This is the remarkable moment that a former bank robber called the most senior police officer in Britain to complain about how he is treated by officers.

mix on the Isle of Dogs go ahead Nick morning Mick I'm gonna run the place service they're not just one of no cattle things I mean I've got no reason to like the place but I would not do their jobs for a simple reason what you just talking about respect this I don't see why bloke okay I've gotta do his job I'm one of them but my point is this I'm an old faith I'll VIN and whatever you want to call me but I'll be frightfully twenty years but when I moved up north for the air show to the place up north it's totally different to the men in what way I got pulled a couple of times out there because the work with is involved in a suicide of the voice from London when they I used to connect they still do it but they CRO yeah and where my record come back I mean there was a little bit funny but there was that is friendly they didn't try and make you a dick you were still doing what you done years ago and what do you what happens in the met briefly Mick a fella they got stopped soon as they see are owed me they've been are you standing next to him blah blah blah he's extremely violent it's that now that's not news firearms and the old attitude are the opposite of pulled boulders changed and one of you had used firearms in the past just means you had use forums a burner well I I understand what you say Mick I mean it's difficult to draw conclusions from one or two experiences I mean my experience having worked in the north and being from the north I'm being a South I think broadly officers try and be similar in both areas there's no doubt if you get information that some has got previous convictions it modifies your attitude you're more suspicious to be honest then even then though I would expect people whether somebody's got a criminal background or not to betray reasonably and professionally I don't expect people to be are you can put them on guard in a way that with what you have experienced a suspect but if you'd used a gun you can hardly be surprised that coppers are gonna be a little bit wary of you do we yes are you the one who went into banks with guns a lot in the north you're pretty generous actually I know it's a stigma you'll never get rid of the offices especially establisher and I mean now cockney accent blah blah blah but when you come back on the radio what I've been done for using guns friendly I mean what I agree with you me I think regardless of someone's past we ought to try and treat people reasonably professionally but I can understand I think we all probably I think you're saying you can understand that there's an initial reaction when you find out soon he's got a significant criminal past and you are trying to work out I don't know the reason you would stop by so you put on guard it's my only point but even then I'd expect to be trade reasonably

50 thoughts on “The Remarkable Moment A Bank Robber Called The Met Police Chief Live On LBC

  1. This copper is a complete cock the uniform goes to their heads!! He'll come across very nice on air but meet half these dicks in th street they think they own us wankers

  2. Yeah, using guns, yeah but you were using guns.
    Twenty/ thirty years ago yeah.
    Yeah but you are bound to make them nervous when you have used guns in the past.
    Ok, ok stop with the baiting, what did you do back then, I bet you have a past you regret.
    What's done is done, especially if it's such a long time ago, it should have come up as dormant,

  3. Errr, I think the ex bank robber needs to get his head out of his arse. He was lucky the police in the north were kind, he didn't deserve to be treated in a friendly way. Polite, yes, professional, yes. But he doesn't deserve to be treated in a friendly way everywhere he goes.

    Just because you've changed doesn't mean the slate is wiped clean.

  4. Interesting he didn't actually detail any mistreatment from the southern cops. He's just upset that they didn't kiss his arse and have giggly banter with him. What an entitled twat. The police are not air hostess's. There not obliged to make you feel good about yourself.

  5. winter is comming… yeah well that is what is bonding the community up north together. Joining the night´s watch provides absolution for past crimes and from further punishment… THAT is the North.

  6. I expect a few murderers could say, " I have been clean for 30 years" Don't break the law and your past won't follow you. How simple is that.

  7. This caller clearly thinks he shouldn't pay his dues for his past life. Good for him that he changed but if you carry a gun you should carry that on you for the rest of your life. It was his decision to attain one, nobody else's. Some (most) people never take responsibility for the actions and just want to blame everybody else.

  8. What is wrong with British English fucking can't understand most of what he just said. Fucking stop blowing air after each word. Although the cop had a clear voice and spoken like a gentman .

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