Sermon preached today @ Naioth Baptist Church

okay so let's turn together to Matthew chapter 5 this often in Matthew chapter 5 this afternoon Matthew 5 thanks Costa for reading our passage for emphasis sake let me read one verse that's verse 41 Matthew chapter 5 verse 41 the Word of God saves us this is Jesus speaking it says this and whosoever shall cook shall compel thee to go a mile go with him Twain let me do that verse again and whosoever shall compare thee to go a mile go with him Twain now do you know why people don't really take take Church seriously today in 2018 why there's such a decline in church attendance across across a whole bunch of churches the main reason why is churches today who are failing to connect with the communities they're in they're failing to connect with the individuals in in and around where the church resides you know and so you tend to find that a lot of churches today are filled with an older generation the older generation and usually the older generation go to church because it's become part of church tradition it's not so much old you know they're convinced about this they just go with pet silly because that's what I've always done and you find a younger generation have left the church and they're finding other avenues they're finding other ways to and other groups to be part of and so on and so forth you know it's it's even funny with our church now our church has been run for seven months you know I mean and so when I even fully established here but I've heard so many people say to me all your church has so many young people in it I'm not really I mean for me it doesn't even resonate because I'm like I don't really see all the young I mean it's just at a church but so many of them say that to me or other pastors when when I started oh you have so many young people in your church and why is that it's because for them you know they don't really have that many because and it's because many there's a huge disconnect with the young people and the community and the church itself they just a church without really being part of a part of the community now when we come to Jesus Christ his life the reason why Jesus Christ was so effective in his ministry I mean he didn't cost a spell on people you know he wasn't doing it by just his power he wasn't forcing people to follow him the reason why Jesus Christ his ministry was so powerful and so effective it was because he did two things so so well he ministered spiritually to the people but he also sought to meet their physical need as well so it was both and there was a balance the spiritual and the physical need as well and so because of these two things people were flocking around him and to be honest every church should seek to have that as its goal should seek to fulfill the spiritual needs and the physical needs of people as well as best as you can I'm not saying go out there and do something crazy but we should be able to go that extra mile it's why I read Matthew chapter 5 verse 41 because that's where we get the term from going the extra mile for somebody somebody needs help hey seek to help that person out and even if it's possible go a little bit further go a little bit further seek to help that person out that's why Jesus Christ his ministry was so so effective he didn't cast the spell on people he was just a personally balanced both of those needs and if you think about organizations today or other church groups why they so popular were speaking by spec nation earlier why if spec nation so popular today in 2018 why does have hundreds and hundreds of young people flocking to that to that church you know that that's the whole church or why is the Salvation Army so popular why is Mormonism so popular why is the Nation of Islam so popular doctrinally speaking we are in contradiction I mean we don't believe what they believe I mean they teach falsehoods they teach false doctrines but something they do better I believe that most biblical inscription true four churches the fact that they offer tangible physical tangible to people they help to change people's lives in such a way to to change their everyday struggle which makes people attracted to them then let's just saying having the truth and then going away and still struggling and still being and that an environment of struggling so three things I've noted which is key to why these groups and these other types of churches are so popular is this food clothing and shelter food clothing and shelter even if you can offer one or three of these these dis goes a long way in attracting people to you now we as a church as I said we're not a very big church we are growing we've only been established for seven months and so we don't even have the programs or we don't even have programs in place that do anything like that but individually as believers we can seek to be helpful people to others we should seek to go that extra mile to help people whether in the church whether outside we as believers should foster this mindset of saying you know as a believer let me help you even if it takes a little bit out of me financially on my time or my attention even if I have to provide something for you or just help you out you know help you with job interview hope with your CV hope with something doing something for somebody is gonna go a long way in helping that person to identify with you more and help to strengthen what you teach them why because you're backing what you're saying let's go to James chapter two quickly James chapter two when it comes to James chapter two I mean we've spoken about James chapter two many times but oftentimes when you speak about James chapter two we often speak about it within the context of salvation right we speak about it within the context of salvation we always try to explain James chapter two in relation to salvation you know how it doesn't teach that you have to work to be saved it's it's by grace it's by faith and and that's correct one hundred percent but oftentimes because we're always lacking it oh because was comparative salvation we actually forget that James is really trying to teach us a fundamental thing about our faith a fundamental thing about Christianity let me read a couple verses there from verse 15 the Word of God says is for that general I'm in James chapter 4 James chapter 2 beginning from verse 15 the Word of God says this if a brother or sister be naked and destitute of daily food and one of you say unto them depart in peace be ye warmed and filled notwithstanding you give them not those things which are needful to the body what does it profit even so even so faith if it hath not works is dead being alone so as I said we often use these verses and other verses in relation to salvation but don't forget what James is trying to teach us the fact that if somebody comes to you and they have the need and you have a means of meeting that that need even in some way shape or form even if it's just helping them a little bit if they come to you the only thing you can say to me just hey depart in peace be you warmed and filled you know give them a an empty blessing you know give them the word but yet not fulfill their need to fear to to to eat then what does it profit you and what does it profit of a person you see so it's very important to understand that this is an integral part of being a Christian and living the Christian life going beyond and helping somebody going that extra mile and so I say all of this in a you know for the sake of introduction but this morning I want to preach about the the London knife crime problem the knife crime epidemic in London is crazy I mean it seems like every other week there's a situation happening and I feel as a church even though we're not big enough to really do something to really help people out I believe the first step was you take and really addressing this problem is preaching about it because we as a church we are in Southie the south of the Thames and most enough crime that goes on goes on south of the Thames it's happening rampant around us and so I believe as a church we as a church music community even if we can't do anything else we should be able to address this issue and speak about the opening I have never been in a church which is address this kind of situation and that's why there's a huge disconnect between the church and their community because you're not really speaking about things which affect people on a day to day life on a day to day basis you're not speaking about them you're just saying empty words without really addressing the issues which are playing on and on young people every single week and so this the title of sermon is the the London knife crime problem I'm gonna preach about it I'm gonna speak very openly about in our hope it'll be a blessing and even for us I hope it just puts you in the mindset of understanding that we as a community we need to have our hands on the pulse of what's going on in and around us because it does affect us in a major way let's pray together father God in heaven Lord we love you Lord we thank you for your word Lord I pray for these few moments or just help me to communicate the truth is placed in my heart Lord is a very difficult topic Lord so many lives have been taken so many young people have been killed out on the streets so many people are struggling with this Lord so many people are growing up in situations and backgrounds the war Lord where naff crime lord has affected the entire course of life and lord I just pray Lord that you may just help me to communicate what you place in my heart help me to teach your people home to feed your people Lord I pray for those who can't be with us today for whatever reason I play may bring him back at an extra point of time but lord I just thank you for those who were gathered and I pray they may listen intently in Jesus Christ in my play all men and then so before we dive into that let me just read you some some statistics about knife crime in London I'm not going to be able to read through everything but let me just give you a little snapshot or the situation we find ourselves in in 2018 in in February of 2018 more than fifteen knives and swords were seized across London in just one week and 283 people many of them teenagers were arrested for carrying them by auguste stabbings were reported on a nearly daily basis as the summer stabbing spree continued two men in their 20s were found with slash wounds in Kensington High Street in West London on June the 11th on the same day a man in his early 20s was left fighting for his life after being stabbed in Bermondsey South London that's where we are on June 12 a man in his 20s was nasty outside Tesco in Kensington West London and taken to hospital with stab wounds five days later a 15 year lord was rushed to hospital after being stabbed multiple times in southeast London on July 2nd a teenage boy was stabbed in the stomach of a 10 inch kitchen knife on a busy Islington Street ten days later Ekaterina Makarova 17 was found dead in a block of flats in Camberwell after a broad daylight attack now what's interesting about this is that she was killed outside a block of flats in Canberra the specific Street was Brisbane stream I live like literally two seconds away there's Brisbane Street and next to it is Drayton House you know any – any like grew grew up with us at Drayton house so she was literally stabbed very close to why I grew up up until I left uni you know so so Campbell was a very dangerous place in how I myself was in and around there but this 17 year old was stabbed just there so when I was seeing that Pater dismal house like this I used to run around as you play about this so it's very close to home witnesses desperately tried to give her first aid before paramedics arrived but she was pronounced dead less than an hour later a man believed to be in his 40s was stabbed inside a Leicester Square casino on July 16th the incident took place just before 5:00 p.m. on August 1st a 23 year old was stabbed to death in Campbell Wharf Campbell gets a camera gets a very bad rap the victim who was rapper in the drill group Moscow 17 was identified only by stay named incognito his real name is Sadiq Kamala by the way I knew some acquaintances of his because this group hangs around in wolf load and I've got a lot of wins and Warford is ruining me tsadikim agua he's a friend of a friend continually says two other men were also stabbed and were taken to hospital on August 5th 2018 and man in his 20s was found dead with multiple knife wounds in Cambridge Gardens Kingston upon Thames on August 17 a teen was disemboweled with a machete in Camberwell in a 30 strung gang fight and that same day a 42 year old man was stabbed to death and walk them for forwards to East London on August 24 for 23 year old was left in a critical condition after being knifed in toes Hill South London the same day a woman in her 60s was stabbed on a chariot closed around 9:15 9:50 p.m. and taken to hospital with non-life-threatening injuries on Sunday August 26 a 57 year old woman was stabbed several times at around 8:30 p.m. on August 27th avol Collingwood Williams 36 of both at East was charged with two counts of grievous bodily harm and intent and two counts of possession of an offensive weapon the same day a man was stabbed in his final day on the final day of the nothing hill carnival on August 28th a man in his thirties was rushed to a hospital of knife wounds after his three fight in Camden on September 5th the teen was rushed to hospital after receiving multiple stab wounds in a knife attack in Islington on bonfire night November 5th 2018 a 16 year old boy named John organ gob was stabbed to death in halls Hill South London the teenager's death marked at 250 F fatal stabbing in the UK he was known to be a local drew rapper called j7 a part of a gang called lower tolls Hill who rapped about drugs and violence now that's just a snapshot what's been going on only in 2018 I mean if we were to go back to 2015 you would see even more so there's a lot going on in our city to do with knife crime and if if I may be personal for a moment three years ago September no December the 6th 2015 my cousin we was killed he was stabbed to death outside a West one and this was in central London it was in a swanky restaurant he was there celebrating the party of a friend and there was some other acquaintances there an altercation kicked off and there was a fight over coats I think either him or his friend must have taken the wrong coat and a fight broke out and the fight spilled outside where my cousin was trying to dispel will was trying to stop the fight from happening and so he had his hands up trying to say hey look you know let's stop this and the guy ran up to him and reached for something in his waist which is of course a knife and he stabbed him there in his abdomen you know cut him open and he was left lying there and he succumbed to his injuries now this December this sick will make three years and even now it's a very difficult thing to talk about but let me tell you something that knife crime is a very real thing and every time I was reading this case I'll just thinking of my cousin if it feels it feels so much more personal when you know your family has gone through that you know and so the issue of knife crime is a very big thing and I don't personally believe that churches do enough to address this issue so let me try my best to just you know talk about it a little bit and just get some and just see from from the Bible what it has to say so the first thing I want to talk about is violence what fuels violence what makes people want to go out and kill and stab and just kill kill others over over silly things like a cult or a bell or a postcode you know what makes somebody want to go and be so violent let's let's see that from the Word of God now the word violence appears 56 times in the Word of God I'm not counting the word violence just violence the word violence appears 56 times if we go to Genesis after six let's see one of the earliest examples of violence of the Bible speaking talking about violence what does the word of God say and how did this whole violent attitude begin in Genesis chapter 6 beginning from verse 11 the Word of God says this the earth also was corrupt one know in fact before we begin in Genesis chapter 6 let's come back to Genesis chapter 4 well you guys can stay in Genesis chapter 6 out read from Genesis chapter 4 this is the incident with Cain and Abel and God how we dealt with this incident in Genesis chapter 4 beginning from verse 6 it says this and the Lord said unto Cain now this is after Cain had killed his brother Abel in cold blood verse 7 Lord said unto Cain why art thou wroth and why is thy countenance fallen well no it's just it's just before he kills Abel look at verse 7 if thou doest well shalt thou not be accepted and if thou doest not well sin laugh at adorned unto thee shall be his desire and thou shalt and thou shalt rule over him and so God speaks to Cain because Cain was upset that he brought an offering to God that God did not accept he accepted Abel's offering because it was a picture of one of the person who who will one day die the first thing of his Fluxx had the lamb which is a picture of the the Lamb of God that one day be slain for the sins of the world what they can do now Cain he came with with with an honest desire to please God but he just came with a wrong offering and so God tells him look him why are you so angry for why are you so what if you do good aren't I gonna bless you but if you continue this way sin lies at the door look at verse eight and Cain talked with Abel his brother and it came to pass when they were in there in the field that Cain rose up against Abel his brother and slew him and killed him in cold blood for no reason just the fact that Cain's offering was not accepted Abel's was he killed his brother look of us now and the Lord said unto Cain where a booth at Bravo and he said I know not am I my brother's keeper I mean why you ask him me good I mean I don't take health of abel don't come and ask me god that's his attitude look at verse 10 and he said what hast thou done came the voice of that brother's blood crieth unto me from the ground verse 11 and now are thou cursed from the earth which have opened her mouth to receive thy brother's blood from their hand when thou tillest the ground it shall not henceforth yield unto thee her strength a fugitive and a vagabond thou shalt be in the earth now we see here that Cain should have died for what he did Cain should have been killed for shedding his brother's blood but what God did was God had mercy on him and said okay Cain I'm not gonna kill you but you're gonna be a fugitive and a vagabond in this land yeah and anyone who seeks to kill you there's going to be a curse on that person so Cain was driven out it's the land but still carrying this guilt that he had killed his brother in cold blood and so that's the precedent of world what we find ourselves having Genesis chapter 6 now let's come back in Genesis chapter 6 beginning from verse 11 did this is a couple generations after now we find ourselves in a place where the whole place was filled with violence verse 11 and the earth also was corrupt before God and the earth was filled with violence and God looked upon earth and behold it was corrupt for all flesh had corrupted his way upon the earth look at verse 13 and God sends to know where the end of all flesh is come before me for the earth is filled with violence through them and behold I will destroy them with the earth and so god looked down and realized that the earth was filled with violence everything was corrupt there was so much happening and I'm sure there was so much killing going on why because Cain was pardoned for his sin and so because it was part of he went out into the world and no one else could take revenge on him God had made a clear no one kill Cain and so this attitude began to form in Atlanta obviously it's to simplify things why violence exists it's easy to say it's just because of sin and that's true violence exists because there is sin in the world because prior to the fall of man there was no such thing as death animals and Adam and Eve lived together animals were not fearful of many I mean everyone coexisted right but after the fall of man sin entered into the world and of course death by sin and coincidentally violence came because of that but I want us to be more specific what fuels this violence today in London what fuels this violence what makes people want to go out and take another young person's life because of a postcode because of a belt because of a coat and I want to talk about that quickly you know and so on the news it says what London is a violent place learning is becoming more and more violent but let's be honest there's nothing you under the Sun you know there's been violence since the beginning they've been many violent periods and human history to be honest in London England is a first world country and so we don't really experience violence and so I don't want you to get this one idea that London is a very violent place because if we compare London to other parts of the world even today true violence goes on there I mean people are getting killed people are getting bombed left front centre people's families are being destroyed every single day in London you don't really have that for most of us we live in peace even if we don't have everything we still have peace you know and so longing is not really a violent place it's violent to England's standards but in general it's not very violent place I could talk about many other violent places in the world but let's talk about what fuels knife violence and if anyone has studied criminology and I haven't studied it but I know a bit about it criminology speaks about the mindset of people why do people want to go out and commit crimes and and and it really boils down to a few things it boils down to a combination of poverty you know if you grew up in an environment which is poor and you're destitute and you don't have your daily bread and also if if you don't have no access to resources or you know all in education you know and so these kinds of things forms an environment where people grow up and they don't seem to have any other avenues to get out of it and so they they connect with other people in the in the same strugglin so they start to form cliques and gangs because these people are the only ones who really know what they're going through and so they start to form these gangs and what happens you are in an environment where there's no way out and you look your family needs to eat you know you have children you have parents they need to eat you're struggling so what you're going to do you're going to go out and you're going to take it and you have this pressure on you and you go outside and someone else makes fun of you because in your mind said the only thing you've come to see as a role model or this type of violent people are these hyper masculine examples of what being a man is and so you think that if someone disrespects you you're gonna take their life away I know because I grew up in that environment myself and what differentiates me between somebody who was stabbed and wasn't it wasn't because I was smart I was a very stupid teenage boy I made lots of dumb mistakes and look I could have taken a wrong turn at least spoken badly to the wrong person and I could have been stabbed very easy I was around the hours and gangs myself so I'm not trying to excuse myself outside and say why I escaped up because I was this person no it's simply by the grace of God to be honest it's ended by the grace of God if it was my time to go there's nothing that would have stopped that I would have died on one of those sheets I would have died in one of those trap houses I would have died doing being in the wrong car and so I don't want to alleviate myself as if I'm better than this but that is the honest truth people have this mentality where because they don't have anything else no education or access to resources or anything they feel they have to go out and form groups and cliques with people who resonate to them and go out and take another life because of half hyper-masculine role models and so we see that's that that's one of the major reasons why this happens on a constant constant basis and look you know this is across the board in the white community in the black community in the asian community in the chinese community and every single community there are factions of gangs and groups who under and their factions of violent places it's not just limited to just one group of people you know in every single group there are areas of violence and those things are what causes the environment for people to lash out but I want to talk about as well what what fuels violence and the other main reason wolf use violence is there's a lack of punishment for people who do violent crime let's go to Genesis chapter 9 Genesis chapter 9 now this is post the flood this Noah and his family have now come off the ark and they're going to reestablish mankind now yeah they're going to begin again and God having understood the nature of man what he knew anyway but having understood that what tends to happen if things are not taken care of if problems are not taken care of and if punishment isn't enacted he establishes the death penalty for murderers look at Genesis chapter 9 beginning from verse 6 why we read from verse 4 one I read from farmers to me this will give you more context this is God speaking every moving thing that liveth shall be meat for you even as the green herb have I given you all things and so God makes it very clear look everything that exists you can eat yeah every green herb every living thing but God makes a distinction here look at verse 4 but flesh with the life thereof what you talking about human beings workers when our animals when our animals we have a soul when we die our soul lives on with animals they die and they just go into the into the dirt you know we found the dead Fox in a bad garden this morning I was trying to argue with my wife for her to go pick up because I don't like that animals voice she was like no no so I really teni you're gonna have to help us get that dead fox out anyway animals don't have souls animals die and that's it but human beings we have a soul God breathing to us the breath of life and look at verse 4 but flesh with the life thereof which is the blood thereof shall ye not eat liquor verse 5 and surely your blood of your lives will I require at the hand of every beast will I require it and at the hand of man at the hand of every man's brother will I require the life of man look over sex whoso sheddeth man's blood by man shall his blood be shed for in the image of God made him and so God makes it very clear look if somebody kills another person that person needs to be put to death you're never gonna really had I preached in churches today because Churchill asked me politically correct bill but that is the truth were fused violence there's no punishment yeah Cain wasn't punished for his crime what happened the land was filled with violence let's come to a New Testament let's see this echoed in Romans chapter 13 in Romans chapter 13 what is the role of government what is the primary role of government now you know john maynard keynes after the fall of the economy in the 1920s when about establishing Keynesian economics making government's have different roles that was never really given sommore was never really made to be part of government but if we bow down well what do what's the role of government it tells her in Romans chapter 13 I'll read from verse 1 the Bible says let every soul be subject unto the higher powers for there is no power but of God the powers that be are ordained of God saying that government is ordained by God now God doesn't put wicked people in government's let me just make that clear God doesn't put wicked people in government by the institution of the government is ordained by God and that and let's see how we know that God didn't put wicked people in government look of us to you whosoever therefore resisteth the power resisteth the ordinance of God and they that resist shall receive to themselves damnation October 3 for rulers are not a terror to good works evil government our terror to good works right they punish good people but say that for rulers not to terror to good works but to evil will thou then not be afraid of the power do that which is good and thou shalt have praise of the same liquor verse 4 for he is the minister of God to thee for good but if thou do that which is evil be afraid for he beareth not the sword in vain for he is the minister of God a revenger to execute wrath upon him that doeth evil so the Bible made clear clear that government is meant to reward the good and punish evil like wicked people should be afraid of what the sword they spoke about souls back then because that's how you were executed nowadays we have different ways but nevertheless government should be able to punish evil and wicked people violence runs rampant because punishment is not adequate punishment doesn't fit the crime listen the the person who killed my cousin three years ago he got 25 years in prison I don't think that's adequate to be honest you know I would have wants him to die I want so I would want them to be killed and so even though my cousin car can't come back a 23 year old who had a son who's gonna grow up without a dad even though he won't come back but punishment would have fit acremant that's what justice is the scales right why does justice have a blindfold and a skill what goes on one needs to balance the other 25 years does not balance out to death the only thing that balance out death is death and the Bible teacher this and so we see here that it's a lack of punishment as well so first of all as we said you know if I was speaking to Sadiq Khan because I think City Khan needs help anyway you know if he ever said to me hey you know I need help let's let me get a group of pastors let me just ask them what do we need well I would say first and foremost because a lot of his policies of reduced community centres and you know after-school Club these things what you give people just just an avenue to get all that pent-up anger and rage because they really don't have anything else a lot of they've been with you so I'll talk about that but secondly I'll talk about lucky capital punishment while I guess I wouldn't speak to city county ain't got really no power to do that but capital punishment or punishment needs to be put in place and this is why I'm waiting for the data when Christ comes and establishes his second coming and his millennial reign here on earth because he is the one who's going to execute judgment and justice because we nowadays don't know justice that's all we think going to prison you have being locked up as a cage is justice for death for killing something no that person needs to be executed so a lack of so a lack of of resources and education fuse it but secondly and most importantly its its it's the fact that punishment it's it's it's it's a it's a fact that you know there's no punishment for violent people but not just that I want to talk about this what's the solution to all of this because as I said we are a church and predominantly every church should be part of their community what can we as a church do or if we had the opportunities there if I do the resources on our hands how could we effectively help to change the situation that we find ourselves in here in Southeast let's talk about solutions so from a Christian perspective it always begins at the cross always begins with salvation yeah if we're ever gonna change people's minds and I'll set days people first will need to get saved don't need to get say they need to had a gospel in the needs ahead the truth they need to understand that there was more to life than just the physical needs there's more to life than draw music or taking someone's life or weapon your ends you know or having pride in it and in your group or your clique then the anisa begin at the cross we always start them so I don't want you to get this man said that you know this is a social gospel message because it's not no social gospel saves only Jesus Christ saves and it begins at the cross yeah and so we first will need to be in with with salvation this is why soul-winning is so important this one next year I'm gonna establish so willing times and marathons as well where where we'll come together we'll just go and we'll just tackle different areas because people need to hear that they are not animals if if every time you turn on the TV you're being told that you what you just evolved from a monkey then why are you gonna care if you take another person's life that's just another you know evolved animal right but we are follow up of animals we're not animals we are living people with living Souls God breathed into us the breath of life and so participating people need to understand that we as human beings we have it in a quality that's distinct from man and we need to talk about how salvation God loves them even if no one else in this world does God loves them and God will take care of him I remember for me how did I get out out of that and begin to focus on church because there were people around me who encouraged me who was that hey you know come come come with me to to midweek service come me to Sunday that's what got me out of the streets it wasn't because I was smart enough but there were people that who actively encouraged me who called me up hey Sam are you coming to church today hey come I'll come and pick you up and people encouraged me to get out as I'm speaking from experience but I know that that there are many people who I grew up with who I see every single day that did not have the same opportunities or had the same people around them like I did who could help them see that there's more to life than just what-what were you injuring so it begins with a Christian perspective understanding that it begins at the cross but not just that as I was saying earlier into in the introduction there has to be a way to meet the needs of people's worth we come to Luke chapter five think it I said why was Jesus classes ministry so effective is because he helped to the spiritual and the physical needs of his people now of course I'm not asking you to go out there and you know and go like befriender you know of some seminar in a gang and then do something crazy but you have to understand that if there's ways you can help people just just in general dad that's always going to speak louder than just words were because action speaks louder than just words in Matthew chapter 5 look reversed let's let's look together at verse 21 let's see the mindset of Jesus Christ why did he do the healing why did he heal people why did he help the physical as well as a spiritual look averse to anyone who Caesar and the scribes and the Pharisees began to reason saying who is this which speak of blasphemies who can forgive sins but God only so the Pharisees and religious leaders were looking to Jesus saying how dare this person just forgive people sins I mean only God can forgive sins which by the way it's because it is God in the flesh so you know he can forgive sin but what's important is Jesus Christ his reaction because he says look look I don't need to do anything else if I forgive people they are forgiven but I do something else for these people to help to show you not not just that I've got a power but also what I'm all about looking US 22 but when Jesus perceived their thoughts so these people were not even speaking out loud I mean Jesus was listening in their mind I mean you know that Professor X no could read their minds more than Jesus perceived their thoughts he aren't you said unto them what wheezing ye in your hearts I mean what you thinking guys look at verse 22 you whether is it easy to say that sins be forgiven thee or to say rise up and walk so Jesus makes a distinction it says look what what's easier for me to say that you simply forgiving or to rise up and walk what's he trying to say I'm healing this person to show you that I've got power to forgive sins now you won't believe me because of my words but through my actions you will know that I'm no normal man I'm no normal prophet and I came directly from God but that you may know that the Son of man hath power upon earth to forgive sins and so it says so that you may know that I forgive sins I'm gonna make this person I'm gonna heal this person's body so understand that when he was doing the healing what was he doing chapter two he was showing others yeah that it's not just my words but my actions as well I am truthful likewise for us today look salvation is by grace from faith yeah which is not a tangible thing right faith is not a tangible thing you can't hold on to faith right it's something you believe in your heart you confess with your mouth but how do we show others our faith by our actions right likewise we see Jesus Christ here I say unto thee why weed verse 24 again but that you may know that the Son of man hath power on earth to forgive sins he's safe unto the sick with the palsy I sent arise take up that couch and go into thy house look at verse 25 and immediately he rose up before him immediately I mean he was healed quickly and it took up that wailing heel and departed to his own house glorifying God look at verse 26 and they were all amazed and they glorified God and were filled with fear saying we have seen strange things today what do they say we have seen strange things if Jesus just said hey your sins are forgiven that would have been adequate Wacka salvation is just of the heart yeah you make that but because he did this everyone saw and they were amazed and what happened they glorified God more likewise with us you know we don't need to reinvent the world we just need to copy the master likewise us in our ministry as well when we seek to help people out look so what is the most important thing we reach as people we get them saved but here's the thing helping that person more go in that extra mile is what we need to cultivate hoping that that person even to get to church you know even if you you drive you can pick something up to get to church hoping that person you know and look it doesn't have to be big bug giving something else that person bang bang that person or coffee mill helping that person with their CV you know maybe you know they're struggling for job getting you know helping that person find a job doing things for them aside from salvation look that speaks volumes if people can't you looking for help and you have the means help them do it because that bolsters your testimony likewise head with Jesus Christ why why why was why was he boasted it was because he did what he did and everyone saw and everyone woke glorified God who like we have seen strange things today whoa I mean this this amazing we have never seen this before this is not just your normal man right and we are Christ like oh we should be classic I don't have time to go to mark chapter 8 verse 1 we should become 2 to conclusion but when Jesus Christ faith fed the four thousand remember his disciples were making a big deal of the food like oh you know we didn't bring bread and they thought that Jesus Christ was referring to the fact that he fed the people and Jesus Christ made it clear that look no it's not because of the food yeah what I came see was a spiritual the the miracle bolsters what I'm doing but the importance on the spiritual and it's the same I don't want us to get this thing twisted it's always going to be about the spiritual first and foremost because if someone so can be saved that's and you do nothing else for that person that's the most important thing because that's an eternal soul but if you can do something more that's always gonna help you I that's always gonna bolster your testimony and your Christian walk and so in conclusion Island just talking about being in the community now practice yet I wanted to be part of our community I want people to know that there's a place here who knows about the struggles and plateau of what's going on you know and let me just refer to you David and this is the last verse in 1 chronicles chapter 18 verse 14 I don't have time I've got so much more I could say in 1 chronicles chapter 18 he speaks of David now why was David such an effective leader because on more than one occasion it talks about how he was amongst the people always always always David was amongst the people and people loved him for that he wasn't in his palace it wasn't in an ivory tower he was amongst other people he could be easily found he was old he was around and he wasn't afraid to mingle himself in 1 Kings chapter 18 verse 14 I'll just read one verse he says there so David reigned over all Israel and executed judgment and justice among all his people the same again in 1 Samuel chapter 18 verse 6 and if you want to go there but being in the community let's let's be a church let's have a mindset of going the extra mile for people how do you want to reach the last egg and see them in church how do you really want your words to be effective and if any of you in the future want to go and start church be

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