capable but he hasn't quite got himself over the line yet and so you know he's a very very good manager but you sort of think of all the of all the managers that you know it could potentially line up you've got you know the likes of seemed yearning Atletico Madrid they've got to Dan who's at now out of a job you know Laurent Blanc people like that you know ancelotti ancelotti exactly there's so many names that are that are potentially you know just just as you know viable as poach but I think you know it's easy for the media to I mean they're not going to this is what you've just said jab which is complete sense talking hundred percent sense but you know what touches down and and and everything but that's not that's not what the media's paid to do the media's paid stir shit but really that's what that's what the job is and so they're their first port of call it's not to go the if the person we think is gonna get the manchester united job is gonna be Zinedine sad because he's currently out of employment but he's one that was one of the greatest footballers to ever play the game and you know what will get will get and stir a pot that doesn't need to be stirred more throw Potter's name in there and it'll cause under on undying havoc in two different clubs and it's it's a it's a it's it's a mug's going to read too much into it that's why I try not to I really try and avoid it at all cost if I possibly can I think if I was Edward would the yeah chairman yes I was Edwards word all the places or whoever it might be I would I would I would look to a manager who Scott's Premier League experience he's won a few trophies and I think they should look no further than Austin vanga finger in yes no he's out the job Allardyce right final Fink and we've got Chris Christmas around the corner and so we've got a question from Annette Smith who says what do you think Daniel spent two hours buying for Mauricio Christmas present by the look good thing today it was red wine and jumpers peaches fantastic that fij was so good yeah the dead yeah he is it makes me smile because it makes Daniel Levy look like a an evil genius who's got them all locked up somewhere in prison to some extent but yeah it'll be something expensive or it'll just be a big box of chocolates well we could it could be a player I think he was he he went over to me Teresa negotiates a pre-contract signing Gareth Bale now that's it so if we just quickly skip back to men United I think Sudan will go there and Bailey will go there is what I think will happen anyway so just quickly so what do we think of the rest of the fixtures over the Christmas break because the weekend I think I think if we'd be everton of the weekend there's a slim chance that we could be top of the league by January the first there's a there's a bold prediction why me why me is they're all they're all gonna be tough games is this next week coming up you know it's like it's like Delhi said the other night you know they're all going to be tough it's around this time where the fixtures are so thick and fast that you know you you're almost having to adjust the team for one one going to the next and it's going to be a case of rotating and and seeing what options we have available and who's coming back from injury and you know it's going to be tough but you know we have to go and try and win every single game and even if it's you know by those horrible scrappy won meals that are agony to sit through and and and bite your nails down to there's none left but all I care about in this next three games is getting as close to nine points as possible and if we can do that I'll be very happy and I have a wonderful Christmas but you know it's never quite that easy with the person but who knows I hope that we can get all three wins and leave ourselves in good stead going into the new year and then you know we'll see where we are in the table after Christmas but this is where it's going to be the toughest on our on our squad definitely we're going to be stretched and the hopefully a few of them will be coming back so that's all good news with returnees and and things like that because Sanchez invoice should be coming back in so it shouldn't be a case if i'm tralana ben david's to send it back but he did do a very good job last night if I just can add back in there quickly he drew half and we don't even mention Sony's Oh leader my word Paul Blake I think we're gonna get full full fashion points from those three days yeah yeah I think I think we will as well honestly I think we just we gotta have a stellar Christmas right and all that's left me to say next podcast will be when we're recording this weekend it will be a week Sunday Sunday the 1st of December my guess on that occasion will be David for now and just nickel Thank You Suri thanks Jeff thanks John have a good Christmas have a good Christmas saying likewise you – thank you John thank you all thank you all Merry Christmas and until a week Sunday all that's left for me to say this North London mr. ass [Applause] [Applause]

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