A team of 180 talented Madame Tussauds sculptors, hair artists and colourists have worked hard for a year to create this epic Star Wars experience – find out how we brought the Star Wars universe to life in our full behind-the-scenes video.

the Star Wars experience at Madame Tussauds is a whole brand new area it comprises of 11 sets with 16 brand new characters from episodes 1 6 and it is an immersive experience it will feel almost as if you're in the films you'll be able to interact closely with the characters we had a team of sculptors here and colorist and costume experts go over to the Skywalker Ranch so we were able to take photographs and measurements of the real thing so having gone all of our material we then start sculpting I did the head of Princess Leia I then get approximately four or five weeks to work on the portrait using all the material that we've then got so the clay heads are molded using a Rey traditional method called the plaster piece mold who use plaster to make between 13 and 17 individual pieces that make up the entire head and then it's ready for the lights we melt between 10 or 15 liters worth of wax and then individually colored for every single head then it's ready to go up to like Spanish ready parent session there's 10,000 hairs in the head so it's going to take us four weeks to insert the full head it's made out of human hair and we insert it individually Chewbacca has been our most difficult challenge we've color matched him from the original film we've used real yak hair so it's got a real different texture to Luke's and there's been a whole suit knitted for him and there's been a team of ten of us that's had to take different sections of his body and that's taken over 800 hours one of the most exciting aspects of this project Montes or to sob viously the lightsabers we've worked very closely with Lucasfilm replicating them exactly from film reference to create the costumes we went to the Skywalker Ranch to the archive and were able to handle original costumes and props from the film which has been the most amazing resource it means we've been able to create the most accurate costumes and props for every single fabric we had to and get them signed off by Lucasfilm so they're as close if not exactly the same as the originals especially for the prequel trilogy we've had professional breakdown artists come in to break them down as well so they look like they've been on Tatooine they look like they've been in battle you what you will be surrounded by sort of physical effects and light effects and sound effect you like the sound of the lightsabers we worked very closely with a Lucas approved maker for Darth Vader who has used casts from the original costume to make ours every detail will be completely screen accurate to the film down to the smallest scratch on his helmet it takes a week to color every head that we do we use artists or your paints building up layers lots and lots of layers to get the skin effect that we're after sometimes it's dry brushing on to get a sort of a more matte effect or if we want a kind of broken skin effect we'll use a technique called spattering and you'll get a kind of airbrush kind of effect so it's as real and as accurate so how it looks in the film as possible I personally have been waiting eight years to paint a Harrison Ford and it's really amazing that it's actually Han Solo as well so it's a been a great privilege to be honest what's really great with the attraction is that it's an interactive experience so with Han Solo you can sit opposite him in the cantina see you can meet Darth Vader doing the I am your father scene you can see him also dueling with Luke Skywalker with the lightsabers there's c-3po r2d2 we've got the duel of fate scene you'll be able to see Princess Leia and Jabba the Hutt and there's even a part where you can go into the cockpit of the Millennium Falcon and and experience going into hyperdrive with Chewbacca so there are lots and lots of different areas and it's an immersive experience so you'll really feel like you're your part hoping

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  1. Hello my name is Kevin green field and I'm a massive star wars fan and Ive got a question to ask you guys n gals, how long did it take to make and prepare the statues and make their costume,s ?

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