I'll thing Liz is an hysterical witch hunt and I have to say it is having some success because it clearly is worrying something goodbye like listen I'm not interested in talking to Carol kill one of the Guardian who's been a whole series of extraordinary claims about me and of course of course Julian Assange when I was purely doing that for LBC I've got time for one last quick caller

40 thoughts on “The moment Nigel Farage hangs up on The Observer's Carole Cadwalladr during LBC show

  1. Quite correct, that awful liar of a woman has her medium to say what she likes. Now the poor deluded woman wants to take over other people's mediums. This show is for the public to call in and have their voices heard not some nutter of a lady who loves the sound of her own voice who already has a platform.

  2. Given today's article, it would appear Carole is not beyond a bit of subterfuge herself when trying to speak to her nemesis. But, hey, Guardian, you don't mind your staff lying, do you?

  3. Proof indeed of what an intractable buffoon this short tempered racist is. This loser of seven (Yes 7!) Attempts to get into parliament. He should stick to his mansion and play with his toy soldiers! LOL

  4. Typical Farage, cowardly and runs away when challenged by someone he knows he can't fool with his lies and fabrications, he prefers to speak to his adoring sheep who ring up and bleat their praises and rabid ignorant nonsense, always good for a laugh but also worrying we have so many poorly educated and really rather stupid people in society, but without them Farage wouldn't have anyone to vote for him. When did anyone ever hear of an educated person voting UKIP?

  5. When Nigel Farage was asked on the ITV (only TV station with B*ll's) UK Referendum debate about the those sex attacks by a young woman in the audience Nigel Farage gave a Frank and honest reply.
    Did the then PM David Cameron get asked that question and give an honest reply, I don't think so what happened to freedom of the PRESS or TV media these days and that's why GOOD people like Nigel Farage in my eyes saw the UK Referendum result go the way it did.

  6. Maybe Carole should try reporting on some real news like the migrant in France or was it Italy? That threatened to kill TOMMY ROBINSON? COME ON Carole what about the sex harassment and attacks that took place in Sweden and Germany by migrants when are you really going to report on some real news. STOP bashing Nigel Farage, YOU Carole should and start reporting on those who repress the truth from the UK people.

  7. Well when this is all said and done we will have one more reason to laugh at Democrats. Mueller/Hillary/liberal media will have to go back to the old drawing board and break out their Acme rocket.

  8. Dear me, some of the comments here provide an apt view of how blindly misled Brexit voters can be. Not giving someone the time of day is frankly why this country is so divided.

  9. The standard of UK journalism is at a all time low, I don't blame him for not talking to her, They are like a nasty school girl who twists things in the playground, just to make life difficult for anyone she does not like, in the end you go silent every time they are around, nasty people!

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