THE LAST LONDON VLOG ๐Ÿ’”๐Ÿ’”. You guys have seen me share my experience living in London but i finally had the excuse to show you how I would do a weekend here since so many of you have asked! We decided to forego the big touristy things (Big Ben, London Eye, Buckingham Palace) because I wanted to show them spots I absolutely love and I think are more worth spending time doing.
For more London goodies (restaurant guide, cafes, where to go out (coming soon!)) check out ๐Ÿ’‹ MUAH!

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if you have been following along with my semester you will know that I am abroad this semester and I've been doing it tons of weekend trips around Europe and sharing them with you this weekend however it's actually not a weekend but it's three days we're gonna call it a weekend is very special because not only is it my last three days in London but my parents are also gonna be here make the most out of their time and my last time here I planned an epic three days for us I'm really excited to show you guys what we do because I know the city the best out of everywhere I've been I really think that this is gonna be a good guide if anyone is coming to London for three days I think this is how you should do it I'm so excited for the upcoming three days it's kind of organized geographically without further ado here is the epic guide to an amazing London weekend ready to vlog ready let's blog baby let's vlog your song I got my parent we dropped her stuff off at our Airbnb which is in Notting Hill which is one of my favorite spots you guys are looking for somewhere to stay that's a great area and right now we're headed to the National Gallery to welcome my parents to London and the British culture I took them to a pub for lunch so we're getting fish and chips and I'm gonna show you around I took my parenting garden in the background you can hear sweet warmer basically this area is just a shopping but it's very British and I thought it'd be fun for them to see it you should come here they probably won't be very happy if I'm sharing this insight but if you want we just happened to walk by my favorite candy store called sugar send really good just saying we ultimately had decided not to go but we walked through wine bar which it is a really cool spot the bar itself is kind of Cavey bonus night an entire walking downtown and I'm okay he's got it all figured out what they all say yeah for dinner I wanted to take them a Q one of my favorite spots it feels like it's hidden but everyone knows about it it's called Neal's Yard it's essentially a courtyard with a bunch of restaurants that you can pick from I think we're gonna go to Home Slice which is a success story here but it's a very cute area to offer our sorry we were done with the dinner but we had a little bit of energy left in us so we headed back to our area in Notting Hill and we came to Churchill arms which is a really cool pub that's designed on the outside seasonally so we're gonna go and get a pint good morning it is day two so we have some fun stuff planned we're heading out right now right now we're heading at to farmgirl which is in Notting Hill my friends have been there a few times for breakfast and they really liked it so we're gonna head there and I'll tell you what I think yeah one girl was great it was delicious I feel like we ordered pretty well now I'm gonna take them even though it's raining as it always is I'm gonna take them to chopped in Notting Hill just so they get that whole Notting Hill experience and then I want to head to the advertising at Museum a little bit out of the way from everything else we're doing today but we had extra time so I brought my parents to the Tate Britain which is one my favorite museum if you guys have extra time definitely check out tape written debate water every like cool pieces we're going to use our oyster words to go on the – but to go to Camden Market the best way to travel when you're in London is using Oyster Card this will get you up the tube and also the buses and I just use Google Maps which ones I should be taking but the more you can get the more you start to understand the law but cheapest and fastest and easiest way to get around London goobers or anything – it's not very we are now at Camden Market yes we are see for Camden Camden Market yeah if a food market and they also have stores and they also Keon will place an is also on a man-made waterway that sits upon area to the floor this one can be so here we are tickety-tack in the ratchet we have a hands tight treat us like we we can run away to another place is no need to worry your brain must say good morning it is not only in my parents hospital day here but it's also my last full day here in London so I wanted to hit all of my favourite spots today and just make it the best last day so right now we walked from our Airbnb to Hyde Park which is one of my favorite spots especially when it's nice out so we're just exploring the yards and the different gardens and everything even here fountains behind me yeah we're starting off our morning in this beautiful environment we got back from the park and freshened up a little bit and now we are headed to sketch London which is a famous tea place I already went there last year but I feel like my parents are going to love it so we're going to take the tube there and I'll see you when we get there while you drinking it away on my first day fade away fade away nothing far to say that's how I be head passing up the same waking up the same so I took my parents to kingly corpse and the Carnaby Street area there's just cute stores even if you okay did you be okay we just finished up walking around a kingly Court area and became Selfridges and it's not raining and everything is closed and London after 6:00 at all one issue at London now we're walking into the welcome collection which is kind of an all meat Gallery and they change what they're showing every few months or every month actually so we're going to go over there before we head to dinner doing things for me like you me birthday I'm sorry I don't feel the same way back day I just wanna be doing shit you won't give me it's just Harvey had our be had I I'd be high even if you weigh okay it'll be okay even if you pay okay there to be

25 thoughts on “The London Weekender Guide | Margot Lee

  1. I live in the Notting Hill area. It's nice for a day or two, but if you live there for all of your life as I have, it gets boring. And why don't tourists go the lesser known parts of London; not Tower Hamlets, where Sharia Law rules with an iron fist. There are nice parts of London, less-touristy.

    POLITICS! And thanks to Sadiq Khan, the Mayor of London, London is a stab-fest. Instead of spending ยฃ300k on a โ€˜pool partyโ€™ again while moaning about having no money to tackle knife crime, he's a joke. He only got elected as London Mayor to better his chances of becoming the prime minister one day; and when that day comes, it will be the end of London as we know it. Sorry for the tangent.

  2. Just a word of advice, pubs are not the place to order fish and chips, especially if you're trying them for the first time. Always go to a decent fish and chip shop, or "chippy" as we call them, if you want an authentic experience.

  3. Love this! Thanks so much for the ideas…. actually taking a trip there at the end of the month to scout out some schools and see some stuff with my mom!! Will definitely check some of these places out while we are there

  4. Margot Lee….as I have said on another of your vids, the artistic capture and editing, and mood, makes for very pleasant viewing, but it would be nice to see more of each section and, with some extra description as to how things were, and how your parents reacted to things….
    Your dad is super cool and I'll bet he is a brilliant "Dad Dancer"…lol!

    I hope this doesn't offend, but you are so ridiculous…..
    ……ly beautiful, and I hope the rest of your trip was even more enjoyable….x

  5. Honey, I love you and I'm so fricking happy you had the opportunity to study in London and take us along with you! Buuut Margot can you please stop saying "Nodding Hill" aha, it's pronounced No-tt-ing hill ! ๐Ÿ˜˜โค๏ธ

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