what this is a the shard which is in in front of us it stands around I think a thousand and sixteen feet in a higher which is three hundred nine meters it's got eleven thousand glass panels there's 72 habitable floors and the other 15 floors make up the the spire at the top but yeah absolutely amazing views of London especially at nighttime and as you can see at the top that blue sometimes flashes are also wire and also I think red as well at the moment it's having a bit of a bit of a laser light show which is quite nice to look at and also inside you got a luxury hotel you've got a swimming pool on one of the higher floors you got restaurants and bars and I think it attracts around 6,000 visitors per day yeah it's absolutely fantastic inside amazing place that the views are absolutely stunning especially sort of nighttime yeah let's have a little look at the ice given off a little light show at the moment so zoom in you

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