The Prince of Wales makes a speech at the New Buildings in Old Places conference at St James’s Palace in London. In his speech, His Royal Highness called for the historic landscapes of the United Kingdom to be protected.

present country looks to be in the midst of one of its periodic building booths and in an ancient land such as our own we cannot help but build the new amongst the old we owe it to the people of this country to do infinitely better and that is the purpose of today's conference to try to learn from the past and take the best ideas forward as we build what will become tomorrow's heritage today now it seems to me the following ideas might conceivably be worth following up first of all recognition that sustainability actually means building for the long-term 100 years rather than 20 years secondly because of this it is worth building in an adaptable and flexible manner reassessing and reusing existing buildings wherever possible third LEED is worth building in a manner that fits the place in terms of materials used proportion and layouts and climate ecology and building practices falsely it is worth building beautifully in a manner that builds upon tradition evolving it in response to present challenges and utilising present-day resources and techniques and finally it is worth through understanding the purpose of a building or group of buildings within the hierarchy of the buildings around it and responding with an appropriate building type and design and while we're talking about principles let's just consider for a moment if we may the issue of taller buildings in our historic towns and cities and especially in and around the United Kingdom's 27 World Heritage Sites in this area I very much fear we're repeating the mistakes of the 1960s but doing so with even greater hubris and efficiency so the key point I want to make less dockland is I'm not opposed to all tall buildings my concern is that they should be considered in their context in other words they should be put where they fit properly if clustered then the virtue of height becomes something that can in the hands of creative architects be truly celebrated this solution so clearly the case in Manhattan or la différence in Paris requires locations were intrusion into historically protected views either at height or the street level can be avoided and is therefore difficult to justify in places such as the City of London where the pressure to build at height is often greatest

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