Here’s some exclusive footage of the making of Bobby Moore’s wax figure, recently launched at Madame Tussauds London!

so we met probably more originally in 1971 II did a sit-in for us back then we collected a lot of images measurements of him at that time and then what we've also added all their research and development stuff with the actual match the 1966 Cup final so he can get a real good idea of his look his physique and everything about him at that period of time once the clay heads all finished we'll then take the head down to mold in where a special plaster mold is made a piece mold we call it it's very much like a jigsaw that can be put together afterwards and we'll then pour the wax into that mold and we're left with a hollow wax cast of Bobby's head the wax head then goes to hair insertion where every hair will be painstakingly individually inserted with a fine needle thousands upon thousands of hairs inserted until we've got the exact look and fill it will be then taken off to coloring the coloring process takes about a week where the paint will use oil-based paints to give fine washes of color on the face until we build up layer by layer the perfect complexion and his look on the day of the cup final so they have it the whole process from start to finish this takes us roughly about three months to make all done looking like you did in the World Cup final 1960 you

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