A trip to the London Film Museum. Featuring some fantastic original and rare props and costumes from some of the biggest films of all time.

18 thoughts on “The London Film Museum

  1. Mate, somehow this vid didn't appear on my list!!! found it anyway.
    What an awesome collection – and could actually film in there? Is this a permanent exhibition?
    Every exhibition we have here won't allow cameras.
    You must have been in heaven. I went the Kubrick Exhibition a few years ago and just stood in awe!…lol
    The original Rank gong?…bloody brilliant!
    How good does that Alien stuff look?
    Another great update, mate. Will check out part 2 later tonight.

  2. @Bigal1982
    I really enjoyed it…didnt get my picture on the set…i actually got told off for taking that footage!
    Part two uploaded tomorrow…also some footage of The A Team premier that we went to after..

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