“How long till opportunity meets preparation?” Nipsey Hussle queries on “Dedication,” a track from his long-awaited ’Victory Lap’ album. “It’s just speaking to the convo you have with yourself when you outside of the opportunities… [when] your actions and your mentality are success, but the reality of your situation isn’t.” The L.A. rapper whose entrepreneurial acumen has been celebrated for years spoke about how he “Hustles and Motivates” during a recent visit to MASS APPEAL HQ. The rapper who changed the game with the business model on his ‘Crewnshaw’ CD revealed how he overcame tremendous odds. “I’m supposed to be in jail today—there’s a whole prison complex,” he reflects. “As an artist there’s a business model that exists to prevent you from having ownership.” Step inside the studio and take this victory lap with Nip right now.

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there's a line on the erector you say how long the opportunity he's preparation yeah I need some real nigger reparations before I run up in your bank just for recreation yeah it's just speaking to like the the combo you have with yourself when you when you outside of the opportunities but you you know your your actions and your mentality are success but the reality of your situation is and you know they were looking at other rappers and comparing you and saying it's been so long right what happened right I mean you know so much underlying events that took place in between me leaving Epic Records and Crenshaw coming off real life thing Street shit you know I never really got written about cuz we doesn't belong in front page my brother going to the penitentiary I was getting raided us having real war in the streets it was heavy he was knee-deep in some real and it was about surviving in defending our you know opportunities and so that took a toll on the music in the productivity I'll never make moves under pressure I try not to Crenshaw I've said this gonna be the first time I'll give my fan base to directory so if you want to reciprocate for the inspiration that I give me over the course of these five mixtape here's how you do it private pay $100 CD come to the public shop so you know I have won over enough people that we sold out the first thousand in the first day my all intentional just get two people talking about I want everybody you know the right why's he charging money will make you think it's work for honey I was at the time when Jay was doing the Magna Carta no rules thing I think it resident finally going to harp great new business models in hip hop I'm conscious that there's a intentional pushback from allows that we could unpack each one of those people that look like me yeah opposed to being jail or dead it's a whole prison complex you know I'm saying then you think about as the artist there's a business model that exists in the music industry to prevent you from having ownership to prevent you from being a partner in the lion's share of the profit the value is created in content so I think of us as hip-hop artists we create content but we don't have a wide product line you go to Disneyland I got tons of products ears and all Disney Mickey everything so that's that's the vision behind the marathon store it was more natural and it resonated at a higher frequency to put it on crunch on Slauson just because of the significance of that corner I've been hustling on that corners I was 15 we all started right there we pop the trunk and was was grinding on that corner from the kids for teenagers I had to fight before we hustle and it made us tough early nineties neighbors rooster used to wake us up mama had a bucket and a Shack the way make a fuss no curious and passionate early about just creativity and you know being productive and out of frustration how I fell into the streets to park of my generation young black nigga trapped and he can't change it you know your genius he just can't claim it because they left him no platforms to explain it he frustrated so he get faded but deep down inside he know you can't fade him and I've had that thought myself and I'm sure these young people coming up trying to put two and two together deal with that you know so I was just honest reflection on my mentality before I was I was embraced by music and you know got recognized and started to make money off of my art when I said to park of my generation pakal's was highly intelligent but in our culture street culture especially his generation intelligence was viewed as a form of weakness how do you get the people that's really affected by you know what we trying to solve involved and I think parks intention was to do that we don't got no note no means to go get it you know I mean other than our little pistols and handguns we gotten choppers and all that these niggas got millions of dollars institution set up but that's the culture where we come from we are conscious of each other's movements on the West and uh what was dope about Kendricks success to me is that he became such a commercial success it never really made commercial product I nothing like you fucking someone I love it I always respect when people find out balance you know you may just make such a concentrated art that is undeniable we could be intentional and strategic as we as we want to be but at the end of the day we all are moved by next-level art and even you look at the albums that really sold 10 million you look at Miseducation of Lauryn Hill looking like Tracy Chapman even Adele you listen to Adele and you like you know had to be a fan of no genre this is just powerful words incredible music sincere delivery and I think that was my goal with victory lap is to just deliver on that level not until the parameters of a genre just to say you know this is really feeling this is really some truth I believe that's the most effective approach to be successful [Applause] cut the backs out

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